Wednesday, April 16, 2008

great workout

I am sort of boring always posting about how freakin' awesome I am I know. Sorry, I can't help it.

Yesterday being bike day, was great. I almost didn't go because of some jerk driver who cut me off so I missed my exit, but I drove around and went anyway (I was gonna bike at home since I can, but I thought something would make me blow it off so I hit the gym). The bike was boring as usual. I just am always bored biking. Watching the clock. So I did intervals. One minute hard resistance and fast, and then 2 minutes just fast-ish. Did this for about 25 minutes (was on a spin bike with no clock or display or anything). then got straight onto a treadmill. Felt a bit of a bonk, at the very beginning. (when your legs feel all messed up after a bike and you can't really run) but I pushed through it. After 5 minutes it was ok. Did 15 minutes of running with some intervals, I need to get better at mental math cause I really couldn't figure out what my 5k time would be. After 5 minutes it was setting up for a 30 minute 5k which is not really very good for me at all. But I think it got better, but like I said, bad at mental math. Plus this was after a bike so I gotta take that into consideration, and an interval bike at that. Anyway, did 15 minutes and then was gonna cool down and walk but I decided that I would just jog it easy. So I jogged another 7 minutes at 10.5km/hr with a small push at the end. It was pretty good. By the end I couldn't even tell that I had just done a big bike as well.

It ended up being about 3/4 of my bike distance (i'm guessing) and a little bit more the run distance. So that's really helping my confidence. Looks like I'll be able to finish this tri without dying! That's the first goal! Now I just gotta work on the speed of everything. And find a bathing suit. Ugh. Maybe shopping this weekend.

Also this weekend I am playing in a plastic bat and ball tourney. It's in the rink I think, with hubby's slow pitch team, fun fundraiser night or something. I'm not looking forward to it. It's not so bad because it's obviously not about real abilities with plastic stuff, and I don't think I'll be scared of the ball. But it's an all night tourney and people will be staying over and I'm getting cranky just thinking about the lack of sleep. Boo. I'm such a boring person. But I like to go to bed at almost the same time on weekends as weeknights (and that time is 10:00). But we've got one game thursday that I'm missing because of puppy school, then a game friday at midnight. I think I'm gonna have a nap of friday and wake up for the game. I know it's so old lady of me. I normally wouldn't be playing (because hubby knows I don't like this sort of thing much) but they needed another girl. I'm still holding out to not have to play on their slow pitch team. It's not enough exercise to count as training but there's not enough time to get a workout too. It eats a whole night up and it's not something I'm good at or like (probably because I'm not good...). And I'm scared to death of the ball. What a wussy I know.

My butt is still sore from Monday's TT. My pants feel loose, though it might just be time for a wash...

I just ate a Tim Horton's muffin (which had more fat and calories than the boston cream I really wanted. oops). Somebody brought them in the office while I was in the main room and didn't have time to prepare myself and my willpower. My stomach isn't really happy with the amount of carbs I've just ingested. It wasn't even that good. So morning snack will now just be some strawberries. and water. lots of water.

Replaced the batteries in the scale this morning. Still at 138 lbs. Hoping for a loss by friday as hopefully there's some water retention in these poor muscles.

Supper today won't be great. Going out for pizza to a fancy restaurant/lounge with my sister and friends. So it will at least by fancy pants pizza, not greaseball pizza. Maybe I can get a thin crust veggie or mediteranean or something. Stick to 2 slices and diet coke. I'll get by.

Gonna try and get a run in today somewhere before going to the restaurant, but that will mean I go stinky and gross and maybe late. So if I miss today I'll run on friday instead. No biggie. Especially with the bonus run yesterday (only a bike day)


Cara said...

biking is incredibly boring to me too, well at least at the gym. You seemed to turn it interesting though. And kick ass.

I love hearing how much you kick ass. So much more motivating!

Jenn said...

I get bored really easy while I'm working out too. I have a hard time with jogging or biking. Even when watching tv, I constantly stare at the clock. I don't know why its so boring to me. I think I'm still in the stage of feeling like exercise is punishment for being fat, not recognizing it as something awesome to do for my body.

Good luck with the softball game. I am afraid of the ball too, and would be a big sissy about it.

Can you take a walk before going to dinner? Then you won't be too sweaty?

Kate said...

The bike is boring to me also, I don't know why, but I find interval training on the treadmill much more exciting. Although I do love to bike outside, and with the weather turning nice, I think i will be turning one of three workouts a week into outdoor biking.

Jennifer said...

Hey Randi! Thanks for your opinion and comments on the weight training :) Alwyn's website looks really good! I'll have to sit down and do some reading on that tonight. But he really looks like he knows his sh*t!

PS: Do you think it's possible for me to tone up my triceps? It seems like the hardest part to tone.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I actually don't mind stationary biking..but I've never tried a spin bike..I prefer the recumbant as it doesn't hurt my ass as much. Mainly I find it hard to really push least with the treadmill it's at a set speed and hard to slack off. :)

I HATE SOFTBALL. See my tag post from yesterday about getting hit in the mouth. Not cool

Marissa said...

The only way I can do a bike at the gym is if I have a magazine or a book. It's just way too boring otherwise (even with music).

eurydice said...

i find biking boring too - biking inside. i like to do it only for 15 minutes or so, then switch on to something else.

you are so hardcore as well! :)

Running Knitter said...

Your posts are not boring! Glad to hear the workout was great.

MizFit said...

(Im a stationary biker. LOVELOVELOVE it. mags and my sidekick returning emails)

I shall never tire of entries singing yer praises.

they make ME feel better and they arent about ME!


Fatinah said...

Hi there - found you from Carolyn's blog - always happy to add a fellow Cdn to my bloglines!

ABOUT ME said...

I brought some spinning DVD's to help me get motivated from When I am not doing my Turbulence Training intervals I do the spin classes from the DVD's. I also find that I get more bored if I watch TV doing my cardio. I put on some great music and try to get lost in the moment by really focusing on what I am doing. It is not too hard to do this as the cardio workouts are only 20 minutes!