Monday, March 31, 2008

March and April

Recapping March, boo.

1. weigh 134. Well actually the scale has been showing me 138 rather consistently. I would like to get into the lower 130s...

2. be good on weekends. Well this past weekend check. the others, not so much.

3. Train, not exercise. check.

4. Lower-ish carbs. Sorta check? I'm more aware of them and try to eat protein at every meal.

5. Exercise every day. Completely forgot about this and didn't do it at all.

So let's make up all new ones and forget about all that ok?

1. Train - cardio 3 days/week
- weights 2 days/week
minimum of 16 workouts in April

2. Eat protein at every meal and snack.

3. Plan weekend eating. There might be lots of foods but it will be planned. (remind me of this on fridays folks)

4. Have measurements be down by May. 1/4 inch here, 1/2 inch there. Don't care. just not up and not the same. The scale doesn't listen so maybe the tape measure will.

That's it. Nice short focused. I can do that right?


P.O.M. said...

You're very motivating.

I might copy you and take some muscle pics. I noticed my arms/shoulders are quite buff these days :)

Kate said...

Good job on setting some goals, totally doable.

Running Knitter said...

I like your goal on measurements, and monthly goals as a whole.

Christina said...

I think it is a common thing happening on these blogs...April is the month to set goals, yours look great, keep rocking!

RunnerGirl said...

Great looking goals!

Jenn said...

Great plan!!!
Simple and to the point. You can totally do it. :)

I should start watching measurements too - its important to remember the non-scale body changes.

ashley said...

Your April goals are totally doable. And I think 138v.134 is still awesome!

Jennifer said...

Those are some pretty good goals! You can sooo do it!

I'm with you on the inches. I think I love losing inches more than I love losing weight! Haha.

CaRoLyN said...

I think your goals for April rock....except I think you should shoot for 18-19 workouts for the month. Summer is almost here!
I've got to work on my protein as well. I'm thinking about buying the protein powder and having it as a post workout shake. Any suggestions on that one?

Thanks for the tough love today. Where would I be without it? I DO feel bad on the weekends when I'm actually eating the food but somehow I manage to talk myself into it. Mostly my worst time is after I've had a few glasses of wine soooo.....this weekend, no wine. I'm limiting myself to one glass of wine with dinner on Friday night with the girls. After a few glasses of wine, I basically just don't care anymore. Blah.

We are going to rock April!