Tuesday, March 11, 2008

kickin ass

So I'm feeling all back and bitchin ladies. Currently I'm rocking one of the prettiest salads ever:
spring organic mixed greens from costco
hard boiled egg
ham slices
left over turkey pieces
Fresh STRAWBERRIES (Yes they're back in stores at reasonable prices!!!)
and mandarin orange dressing. Lovely.

Breakfast wasn't as great. I was in a big time rush, so it was a pear and a oatmeal to go square (they're really good if you don't mind eating sugar and chemicals for breakfast, I'm anti-packaged food. But it was sure tasty!)

no morning snack, afternoon snack of an apple, probably a mini bagel before hitting the gym. Supper is chicken breast and maybe asparagus or something.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and totally rocked it. I bought all kinds of fruits and veggies (mostly fruit) and multi-grain mini bagels, whole wheat flour, muesli, and some kind of grainy thing that I can't remember the name of it but it's got protein but basically looks like couscous...Whatever, it's called.

oh yeah, and I'm eating grapes.

Buying glasses tomorrow hopefully. Might do a 2 for 1 deal, you pay a bit more but end up getting 2 pair. ($400 total compared to $300 total, but works out to $200 each instead of $300 each. Make sense?)

Work is a bit busy for me right now. It's good though. Was getting a bit slow, now that my thesis is submitted I don't have anything that looks like work to do (between real work) so I read blogs. I'll be a bit skimpy on the commenting and reading for a little while (I haven't even ready them today and it's almost home time!)

I mean gym time. Hitting the gym, doing some bike and some run. yay!

(oh, and hubby and I may have stumbled across the best basement plan yet, that's what we were fighting about earlier. But it might have lead us to something we both really like. win win!)


Cara said...

did you mean quinoa?

I am glad to see you back in kicking ass action! You still kick ass in my mind though, even when you are down. That is just the type of person you are ;-)

oh and i have been going to farmers market recently, and I got some of the best strawberries ever! mmm. I am soo glad they are in season, they are my favorite fruit. I eat them like you eat your banana's. haha.

Lex.D said...

Mmm that salad sounds scrumptious!

I can't wait to get strawberries at a reasonable price again! YESSS!!!

Jenn said...

I'm too much of a sissy to eat fruit on my salads, but overall, your salad sounds great. I'm so happy that we are slowly getting into spring when fruits and veggies are fresh again.

Good luck with getting new glasses. It probably is a good idea to get the two pairs if you can. I miss my glasses. I had funky ones that I used to love but then I got lasik and don't need them anymore. I have an eye appt next week and I'm kind of hoping I need reading glasses, lol!

I'm glad you and hubby are figuring out a win-win!!!

Angie All The Way said...

If you haven't already tried it, put those grapes in the freezer! I just tried it for the first time the other night and what an awesome snack! They are all cold and tastey and they take longer to eat!