Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So from the comments, I basically understand that I'm going a bit overboard here with the water bottle thing compared to the rest of you. But I've already got it so we'll just see who's laughing when one of us dies (what a horrible thought, of course it's not true, but some of my favorite jokes are the completely inappropriate laugh at death and cancer type jokes, so sorry for those who don't get it)

not what I was gonna talk about but a funny little story. My grandma died just a month before my wedding (told you it was funny...) and it was rather sudden and unexpected (heart attack in her sleep). Anyway, at my wedding my grandpa was talking to my cousin when they announced the garter toss was happening, and my granpda said "oh geez I better get out there now that i'm a swinging bachelor". Haha. then one time when my brother and I went to visit him on a big road trip we were talking about this memorial wall thing where you buy a brick for your family or something (as a fundraiser for something) and they engrave their name and stuff. Anyway, grandpa had bought a brick for his first wife, so it said his name and hers. Then he bought one for my grandma and her first husband (my biological grandpa, but he died when my mom was in high school), and then he bought one for himself and my grandma. And we were all joking that when people come back and look at this wall they're going to think it's some kind of Mormon community or something since his name was on there so many times. My grandpa's awesome.

Ok what I was gonna talk about it how full I feel right now. And in a good way. Last night I had slow cookered chicken thighs (cooked with ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce) which was really good. And hubby made rice since I didn't get home until late (to make couscous or quinoa which he doesn't like). And he decided to be creative and make it taste good so he added all sorts of butter and chicken stock to the rice. So he really likes it, and I'm really horrified by the grease at the bottom of the rice pot. Oh well. I ate a little bit last night and then a little bit with the left over chicken for lunch today. I ate 4 chicken thighs, and i'm stuffed. I have no sense of scale on thighs since I've never really eaten them before. but it feels like about the same as a large chicken breast. who knows. Anyway, last night I also steamed about 2 cups of frozen beans and carrots with some spices and ate it all. It completely filled my plate (I ate the other food while waiting for it to cook). It was ridiculous how much it was. but it totally satisfied any stuff your face, just wanna eat more cravings I was feeling. Tasted good, with no guilt! and I was stuffed. I have no problem eating to beyond capacity if it's vegetables with spices! yay!

I did go to the gym yesterday. Did 10 minutes on the bike and then ran 5k in about 27 minutes. The old body was sort of tired during the running so I really didn't feel into it, but I'm glad I got 5 k in anyway since that's as far as I have to go in my tri.

I'm going to the gym again today, just do a little bit of a run and then try and do some weights now. (nobody got back to me on good ideas for triathlon strength training...and while your at it, how do I stretch my hip flexors? Having some real issues here.)

perhaps I should meet with a personal trainer. That sounds so cool. Maybe it's something I could do now before the triathlon, then again afterwards for some new goal I'll make up. Any idea on what this would cost me? I'm just sort of doubtful as to the quality of PT my gym employs. I know one of the girls that teaches a class from high school. she's really nice, but definately doesn't use bigger than 5 lb weights. Really peppy in a step class. (however they've got this other girl who teaches a boot camp who is amazing...)

Anyway, supper tonight is just gonna be me. Since I had my "meaty" thing for lunch, I'll do the salad thing for supper and either have my spinach salad with egg or go all out and make a chef salad, we'll see what's in the fridge. Might make a side coleslaw (yeah sorta weird, salad as a side to salad) since I've got so much cabbage right now.

Anyway, I'm just keeping my nose to grindstone, trying to take the thinking out of the food and exercise and just do it. how 'bout y'all?


tash said...

Your grandpa sounds awesome!

Marissa said...

That's such a funny story about your grandpa and the bricks!

I sometimes do the same thing with veggies...cook a whole bunch for part of a meal (especially when I'm trying to keep my calories down). It fills you up for such a small amount of calories.

Jen said...

I am happy being ignorant sometimes (to the whole water bottle thing) it's sad how I just don't pay attention to things...I am certain I will die a weird death...

(I laughed about your grandpa story!)

I think you are about right on the chicken thigh vs. chicken breast theory...I think 2 small thighs (minus skin) are usually equivalent to a smallish chicken yeah, if it was a really big chicken breast it would be at least 3 thighs I think!

You should see if boot camp chick does PT...sounds great!

Sara said...

My grandpa keeps asking me for dating and meeting woman advise - I love grandpas they are too funny!

PTs totally range in cost depending on gym. Just make sure they will do an individual plan and not a generic plan.

Anonymous said...

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