Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my butt

Dudes, my butt hurts. It is so great. It has been a LONG time since I have felt muscle soreness like this. And you know I've been working out. This Turbulence Training is sweet. I got home and made supper and only had an hour before I had to be out the door for puppy school. PLENTY of time for my full workout. oh yeah. There's this thing where you've got your heals on a stability ball and your back on the ground, and your body a plank (butt in the air) and you curl your legs in. I was nearly crying. LORDY that hurt. I thought it was killing my hamstrings since I didn't feel much in the butt while I was doing it, but hammys are good today and ass is screaming.

That hour workout included my intervals with the dog, I have a hard time reading a clock (or my MP3 player in this case) so I wasn't too certain on the fast/slow times. Also, I realized I am not the sprinter I was last summer. Good thing to work on though.

Puppy school was good. especially with her new pinch collar. I sort of feel really bad, but she doesn't seem unhappy to put it on or anything. And she causes most of the pinches, like when she lunges at something when we're walking. She gives a little cry and I wanna take it off, but then she walks beside me perfectly. Let's hope she's a fast learner and we don't need to use it much. But it made our run last night sooooo much better. Plus puppy school she probably got to have more fun since I wasn't scolding her the whole time, she got her pinch and then stopped doing it.

My calves are also sore I just realized. Nice.

Today was supposed to be swim but it's gonna be bike because bathing suit is in the wash. I learned something from that new friend of mine about the tri, even this beginner one of mine expects you to run in your bathing suit. She said a lot of girls wore sports bras under their suits. Not gonna work for me I don't think. So I'm shopping for sports bra like bathing suits now. I found a great one on sale at Speedo but they don't ship to Canada. boo! So now I've gotta venture into sports stores and stuff and their prices. Grr...But anybody have any advice on a good bathing suit to get? Particularly focusing on the lift and support? I also think I prefer 2 piece (tankini is best, but we'll see) since I don't wanna deal with any riding up and feel like I'm running in a leotard or something dumb.

ok, lunch time. Sorta getting sick of my asian salad. Something new for tomorrow I think...


tash said...

I never even thought about the bra thing for running in a bathing suit! Good to know that in advance rather than having it suck at the time!

Kate said...

As much as I hate being sore from a workout, I love it at the same time, because it means what I was doing was working and I was working hard enough!

Sara said...

Sounds like you worked your butt off - literally!! I love that ball move - I feel so strong after it!

BTW - you shouldn't wash your swim suit it will ruin it faster. You should just rinse it with some soap. Don't ring it to dry either, just squeeze the water out. So many things to remember - so little time!

MizFit said...

no bathing suit advice----but Im there with you on the loving the butt soreness ;)

I love that nextdayfeeling of YAY I WORKED HARD!

are you gonna model the suit for us in the blogworld when you find it?


Jenn said...

Yay for sore ass!!! haha. Its nice that your TT is paying off. You're going to be a solid rock. :)

I'm glad Daisy is learning to listen. I'd feel bad about the pinch color too, but like you said, hopefully she doesn't need it forever.

I don't know anything about a good bathing suit for the runs. Didn't you say that you found a new message board full of people that do marathons? Maybe try posting there to see what those people have to say.

Anonymous said...

You can wear a shirt and TRI shorts for the tri.

Biking/running in a bathing suit is sooo not comfy!