Monday, March 10, 2008

well ok...

So I made a few mistakes this weekend. Nothing really horrible. I completely pigged out on Sunday supper with my parents. and it was leftovers. (but broccolli soup, potatoes and gravy, turkey bun, then angel food cake and strawberries and whipped cream). Way too full, but good food really.

I did get a jog and a walk in on the weekend. And didn't do too bad on the "bad food" stuff. Like chips or whatever. none of that so that's good.

I went home to visit my parents without the hubby. It was fun. They did my taxes (no I'm not an infant, my parents do taxes for a living, they're tax consultants), we worked out some floor plan options for my basement, I did some cooking for mom, filled her freezer with ready to slow cook meals (they're so busy in tax season), and then did some scrapbooking and some watched curling. It was great.

Then I went home and was trying to show hubby the floor plan options and we had a big fight about it. Apparently he already had it planned out in his head and thought I didn't care and then thought that I was saying we're doing it this way and that's it. It was horrible. I bawled my face off (stupid TOM) and now I'm all puffy today and feel gross. We're sort of ok now, but still sorta tense I think.

To make things worse, while we were in the basement fighting and planning, the dog was upstairs eating my glasses. Yes. My only pair of glasses. I don't have contacts. The lenses are in tact but they were even scratched to begin with. The ear parts are chewed up, the wires are all bent all over the place and the lenses aren't in the frames any more. Awesome. And hubby has a temper and is a bad fighter and so on, so he instantly got super mad at the dog and went and yelled at her and probably would have kicked her if she didn't hide from him. But she had probably done this like 10 minutes earlier and had no idea why he was mad. So I just put her in her kennel for the night. And pretended like I wasn't upset about my glasses because it would make hubby more mad if I admitted it was a big deal. But it is sort of a big deal to me today. And I liked those glasses. Even though I ws planning on getting new glasses maybe soon, I'm still upset at being forced to get them now. And what if I can't find any that I like but I have to buy them now since I don't have any. I also can't wait for a sale or anything. Plus it's lame and minor but I had planned on taking a picture of all my glasses (I still have them) and scrapbooking it and talking about my glasses since they always reflect personality so much and change all the time. And now I can't 'cause they're broken.

So I'm trying not to dwell on it. I've gotta hit some stores after work and try and find a nice/cheap pair. Luckily I don't have a restriction on my license and my eyes aren't that bad (though I really should be wearing them).

So add that to the fact that hubby and I were fighting. I feel crappy. And crampy.

Also, fat. I think I've gained real fat lbs in the last couple weeks of sucking. Not a major deal now that I've addressed it I can deal with it. I'm going to focus a lot on my tri training, just try and think about food less. When I think about food too much, even though I'm trying to think healthy, it just makes me eat too much. It should start getting easier for me since the weather's getting better. I can run outside more, plus warmer weather makes me want veggies and salads more.

There is one awesome thing that I got out of this weekend. My taxes. Now who thinks taxes are awesome. Weird I know. But maybe if you were getting almost $6000 back you would think so too! I KNOW! We had a bit of a scare last year that I'd have to pay a whole bunch since things got screwed up with the university income. So I asked work to take off an extra $300 a month. So I'm getting all that back. Plus, from paying full time tuition for a full 12 months, I get to deduct student "cost of living" sort of things, like $400 a month tax exempt. We figured out that by paying full time tuition, and being a student, I pay about $1600 in tuition a year (not taking any classes, just a maintain status thing). But it saves me $2000 in taxes. So I actually make money by paying tuition. Hilarious. So I'm glad I figured that out, I'll stop pestering my committee and everything to get my thesis done. I'll probably have to pay over the summer since I can't convocate this spring any more, and I was upset about that. But now I know I'll be getting that back and more. Sweet.

So at least I can afford new glasses this month! I'm also going to buy the matching tv stand for my living room, only $80. Plus maybe a shelf for my bed room, $90. Then I'm going to take maybe another $200 and have fun with it, shopping or whatever. The rest is going in savings, to maybe pay for a vacation this summer. I'm gonna put it in an ING account since you actually get interest there but can still access it. My sister is thinking of going to Europe for a few months this summer and maybe I can visit her for a week or something over there. I have always wanted to go to Europe but hubby couldn't care less so this might work out. I'll focus on this stuff instead of the glasses. It makes me happier.


Cara said...

I wrote a really long comment and then deleted it on accident. OOPS.

Anyway, i think the broken glasses would be great in the scrapbook. Dont you think it represents a time in your life? It shows you had a dog, etc. I dont know, I would love it, and think it would have more character. you could even call it, death of my glasses, march 08. hahah.

My pups have broken a lot of my stuff, so i definitely understand the frustration.

And go back to kicking ass, you are great at it. It will prob relieve some tension with the boy as well.

Jen said...

good call on focusing on the fun things...that really sucks about the glasses, but I agree with Cara, it would add some more interest to the "glasses" scrap book!!

me and hubby fight about the dog all the time too...he rules with an iron fist while I refuse to physically punish the dog!

That is really exciting about your taxes though!!! my company doesn't deduct NEARLY enough, if it wasn't for RRSPs, I would have to pay in EVERY year!

Tara said...

Randi! You look awesome! I haven't visited your blog for a LONG time, your guns are huge! And you're so close to your goal. Way to go!

So do you live in Calgary? Cause I'm going there in April for a business trip and need some ideas on what to do with my down time. Are there any restaurants or shops or anything that I should hit? If you live there or know about it, drop me a line!!

I'm glad to see you are doing so well!

Vanessa said...

That sucks about the glasses :(.

It's pretty cool that you have someone in your family to do your taxes! The guy who does my parents' does mine for free because I'm a student, but that's going to end in a couple of years :P.

Lex.D said...

Sounds like a great time at your parents! Must be great having tax consultants in the family! LOL NICE tax return!!!

Yikes, I'm sorry to hear about your spat. Hopefully things have boiled over with you two, and things get back on track.

My cats like to play with my glasses also. I only usually wear them for driving and TV. So if i'm eating or on the pc they're off. For some reason those buggers like to chew. For the most part mine are fine, but the around-the-ear rubber has tiny teethmarks all over it lol.

MizFit said...

will your parents adopt me for tax season?!
and the food thing? it IS so hard.
I used to ask my clients when theyd lament their hunger if they were hungry enough for boiled chicken and rice.
yes? THEN EAT EAT EAT as you're not feeding feelings (and yes. eat something that food as fuel heinous :))
no? then try and ponder through what youre feeling.

so trite but so true.

with the tri training you really might need more fuel food!

hang in there,


Shannon said...

$6000 can you say JEALOUS. Mine was less than $200. At least I didn't have to pay.

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your glasses. I think that it will make a cute page in the scrapbook though!
And woohoo on your refund! That's awesome. :) Go to Europe! You deserve to have fun!