Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are still code red people

So the cake alert was postponed a day until today. there is no escape. Strategy: have a small piece followed by a cheese string to try and minimize impact of sugar crash. Enjoy it. Do not eat cookie after supper.

Glasses shopping was great. And stressful. Found 2 pair. They're very similar to each other and to my previous glasses. But I know what I like. The one pair comes with clip on sunglasses. I was debating getting prescription sunglasses and regular glasses (2 for 1 deal) but you can't get "cool" prescription sunglasses. The lenses are all too small and practical like. Plus you wouldn't want to pay $200 for trendy glasses that you'd feel you have to keep wearing even when they're out of style (I realize that $200 is nothing for some people for just non-prescription sunglasses. I wear my $15 pair from the gas station with pride).

Both pairs have a little but of funky-ness to them. The first pair that I had picked out to begin with were going to be my serious non-funky pair. Because looking straight at my face they look normal. However the arms are thicker and have lime green swirls on them. So my sister thought I was crazy when I said they were plain, but I can't see that looking at myself in the mirror. The other pair has nothing funky about them, but they're black and a bit bolder than my old glasses and more square so just have a funkier vibe, but yet are plain solid black so could also be the safe, serious pair.

For summer I decided to basically do the same as last year. If I'm playing ball or anything, I'll wear my clip ons which don't look that cool but serve their purpose. If I'm watching ball or at the beach and don't need to see, I'll wear my cheap trendy shades and go blind. If for some reason I want to wear trendy shades and see, I'll wear contacts. I'm going to look into getting day use contacts, since this will probably only be like 3 occasions this summer (SIL wedding, MS bike tour, and big ball tourney fun fest thing.)

Stupid optometrist cost $130 since I got an optional picture of my eye done. Glasses after the coatings and everything cost $420. It was an expensive day yesterday. Worst part was my credit card being declined at the glasses place. The card I try and use all the time has a really low limit ($1000 or $500) because I get PC points on it. But I use my credit card for every single purchase in a month and just pay it off all at once at the end of each month. So like $2000 bill each month on groceries, gas, tuition, glasses etc. But having a card declined for whatever reason is still really embarassing. I felt like I needed to explain it to the chick but whatevs. I know I've got the money.

Class last night was good. Really brutal on the butt abs and back. Just the way I like it. The cardio for some reason wasn't as intense. Or maybe i'm in better shape. We checked our heart rate and usually I'm working HARD (fail the talk test for sure, like 174 bpm) this time, I was only like 150. weird. The muscle burning was awesome though. squats till I thought I'd die, but then my body became more efficient so it wasn't killing my quads any more, but I finally could feel it in my butt! Hover for 2 minutes then donkey kicks and then more hover for another minute! I loved it! I think everyone else hated it. I gotta sign me up for some boot camp. I wanna go somewhere where you just swear at the instructor and she loves it. yeah, messed up. Or not messed up, if only I could take classes from her.

SIL made spaghetti and meat sauce last night. A bit heavy maybe but me not having to think about it? DONE! I had a nice serving and a side salad. Followed with a small bowl of yogurt. I gotta go back to the green tea for dessert. it's getting ridiculous. I hate the fact I needed to put small in front of bowl of yogurt. Like justifying it. I had yogurt! No matter how little it was a dessert and I didn't need it. I had my glass of milk after class since I wasn't hungry.

Hitting the gym today. Not swimming. Since I'm a super pro at swimming and I'm still scared about the bike and run gonna work on those. I sort of feel wussy, like I should sign up for a longer distance tri since I'm so awesome at the swim. Like I should challenge myself more. But I'm still thinking that the total endurance of the thing is gonna kick my ass. Until I can make myself run 10k I'm sticking to this (I probably could do it, I just chicken out, and like I talked about yesterday, I like the short high intensity stuff.)

Anyway, mini bagel with pb for breakfast. running late as usual. carrots and baba ganouch for snack, leftover pasta for lunch. And an apple. Afternoon will be the cake, and cheese. Plus have some yogurt and an orange that are available. Try and not though, because of the cake.

the end.


Cara said...

I wear gas station glasses as well. I refuse to pay more than $10 for sunglasses. I only wear them in the car though, because they bother me otherwise.

How long is your tri again? Do you have to own your own bike? Silly question I am sure. Oh well.

Jenn said...

I think spending $420 on 2 pairs of glasses and an eye exam isn't that bad. Glasses are normally good for 2 years, right? Not a bad investment on something that you are going to wear every day. I hate spending money on sunglasses too. Mine are cheap ones from TJMaxx.
Your class sounds like its getting really good. I've never had squats make my butt hurt - I always feel it in the quads. Maybe I'm not doing them right?
I'm getting exposed to cake tomorrow since its my birthday. I'm going to try to not have any but I might have to since the work party is for me. :( You are 100% right on your comment to me. If I want to get where I want to be for the wedding, then no more sugar babies and frosties. I'm really going to try to kick it into gear. This weekend will be hard though since its my birthday weekend. But I'm really going to try!

Have fun with your workout tonight!

MizFit said...

first? JUST SAW THE LINK.'re so sweet.

next? the fitnessnerd in me wants to cheer you on and say YES YES YES that's what you should do:
cake and then major protein to minimize damage.

the realperson in me knows Id just eat the big ole slab of cake and all of my husband's frosting.

also, MizFit is OBSESSED with glasses.


I have a drawer filled with frames (and the empty checking acct to match)---so I wanna know if we ever get pictures!


thats it

rambled too long.