Monday, March 24, 2008

I meant starting NOW

I'm gonna forget the weekend, because I mostly did already. It was fun, and there were some successes, but a heck of a lot of reeses cups and mini eggs too. And chips. Why oh why chips?

Anyway, there were lots of bad things, and that's making me hate the scale. But I'm excited to be on track again. Shopping after work here and so stocking up on the good.

I'm planning on eating spinach salad every day until it's gone, and the hard boiled eggs too (I have a great spinach salad dressing that is so good with spinach and eggs and onion. mmmm) Stocking up on apples and oranges and carrots etc. plain yogurt for mixing with berries. stuff I like.

Interesting thing, on thursday I went out with hubby to his hockey game and then out with the team after as it was their last game (and my birthday). So I drank diet coke all night, but still didn't get to bed until 3:00. I was hung-over friday! Well sorta. I sorta felt hung over all weekend! Turns out it's not just booze that does it to you. for me it is lack of sleep, lack of exercise and eating junk.

Would you freakin' remind me of that once in awhile?

I feel like CRAP when I'm unhealthy!

I have really gotta get serious about all this stuff now. Weather is warming up, tri is really coming up, summer so soon! I took last thursday off from the gym, and I'm taking today off and maybe tomorrow. But I think I've gotta get back at it by wednesday. The running and swimming at least. Plus I've got my birthday money now and I can buy my barbell set! yay!

Speaking of birthday. I got money from my parents and hubby's parents like I usually do. Siblings got me a few small-ish things and we're going out for supper (reed diffuser air freshener, solar garden lights, metal water bottle so I don't get cancer, Tim card). SILs don't get me presents since we do a supper thing all the time instead. But my BIL decided to give me $50 in a card (made by his wife the martha SIL). And inside he wrote (well in his wife's writting so even weirder) "buy yourself something naughty, you know you want to". How weird and uncomfortable is that? And he said that I have to show him what I buy! Now he always does a little flirt thing with me and it seems harmless, as in what you'd maybe expect from a BIL, a teasing sort of way, with a little wink and then we laugh it off. But then sometimes it's really inappropriate and I don't feel like I'm doing anything to encourage it. Like we were playing cranium and I was doing the charades thing and we got it right and won so I jumped up and down and high fived my team. And BIL told me to jump up and down again. What the hell am I supposed to say after that? So I just blush and say no and sit down. Boo.
It's one thing for me to talk with my SILs about stuff and joke and complain or whatever, and I'm sure they tell their husbands, because I tell mine, but isn't there a rule that you're not supposed to bring that sort of stuff up? like I'll talk vibrators with the girls, but I think it's weird to with my BIL! Ugh.

Plus he's not supposed to get me any kind of present anyway (let alone $50!) because the guys buy for the guys and the girls buy for the girls. Then it's "fair".

On to happier thoughts. I was tagged a couple times by these lovely ladies to use 6 words to summarize me. (have you read my blog? Have I ever used less than 500 words?) Mucho tough. Here's what I came up with:

It's ok.

Be good.

Can you believe it? I'm leaving words on the table! But I just keep coming up with these same things. An explanation:
It's ok - who knows if this was something my mom said when rocking me to sleep or something, but I know just repeating those words makes me feel better when I'm upset or stressed or whatever. And I really believe it to. Whatever it is, WHATEVER it is, it's ok. It's not the end of the world, it's really no big deal. It's ok, or it will be ok (ok so that would be 6 words). Sort of goes along with the thought that your attitude determines how you see things right?

The other, be good. I do know my mom would say this to us kids whenever we went away on a trip or out for the night or just back to college after a weekend. We didn't really do the I love you think very much. So this is sort of our equivalent (I now say it to hubby or the sibs when they leave somewhere). But I love it. Be good. If you lived your whole life by that principle how great would that be? You don't have to be the best, just be good, do good things, think good thoughts. Don't be bad, either misbehaving type bad, or bad for your health, bad at work, bad to other people.

So now I'm supposed to tag some people, but I haven't really paid attention to who has or hasn't been tagged already. I want everybody who hasn't been tagged that I read your blog to please do it! (I know that's totally lame and I hate when other people do that...oh well)


Jenn said...

I ate too much crap this weekend - chocolate and fried foods, and the stupid ice cream cake. But you have the right attitude - right back up on track! :) Good plan with the grocery shopping. Your egg/spinach salad combo sounds really good. I'm going to have to add some egg to my salad tomorrow.

And I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling hungover even though you didn't drink. I get the exact same way. I wonder if it is due to a lack of sleep and water mixed with eating bad things. I hate that feeling too.

You're right about getting serious for the warm weather. It's almost bathing suit time.

And your BIL sounds kind of skanky to me. What a gross thing for him to write in the card - I really think he crossed the line with that one. I'm not sure what to tell you to do about it. Did your hubby see the card? Matt would be pissed if someone gave me a card like that. Good luck dealing with that one.

I like the be good motto. I'm adding that to my list of things to tell myself. When I want something bad, I'm going to remember to be good because my wedding is soon!! :)

Cara said...

I love it!!!

Thanks for being a good sport ;-) haha

Sounds like a plan with spinach salad.

and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

Eh,I ate too much crap yesterday too! I think we all did. Feels great to be back on track though!

Jen said...

So much to comment on and I need to remember it all:

I hate food/laziness hangovers! I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!

Your BIL situation DOES sound a bit creepy...that's a little odd all around!

Good for you for getting right back on track, sounds like a good plan!!

And I like your "be good"...I always say "love you" to my husband but I don't always like "sharing" it with everyone around me (some people are really immature and make fun of me...or are surprised I love my husband or something)...

eurydice said...

gross with the jumping up and down thing too.

i am with you on the getting in control now boat. i've been slacking and why! with summer coming up too! am i crazy! maybe...

happy birthday :)

MizFit said...

But I'm excited to be on track again.


feeling worse when youre unhealthy are so KEY.

once you get there you shall still backslide (or should I say *I* still backslide :)) but youve taught your body what it likes and you'll always find yer way back there!


RunnerGirl said...

I get "junk food" hangovers whenever I eat to much of that stuff (like Easter candy!).

Happy belated Birthday!

Tammy said...

Men are weird. Ignore the BIL and buy what you want with the money he gave you. And plead the 5th when he asks to see it :p

Sounds like your weekend wasn't too bad considering it was a holiday. Just kick it into high gear now. Summer is definitely right around the corner. Have a great week!