Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So here's what I gotta do:

500 m swim
10K bike
5K run

The swim shouldn't take very long. 15 minutes or so I'm guessing. The run should be about 30 minutes. The bike I have absolutely no idea since I have no idea how fast I bike I have no concept of distance when I'm out on my real bike, and I just never look when I'm on the stationary. I'll have to check out the stationary next time. I'm sure it's not the same as on the road but it should be close right? The only thing I know about biking is it took me about an hour to bike to the nearby town and back which is about 20K so I guess that means around half an hour?

The swim and the bike will be no problem (I'm anticipating). I can swim 1.5K, so this should be like a warmup. As long as I get some food or something before and after so I don't turn zombie. Then the bike I'm not worried about because really you can always just coast on a bike if you're tired. I am going to start training for the bike a little more since I haven't really done more than 15 minutes on it yet. It's nice now that I can probably get my bike out since the snow's almost gone. I can also easily run 5k. The problem is running 5k after doing 45 minutes of other activity. But since I ran for almost an hour the other day I think I should be able to handle it. Eek! Time for the real training to begin folks! It's April! 2 months to go!

My plan of attack for the training is sorta lame I know. But it's really all I can commit to. Just do each part once a week for minimum 30 minutes. Maybe in May I'll try doubling up or something. I can only swim once a week because that's the only time I can get to the pool. Until we get my bike out I'll only be biking once a week since I really only can make it to the gym twice/week for sure (and once is the swimming). The running I can do outside now that we've got plus temperatures and Daisy loves it, so that might be more often. But at the same time I want to do strength stuff twice a week.

For strength stuff I decided I'm gonna do my New Rules of Lifting for Women thing. I won't be following it exactly I know because I'll be doing it at home so don't have all the machines. Plus you're supposed to have all these days off and do it 3 times/week and I'm only gonna do 2. But it's a good plan that covers all the major muscle groups and everything so I'll just do the first 2 months of the plan. Maybe after the tri I'll do it for real. Or maybe after this sprint Tri I'll decide that I want to do a full one later on! eek!

I also managed to register for the MS bike tour in September (66k bike) at early bird prices even though I'm a day late. Sweet. So that's 2 big race sorta things this year. I think I'd like to do 3 so watch out for a 5 or 10K this summer as well! woohoo!


tash said...

Good luck on all your races!

Marissa said...

Awesome work-out schedule! I like it!

Jenn said...

It's cool that you signed up for another race. You're really setting those goals for yourself.

Is there any time that you can practice doing all 3 exercises in the same day? That way you know how it will feel to go from swimming to running? Might help you gauge how your endurance will do?

Good plan on working out! Its nice that you can do weights at home now.

Sara said...

oooh, I'm so excited!! The average time for 8 miles on the bike I think is about 45 minutes. So 30min plus on the bike sounds good.

Eating on the bike I think is the thing to do to make sure your legs can last the bike plus the run.

Swimming today left me wiped - my arms are hurting and I'm so sleepy! Hope that doesn't happen during race time!

Have fun!

Amuldoon said...

I did a duathlon once... (5k run-10k bike-5krun)and I got into the habit of going for a run, even if its only for 10 mins, after every bike ride. For me, it was biking that was the hard part... as much as I tried to condition myself, it wasn't enough. The last run nearly killed me! I felt like one of those people that had to crawl across the finish line after an Ironman! My advice: Train your ass off! ;)

Angie All The Way said...

Yaaaay YOU!!!!!!