Friday, March 28, 2008


The scale is retarded. I guess it didn't read my blog or notice that my clothes look good. I don't even remember, 138 or something. pft. not important. We'll see in the measurements tomorrow. And even if we don't see there, we'll just suck in our belly's and wear something low cut and look in a mirror and think about how hot we are.

and talk in the third person.

today is friday! It's the weekend! Guess what? I'm going to to totally have an awesome weekend. salads and veggies and fruit. Know why? Because we're entering the danger zone hormone wise. But I just read something that said your body is totally capable of giving up ridiculous amounts of fat in the week before your period, and that's why it gives you all these cravings to make sure it doesn't happen. So if you can outwit your cravings it could actually be an awesome week. So I'll just do that.

So I swam yesterday, first time in about 2 weeks. Arms and back are a little sore from it. I didn't do a very good job going continuously, because I kept running into somebody slower than me and waiting her out. And I forgot to look what time I started or count my laps or anything. And I got bored early on so just made myself do a few more laps, then a few more etc. I was in and out in less than 58 minutes (according to the parking meter) so I'm figuring at least 30 minutes in the pool. Which is alright. I did the proper turns a few times and felt super cool, but too geeky to do it where the lifeguards were so only at the other end. At least I remembered how to do them and didn't hit my head.

I've got a stew in the slow cooker today. But SIL and family is in town (stayed at our house actually, and boy are 8 and 5 year olds annoying, especially in the morning when you have to go to work) and Safari Jeff is in the mall and there was talk of all the rest of the family meeting to watch that at 6:00 and going out for supper. But I don't wanna. But I probably will. Then my cousin is gonna come out for a visit tonight. We were best friends in high school, then roommates through college and she was a bridesmaid at my wedding, but you grow apart ya know? And she's a kind of negative, depressed person (I know you can't help it if you're depressed but it doesn't make you fun to hang out with) who really just gets on my nerves most of the time now and I feel like I can't be myself around her for some reason. Anyway, gonna try and visit for a few hours tonight.

Then apparently we're having a party on Saturday. (if you're in the neighbourhood...) so I'll be cleaning the house for that. Maybe making some snacks, but I'll try ones I don't like so I'm not tempted. Maybe go shopping. I really really want a carpet shampooer all of a sudden (maybe because of Daisy's muddy paws?)

I've been freezing cold lately, even though it's been melting, but I'll try to take Daisy for a run this weekend. It's easier to think good food thoughts when you exercise. Actually if I buy my barbell set I'll do a strength workout, that should warm me up!


tash said...

Glad you got swimming! Sounds like fun!

I never knew that about the whole fat before the period thing. Good to keep in mind for next month :)

katieo said...

LOL, Oh yeah, I always talk in the third person when my scale doesn't behave...haha

I'm curious about your measurements, Good luck with the hormonal week!

Marissa said...

I've never heard that about the week before your period. Where did you read that?

Great job on the swimming! And you didn't hit your head!!

Amber said...

Good luck with your weekend/week I never knew that but it makes total sense Ill have to try that next time.

Great job on swimming

Vanessa said...

Stupid scale. Who does it think it is?!

Have a great weekend and show those cravings who's boss!

MizFit said...

(barbell set purchased?)

I LOVE your first paragraph.


Jenn said...

Stupid scales. Sometimes the other measures of weight loss are better indicators. How'd the measurements turn out?

Good job on getting in the swimming.

I hope the party went well!!!