Monday, March 17, 2008


I've become obsessed with baby clothes. How weird, I know. I'm not pregnant, I'm not getting pregnant for at least several months. But I've discovered cute, funny, clever baby clothes and I'm obsessed with making them. It started with my SIL and how she's all country and her hubby is like "you're ruining the baby [in her belly] with all your country music!" cause he's a rocker. And that reminded me of these black onesies I'd seen that said like KISS and AC/DC and stuff that he would totally love, but they were like $30 each. So on the weekend I bought a 3 pack of white onesies and tried to dye them black, but they ended up looking like a faded black. (might try again). And I was gonna put cute little sayings and stuff on them. And I just googled ideas and now I'm obsessed. here's ones I like:
AB/CD (in AC/DC font)
for those about to ROCK (with a cradle picture)
Mother Sucker
if you think I'm looking good, you should see my Aunty!
Plus I like just ones that say either DUDE or CHICK to help people out (babies look the same right?) but we don't know what they're having yet.

And then I was looking on ebay for black onesies and then just white ones and basically that's all I did this morning so far.

My weekend was pretty good. Not half as productive as I wanted to be. I forgot that curling was on so that took up quite a few hours. Plus all day Sunday hubby and I spent shopping. Well and looking. We were trying to figure out some basement stuff so we spent hours in home depot just looking. I got a run in with Daisy on Saturday but I don't think it nearly made up for the terrible eating.

Friday supper with my SILs was alright. I ate a thai chicken salad, but we had appetizers of some goat cheese dip and dessert and a Moxie sized margarita. But it was a splurge so no big deal. Saturday though hubby and I went out for supper for my birthday (which is on Good Friday, and I'd feel to guilty celebrating on good friday) and I had a chicken fajita and soup. Again not TERRIBLE for a birthday supper, but bad for second night in a row. Then when we were shopping we got Timmy Ho's and I just had a sandwich and a DONUT (I love donuts, and muffins, and bread. I explained to hubby, anything that can crumb is my favorite. chips, toast, bagels, cookies....). Then supper sunday was fast food again, but I just had a jr burger and a side salad.

None of my meals were really bad, and if there were only 1 of them this weekend I'd be really happy. It just is bad that every single meal had a bad thing.

I felt pretty good about myself during the supper with SILs. I loved that I had a salad while they all had fatty meals. However SIL who joined Curves is really looking good. I would post pictures but I only took 1 and it's still on my camera. I still feel pretty good with my overall good-looking-ness too though so it's all good. What did get awkward was when they talked wedding with roommate SIL. Both of her sisters are in the wedding party, sure makes sense. I am not. Ok. But her sisters are sort of running the show too, making the invitations for her and the favour basket things. It just sort of got awkward when they talked about all that stuff and about what time they should book their hair that morning and whatever, when I'm just sitting there, not really involved. It does sort of hurt because she's LIVING with me and I'm not really a part of her day at all, and we talk about stuff at home and I help her with stuff, but since I'm not officially anything I'm not included. It's hard to explain so this may make no sense at all. but since you guys always stick up for me and dont even know SIL, I'm sure you'll make me feel better anyway.

Did not take any pictures for you all. So sorry. Hopefully I get my glasses soon and I can take pictures of them too this week.


Cara said...

At least you were not like me by drinking too much this weekend. I am sure your damage was a lot less bad. haha :-)

The onesie's sound cute. hahaha. Love it!

And that IS awkward with your SIL. For what you do for her you should be the maid of honor or something. GEESH!

And thanks for the advice on my blog, I will definitely give it a rest today but hopefully I can at least do some elliptical tomorrow. I am such a loser. haha.

tash said...

The baby onesies sound super cute!

Jenn said...

I am developing an obsession for BABIES!!! :) I don't think it will be very long after we get married before we have the 'baby' talk.