Monday, March 17, 2008

What do you think of a Polar?

I'm now waffling between a polar heart rate monitor with a foot pod (approx $200 on ebay) or a garmin same thing (but not the gps one, also with a foot pod, around the same money). I just don't run outside when it's cold. I don't know if I will ever do it (cold to me lasts all winter, colder than -10 C I just can't do it, and that's minimum 4 months where I live), so I do the treadmill thing at the gym. And that means the GPS would be useless. However, does it still work as just a GPS? For like camping? or when hubby goes hunting? oh I don't know.

The polar one shows all kinds of amazing training stuff you can do with intervals based on heart rate and stuff. But I'm sure it's all like that. At the same time, I did pretty darn good without any of this junk last summer when I just used a watch and how I felt. Hmm...


MizFit said...

honest opinion?

Im not a runner but Im also not a fan.

I figure I really do KNOW if Im working hard enough (have you seen the borg rate of perceived exertion scale?) and if Im not---it's because Im SO NOT in the mood.

come to think of it I might not be a good one to ask.

carry on----


Candace said...

I've heard good things about the polar. You oughta ask Marie - I think she has both.

Amuldoon said...

Heya... I have a Garmin GPS. Its fantastic. I've never used anything with a food pod before though, as I run usually run all outdoors. A guy I run with is a gadget junkie, and has both.. and the footpod is always off a bit in comparison to the GPS.

I suspect the Garmin model you're speaking of likely does have a GPS incorporated, as its a Garmin and thats their thing.

My only beef with the GPS, epecially living in our nations Capital, it buzzes out around the Parliament Buildings, US Embassy etc etc.

Good luck with your decision!

Jenn said...

I have a very basic polar heart rate monitor, so not the same thing, but I like it. I try to use to help me listen to my body. When I was feeling weak while working out I would find that my heart was just beating way too fast.
But on the other hand, you are right, you do not NEED a monitor for working out. But if it will help you and you want one and can afford it, then by all means, get one. :)

eurydice said...

i thought i wanted a polar - but really - i'm not going to change how i work out. i would just want it to track calories and that's a dumb reason. i say waste of money. if i had more money i would get one as a toy - so... maybe you should get one lol.