Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mistake, moving on

Food wasn't pretty at home last night. Instead of having dessert, I ate about 4 cookies before supper. (Note to self, freeze them or hide them). Supper was fine, chicken strips and carrots. I over salted the potatoes so I didn't even eat any (so no "starch" again.) But then I was just munchy all night. I ate a handfull of nuts. Another cookie, more nuts, another cookie. Didn't even count. TOM thing I'm pretty sure. Next time I'll load another serving of carrots (since they were really good) and it will take longer to eat and fill me up better. Or make a tea since I wasn't exactly hungry, just wanted to eat. I was sort of nervous for how class would be, since I basically ate right up until it started. But it was fine. Ideally I'd eat supper earlier, but still have a preworkout snack. It just helps give me energy through the whole thing, I get a better workout with food in my belly. Nothing afterwards, finally felt full. Plus I was busy cleaning. (we had a home appraisal done this morning at 7:30 so I thought I should clean a little).

Today I packed the leftover chicken for lunch. I forgot I was gonna have edamame, but I'll have that tomorrow. I've also got some pineapple, carrots and hummus, unsweetened applesauce, an apple, cheese string. Gonna save the cheese for just before swimming so I don't have a problem like last time. (when I got out of the pool I was just dazed, couldn't move, couldn't think. Took 1/2 hour to just throw my clothes on and get to my car where I proceeded to eat every single thing I could find. Blood sugar thing I guess. Weird how swimming affects me like that even though it doesn't feel like as hard of a workout as running)

I booked a hair cut tonight at a new place. Lady does it from her house. I decided that I'm leaving my hair long until after summer (if I'm gonna wear a bikini I better have long hair, live the dream). Then cut shoulder length and probably never longer for the rest of my life. (I used to have short boy hair, so to have hair this long has required a lot of effort) So I'm probably just gonna get a trim, but if she seems cool I might explain that this is my last time having long hair so I want to do everything you can do with long hair so is there something fun we can do.

But I booked my appt during Lost. Oh well, have to tape it.

Goal today - not a single cookie. Burn them if I have to. It's not looking good for WI tomorrow.


Cara said...

studies have shown that swimming makes you hungrier than any other sport. some say its because you basicallly use every single muslce in your body, but you dont really end up burning signicantly more calories than you could running, so it can be dangerous. I remember when I did swimming and water polo in high school I was deathly hungry afterwards. I know what dazed feeling you are talking about! I would go home and eat an entire box of veleveta mac n cheese on top of other things. hahaha.

Vanessa said...

Wanting to eat when you're not hungry is the worst. Such a strange feeling!

Have fun with your hair while it's long! I went boy short years ago, and I'm never going back, but I still get jealous of girls with long hair sometimes :P.

Jen said...

I am having the EXACT same "TOM hunger"'s definitely not "real" hunger but it is nagging...

scary about the swimming thing, but good that you are preparing for it this time around!!! hopefully you won't experience the same thing!!!

Enjoy your hair! I agree, I just want long hair ONCE more...but I want it long RIGHT away (I may get extensions for a little while...but they are a lot of work...and a lot of money...)

Angie All The Way said...

I have the hardest time for being "snacky" after supper too. It's the worst. But yesterday I had some fresh snap peas in the fridge and they are the tastiest things to crunch on! I crunched on them while I was making supper with a few dips here and there in baba ganouj and it was great - must remember for next grocery order.

sherijung said...

Bob Greene mentioned awhile back that swimming will leave you feeling hungrier than other exercise because of the water temperature-it keeps your body cooler. The heat you generate while doing non-water exercise actually depresses your hunger pangs, and you don't get that effect by exercising in water.

MizFit said...

long hair/live the dream :)

again I so resemble that remark.

pre-weight gain in grad school I was FIT with uber short hair.

always looked back and thought:
cr** I should have grown that sh** out when I had the tight bod :)

heres to a good friday for you and NO SELF-CRITICISM for cookies...


Lex.D said...

Mmmm Edamame, I made some last night after I got home from the gym

I definitely get the same way around TOM. I can't put anything down, but yet, i'm not hungry.