Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let's have 1 good day

So I decided today is gonna be a good day. I'm gonna eat only good today, not even depriving, just not a mess.
Breakfast - 2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey (see, already a treat)
snack - not hungry
lunch - hungry so early - half a pita with white bean and roasted red pepper dip (basically hummus but different bean), grapes, cheese string
Trying to remember I'm full right now and ignoring the carb craving
snack - apple and yogurt? 1 or the other, depends.
supper - sweet and sour meatballs. LOTS of steamed veggies with lemon and herbs. Maybe some couscous or quinoa.
after workout - glass of milk

There. it's decided. So I will not be eating the orange I brought today, nor the kiwi or the carrots or the almonds. All healthy food, but freakin too much!

Gonna up the water intake. gallons of water will be consumed.

Yesterday was not terrible, just far too much food. I ended up having the thai salad with chicken with dressing on the side. When it got to me I realized why it was 1000 calories, not the dressing (which was basically balsalmic vinegar with thai spices and lime.) but because it was a lettuce/noodle salad. So I ate nearly the whole thing, but none of the noodles. I feel quite good about it. And a diet coke, no bellini which were on special.

But lunch yesterday was a disaster. I packed food for supper not knowing if we were going for drinks or a meal. Plus I thought I'd be going to the gym before going out. So once I figured everything out I still plowed through most of my meals: can of tuna with italian and lettuce, mini bagel, oatmeal, apple, grapes, carrots, yogurt, vanilla milk thing. I was completely stuffed and felt gross even while eating, but I just liked the taste too much. (maybe I should only bring gross food?)

Anyway, today is going good. I didn't bring any carby things (granola bars or oatmeal or whatever) so I can't have it even if I wanted (and I do, but I won't).

Chugging the water.

Shopping for a bikini at victoria secret online. Too much selection. going nuts.

have a meeting at 3:00 to finalize the new mortgage (just refinancing). So meeting with hubby there and then I'm probably not going to come back to work. Ha! I'm having a super hard time right now. Mostly because I don't really have anything to do really. So I'm completely cool with ducking out early. sweet! Maybe hit the mall since the meeting is near-by. Might go swimsuit shopping in person so I can better see how things work. (I'm fine with the belly not being where I want yet, I just wanna see how the boobs hold up -ha - with different styles.)

Anyway, all encouragement is welcome today as I try and just go minute by minute not filling my face. I feel like I'm staring at a plate of cookies but can't have any. (even though it's freakin' oranges and almonds and carrots...)


tash said...

Great job on the food plan for today!!!!

eurydice said...

whenever i'm feeling snacky like this i have carrots and veggies with spicy hummus. a little goes a long way and spicy foods make you stop eating sooner... i've found. i think i've had that thai salad you were talking about before.... yum. there should be a general rule that you can't call something "salad" if it's over a certain amount of calories.

Kate said...

Well having a good OP day is a two step process, making a plan, and then sticking to it. You handled step one, and I have faith in ya, you can do step 2!

katieo said...

be strong!
(and be glad you're not making easter cupcakes with your kids today...ok, so I'm saying "be strong" to myself too!, LOL)

Christina said...

stay strong girl, you can do it. Today will be a great day for you, I can feel it. Yesterday is over and you have already moved on, way to go!

Cara said...

When I get like this I know I have to slow down. Eat whatever I want, but slowly. The slower you eat, the less you end up wanting... unless peanut butter or chocolate is involved. heh.

You are amazing at what you do though, so just keep at it. :-)

MizFit said...

and? was it a good day?


MizFit said...

ps. your famous today.

if by famous you mean a guest chef on my minuscule site---which I do :)


CaRoLyN said...

There really is a huge plate of cookies right outside my office this morning...but guess who's fault that is? MINE! I made them last night. Luckily I didn't even allow myself a taste so I'm holding strong!

Have fun with the bathing suit shopping! I find the halter tops give you the most support. I'm heavy on the chest area so I had to buy a large top and a medium bottom. I felt like it gave me pretty good support too so that the girls wouldn't be making a surprsie appearance on the beach in Dominican!

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

Tammy said...

It is great that you have such a well laid out eating plan! You will be totally successful if you do that every day! Keep up the awesome work. That bikini will look great on you come summer!

Jen said...

Sounds like you are doing awesome!!!

I am pretty helpless in the way of cookies at times!!!

That thai salad is WAY more like a meal!!! I rarely eat all the noodles either!