Monday, March 3, 2008

March Goals

My March goals. A wee bit late but I didn't forget.

1. Weigh 134 by the end of the month. (it's only like 2 lbs, I know. However I've got my birthday and Easter this month. Plus, we're venturing into new territory here and it's just not going as fast as it used to be.)

2. Be good on the weekends. Saturday night, one night only, can be "bad". Cheat night, splurge day, whatever. It doesn't start friday night and end monday morning. It's 1 night only. one night only, one night only....

3. TRAIN. Not just exercise. TRAIN for my triathlon. That means tracking workouts, making improvements, seeing results.

This will be added on top of my Feb things: track food (how I do it now is fine, I don't need calories or whatever), focus on veggies and protein, away from carbs. In fact this can step up a little bit. The amount of fruit I eat (is good) but means I'm already high on the carb scale. Also...still no desserts, most days.

I came up with a sort of realization the other day. Since I am now HEALTHY (see cholesterol post), in fact with better than average health, I no longer am losing weight for health. Health requires me to maintain. The losing weight that I am pursuing from here on out is pure vanity. I'm cool with that. I'm doing it for the bikini, that was never a secret. But that's probably part of the reason it's harder to stick to. It was "easy" at first, cut out the saturated fat, whole grain everything, etc. But I've already lost the pounds that those changes would bring. Now I'm having to reduce the carbs, cut out treats, the "harder" things. (though I'll probably look back at this and see them as easy later).

I'm glad I wrote that out. I knew, but never "realized" the reason I'm stuck. The changes I've made have had all the effects they'll have. I need new changes. I've been stuck for like 4 months really, going back and forth in 5 lbs. (called maintenance?) So I need to do something NEW to get losing. It's not like I've been snacking or letting up on the exercise. The things I'm doing now, are the things that brought my from 150 to 140. But to go from 136 to 130, I'm going to have to do something NEW. So the NEW things are (adjusting March goals...)

4. Lower carb it up. Suppers have really been good lately, work on breakfast and lunch. Tuesday and Wednesday breakfasts are now protein-ish (pb toast doesn't count). Eggs or protein shake etc.

5. Every single day will have exercise. I keep saying this, but I never do on the weekends. It can be 15 minutes. In fact I should do more short time period, interval training. If you workout hard enough, 15 minutes is enough. (I'm thinking jump rope in the mornings?)

It's pretty tough to think of these darn things. I already workout really hard, 4 days a week. I already don't eat processed foods (generally). Weekends are the only times when I'm not awesome. I suppose that's enough to derail my whole week right? So that's already in the plan, be good on weekends.

Anybody have any ideas for those last stubborn 5-10 lbs? Things that I'm not doing?


Amanda said...

I think it's easier to focus on what you can do and not what you can't... i.e. don't eat this, don't eat that. instead just keep focusing on all the yummy fruits and good dinners you are making.

For the cardio, definitely do intervals it really does work and seriously love your body, it makes a difference... I'm not perfect, but I know it's helping to just keep doing all the little things and day by day making your life healthier.

Don't forget that the scale isn't the whole story! Are your pants lose, shirts bigger?

sorry this was so long1

Sara said...

No help with the last 5-10lbs since I need all the help I can get!!

My Tri is June 21st - when is yours? So exciting to find someone else training for a sprint!!

Jenn said...

I think you are well on your way to losing those last 5-10 pounds. You did a great job at defining your strengths and weaknesses. Training for a triathalon will definitly help you lose weight/gain more muscle. I agree with getting a better handle on the weekends. To lose 2 pounds in March, you only need to lose .5 pound a week. Thats only a deficit of 1500 some calories a week right? If you have a cheat weekend, you could be eating those in extra calories and not losing. So good idea with only have one cheat night a week. :)

And for what its worth, my reason for losing weight is the same as yours. I don't care if it is vanity related - it makes me happy to look good!

Kate said...

I've been struggling with the last 5 to 10lbs for quite sometime. I am now working out (which I wasn't before), and I've really taken a look at what I'm eating, and I've cleaned that up, so now I just figure I will keep doing what I am doing, and eventually the body will catch up, Hang in there, the weight will come off...just a little more slowly when you get to those last pounds.

eurydice said...

in order for me to lose my last 5-10 pounds, i changed my exercise routine (running, no more elliptical) and cut out carbs 2-3 nights a week.

ashley said...

I'm in the same place. I'm trying to lose the 10ish pounds. It's tough! I quickly feel great and forget how much I want to drop these last pounds. I have no tips, but I'm willing to hear everyone else's!