Monday, March 31, 2008

'cause i'm cool like that

I am feeling GOOD! The only downside is that it's only 10:00 on Monday and I've got a full work week ahead of me. But every single other thing is great. Puppy school starts tonight so my dog will have no choice but to be good (right?).

So I think it's obvious that my weekend was good. If a little tiring. Friday my cousin came over and we just visited for a few hours. It was alright. She and I are completely different yet we can talk to each other fine, but we're close enough that she's one of the people I'll be all honest with and say how I hate people who are like BLAH BLAH and only later on realize that she is like BLAH BLAH. And when she tries to explain how annoying her family is being and whatever I completely take their side and agree with them and not her. Oh well. that's how it works. (explanation - she's an ARTIST. artists scare me. They just bought a house and are talking about how they're going to completely redo it and tear this out and redo this and whatever just to suit their tastes, screw the money and the fact that it is perfectly fine. She doesn't have a job, doesn't really know if she's gonna get one or just take pictures and hope to be discovered or something. I'm much to practical and boring to be ok with any of that.)

As I explained it to her, somebody who would sooner write poetry and analyze feelings instead of do something practical like learn math or clean carpets creep me out.

Speaking of clean carpets. (nerd) I bought a carpet shampooer on the weekend and I am IN LOVE! (big nerd) It's ridiculous. it was $250 so kinda expensive. But it's amazing. I vacuumed the carpet and then used this thing. (I vaccuum regularly so it's not like I live in some dump) but this thing got out like 8 hair brushes worth of dog fur from the carpet that we couldn't see after vacuuming. Not to mention all kinds of yucky water. It was so great.

I also bought my barbell set but did not really use it yet. The only thing I could really think that I wanted to do was squats and I needed to warm up a bit to loosen up and well just didn't. I think I'll try to do some tonight because I won't be doing anything else after puppy school. We'll see how long it goes.

I did go for a run with Daisy on Sunday. It was nice, after a couple blocks she tires out a bit and we stop sprinting (aka pulling on the leash). Then did my longer summer route (only like 5k), but it might have been early as we hit a few puddles. We got home and Daisy went outside and passed out on a snowbank. she's outta shape. ;)

Sunday I also was awesome and creative and did some sewing for the house. We've got this bench in the entry that's fake leather that Daisy likes to sit on and look outside. However we've only had it like a month and she's poked 4 holes in it and scratched it all up. So I sewed a little cover for it, fake suede with a cord trim (first time using trim!) and it looks pretty good. Not only that though, I designed a strap thing to hold it on to the bench so it doesn't just fall off or slide around. It involved 4 key chains, a cut up pair of blue jeans and 4 elastics. So cool.

I also put the zipper in a dress I'd started over a year ago so now I have a long brown sundress. It's alright. I don't really know when I'd wear a long brown sundress. It could be dressy but then it looks like something too old for me. We'll see.

Finally I made some turkey chilli and cornbread muffins (which didn't turn out as well for me as they did for my friend I got the recipe from, I think she must have used much more oil to make them yummy, it's actually a sorta healthy recipe - aka not very good?). So lots of leftovers and lunches there.

I did really good on the eating as well this weekend. Considering it's a weekend. Normal things for breakfasts. A couple snacks (which are usually not had on weekends) that were healthy. No take out or fast food. oh wait, a sub on friday for supper. but that's not bad. I had a few sour dinosaurs and might have had a bit too many nuts friday and saturday night (we had people over saturday night for a Rockband party). But again, that's not too bad.

I did measurements, and I forgot to bring them to work to put up here. But overall things were kinda the same as a month ago. Maybe a few areas down 1/4 or 1/2 an inch. Which I guess makes a difference. (wearing my skinny jeans today!) I'm sort of excited that I'm not taking any classes besides drop in once in awhile now. My strength training is gonna kick ass. Plus weather's nice enough for runs (well it's hovering around freezing for the high so it's still chilly. But with the sun it's ok) so I can start doing that more often. yay! things are awesome!

Also, hubby has to work now at 7:30 instead of 8 so he's gotta get up earlier. which is good because I will get up earlier and I love doing things in the morning. (not eating in the car? sweet) Oh also, hubby got a raise so he's happy too.

So things are cool like that and everything is good. Hope it's the same for you!


Marissa said...

Wow!! You were super productive this weekend!

Jenn said...

Good job at getting so much done! And at doing good with eating. :)

I know what you mean about artist-types. I have a hard time connecting with more artsiy people. I agree that a you need a real job to make money. But to each their own I guess.

Way to go with being crafty and fixing your dress and making your bench cover. I tried to make a pair of capris once and one leg was longer than the other, and it was smaller around too. I gave up crafts since then, lol.

Are you going to post new goals for April? I think you are really rocking this whole plan (skinny jeans, yay!!), so keep on motivating the rest of us! :)

Jen said...

I am annoyed/envious of artistic would be nice to do what you want and not worry about money...but yeah, I would NOT be able to do that...and I do get annoyed at people that don't have common sense or marketable skills...

ANYWAY! I need to shampoo my carpets, I was down on the floor playing with the dog the other night and grabbed a bit of hair and a WHOLE mat of hair pulled up (and we vaccuum a few times a week when the dog is ultra-sheddy)...not cool!!

I am loving puppy school for our dog...he is the most hyper there but he is trying to learn...I don't think he will have everything down by the end of next week (the last class) but we have all the tools now!!! I hope you like it!

Angie All The Way said...

Note to self: I gotta finish those damn curtains I started a year ago!

Good job on the bench cover, tres impressive Martha!

That is so weird, friends of ours bought a steam cleaner this weekend at a home show. I would love to be able to clean the hell outta our carpets!

Christina said...

I want a carpet cleaner for all that cat hair that acumulates and no vacum can ever really get out. Way to go on eatinf well all weekend. We all know how tough those can be :)