Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An athlete

So yesterday when I was working out I saw this great woman. An amazing athlete. I think probably a runner though she could very well be a triathlete. How did I know she was an athlete? Because I saw her on the treadmill and aside from her amazing lean strong body (I changed my mind, I don't want to be skinny, I want to be lean) she was doing crazy sprinting interval things on the treadmill. I just watched her for like 5 minutes straight (she was right in front of me while I was on the bike).

There is no need to questions sh*t. She looks like somebody who runs. I'm running, if I keep it up, I'll look like somebody who runs. Doing what I'm doing will lead to a great runner body. It might take a while. But I'll get there.

The amazing part - I was so impressed with her. Her pace on the treadmill, the determination on her face. (her awesome tan, that helps). Thinking maybe one day I can look like an athlete like that. Then I realized - I just f*cking did that on the treadmill!!! In fact, my pace was probably faster than hers and I had an incline. There was probably somebody behind me thinking "Holy sh*t, there's an athlete. Look at those intervals!" F*ck yeah!


Amanda said...

YEAHH!!! I'm so glad to read this! It's not about being a twig, it's about having a strong healthy body and how great to have other people see it an know it. Kudos to you for the great mind set.

Kate said...

I've been running about 3 months now, and it amazes me how my body has changed since then. It's so much leaner.

I also caught someone pretty much mimicking what I was doing on the treadmill the other day, and it dawned on me....they THINK I know what I'm doing, imagine that? LOL

Jenn said...

I bet there was someone behind you wanting to be just like you. You are an athlete! Its great to have inspiring moments like that at the gym. I want to be strong and lean too!

eurydice said...

running really transforms your body - haven't you seen the bodies on marathon runners? they are so lean and fit!

MizFit said...

my fave thing is spying the athletes OUT OF THE GYM

in regular clothes

how can you tell? that confidence. the way themselves/their bodies.

with pride and appreciation for what their body can DO.

so cool.