Tuesday, March 25, 2008

next week is April!

Man time is flying! yay and boo. (yay summer, boo to not getting any closer to my goal)

But I managed a great day yesterday almost. I was ambushed with birthday cake at work. Seriously! the secretary has a little kid so I think she was thinking I would think that it wasn't fair if I didn't get cake and would be upset. Whatever. I ate it instead of afternoon snack and then had a light supper. Now PLEASE let that be the last holiday type thing before summer!

I am managing to avoid the chocolate mints outside my office.

Plus I told office people about my triathalon so now it's tres real. (my office people include 2 former university track stars, one of which now coaches university track and the other competetively bike races. I do think I'm the winner at swimming as a former lifeguard, so I should embarrass myself there. but still. sheesh)

I don't know if I'm gonna take today off as well or start training again. only like 2 months left. and since time is flying, that's like no time. It'll depend on if my sister wants to gym with me or not, otherwise I'm back tomorrow.

Eating is soooo the toughest part for me. Always has been, but now that it's the final countdown (do da da doo doooo, dododo do do....) I mean final few pounds I'm not getting away with nothing. But luckily I should have it beat this week. I bought groceries yesterday including lots and lots of fruits and veggies and milk and yogurt. Plus the spinach salad eating I mentioned earlier. So much spinach. Plus lots and lots of coleslaw veggies so I should whip something up with that. And last night I cut up a cantaloup and a pineapple so they're in my lunch today (and tomorrow at least). tonight I'll cut up the veggies. I also got the slow cooker going with some chicken thighs today. I'm just feeling really on top of it all. yay!

breakfast this morning was plain yogurt with vanilla protein powder, ground flaxseed, and cut up strawberries. yum. health.
snack was just some carrots.
lunch will be spinach salad with 2 hard boiled eggs. pineapple maybe cantaloup too.
afternoon snack probably apple, maybe with cheese string if I'm gyming
supper slow cooker chicken with steamed veggies and maybe quinoa (probably good with salsa mixed in, just thought of that.)

If I focus on eating as I'm trying to focus on "training" as opposed to just working out and eating healthy it might help. As in I'm "training" with my food as well. Eat like an athlete and stuff. only 2 months folks! Forget not eating something because it's "bad" and won't help the weight loss, but because it will affect my workouts and I'm training. might be worth an attitude shift.


Christina said...

oh my god, you're right it is April next week. Time to kick into high gear. Way to go on avoiding the chocolate mints, I have been eating everything chocolate in sight "sigh" Good luck on your training

Kate said...

ugh, april too soon. I was hoping to be to goal by summer, and that is all so quickly approaching.

What kind of protein powder do you use?

Jenn said...

I can't believe this month is almost over. It has just flown by!

I agree with you - no more holidays and birthdays until the summer! They are really throwing me off.

It's cool that you have office people that you can go to for advice and inspiration. Maybe they can help advise you on how to train?

If you have time, you should go to the gym tonight. Even if you just jog or something. Always better to get workouts in. Why procrastinate today when you can get something done?

Your food plan for today and this week sounds good! And I like your new food attitude. I am going to adopt it as well. Why train as an athlete without eating as an athlete? Food is for fueling the body, not comforting the mind. :)

Marissa said...

I'm so envious of you and your tri training! I can't swim so a tri is out for me. I like the idea of changing your eating mentality. Maybe it would really help for you to view your eating as part of your training.