Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I think I can see it

I think my post yesterday was quite characteristic of me dealing with TOM. I think I see the pattern. I feel like what I'm doing is not good enough and need to make drastic changes often unrealistic. Either that or think that I can't do any more and should resign myself to my current shape. Well I know that neither of those are the right thinking so I should just tough it out through this week. It's weird how TOM can affect you. It's really subtle unless you blog every day huh?

So I'm gonna still try and keep with my March goals I wrote down yesterday. Started pretty good today, with my protein breakfast. I made an "omelet" consisting of 2 eggs, salsa a cheese string and green onion. Don't know if that's really an omelet. (didn't know if that's how you spell omelet either. so much I have to learn). I was really good. But I also felt the need to have a small bowl of mediteranean yogurt with it. (it's no name greek yogurt stuff ok? but not low fat or low cal or anything.) Overall I think it was still a good breakfast but the yogurt should have been saved for morning snack at least. Therefore I didn't have morning snack. Well thats' not really way, but it works out like that.

Yesterday for supper I made Moo Shu chicken (or something like that). Basically chicken and cabbage with a sweet asian sauce. It's a homemade sauce from a recipe, but I think I have to tweak it, it's just too sweet for me. Hubby loved it though. That was my lunch. With some grapes. i'm doing my best to be done, give myself time to realize I'm full. Maybe have a tea now. I also have a (light) yogurt, veggies and hummus for afternoon snack. I'm hitting the gym after work so I know I'll need my snack later on.

Supper is gonna be parmesan pork chops and steamed beans or carrots. That will be 2 suppers so far this week without a "starch". It's good cause I eat more veggies then. We've got a meeting about our mortgage and the basement tonight so I don't think I'll be snacking.

(oh yeah, and there was no snack after class yesterday, however I had a banana with peanut butter before it)

I still have to figure out what i'm going to do about next session of classes. This set ends just before easter and the next starts up in April. It's $35/class for 10-12 weeks. Good deal and I like the classes. It's just i'm supposed to be doing my triathlon training (June 1st!) about 4 or 5 days/week. So with 2 classes it's just too much. the classes are good for me, but they don't improve running, swimming or biking abilities. But at the same time, I'm not sure if I'd make myself hit the gym instead of going to the classes or if I'd just end up slacking it. I'm also looking forward to it being nice enough out for running and biking outside, plus once I get my barbell set for my birthday I can pretty much do everything at home. So basically I've realized that I shouldn't be taking the classes right? It's just I'm a super pro at them and have sort of made friends with the instructor and a few of the girls in the class. Hmmm...

I think what I'll do is get a punch card (10 classes) and go to classes while it's still cold out instead of running outside. Also tri training is a little lighter at first. Then as the weather gets nicer I can just go to one/week or so or maybe none, but still be able to drop in once in a while for a change. That seems alright huh?

I have a question for other triathletes out there, in a first ever sprint triathlon, when I'm thinking about maybe doing 1/year, a mountain bike is alright right? I won't be the only one right? I'm super nervous about this since I'm not part of any club or group, just doing this on my own. I don't know anything about transitions or clothes or anything and I don't even have a friend doing it with me so we can be clueless together. I tried emailing the organizers but they don't have any info yet and won't until April or May for my June 1st race.

I'm sort of obsessed with my tri right now, I spend hours just looking up other people's training or fine tuning my own etc etc. I so wish I had somebody doing it with me I could talk to.

Anyway, blogs to read, work to pretend to do.


Cara said...

I can't wait to see how the triathalon goes. I think i would do well on the swimming (i did swimming and water polo in high school) but not sure about running or biking. I don't even have a bike. haha.

I also set ridiculous goals during emotional times, which doesn't help. I try to repeat the mantra that I am doing this for health more than looking hot in a bathing suit. heh.

MizFit said...

I need to set more goals I think...I get too preoccupied with helping others achieve theirs I guess.

love your blog (found thru cranky) and am a fellow "scale? what scale? mu muscle weighs so much more than fat I do not care!" chick.

off to read your stuff---


Jenn said...

I think your March goals sounded like a good, reasonable plan. Like you said, you already do so much, its hard to improve.
Your Moo Shu chicken sounds good. I'm going to have to find a recipe for that.
I think the punch card sounds like a good idea. That or just sign up for one class. You are so committed to your workouts that I doubt you will have any trouble sticking to a schedule even if you don't have the obligation of a class.