Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm a dork

So yeah, yesterday got the TT. And if anybody is interested in getting it as well it's $40 and you can just click on the thingy over on the left. No pressure or anything, just if you wanted to get it anyway. Which you maybe will as I continue to post about my monumental results.

Not that I've started the training yet. ha. No, I read the thingy, but there's so many bonuses that came with it that I'm trying to read too. Plus it came with 3 months membership to the online thing so I'm trying to find all the stuff I want to download from there before 3 months are up (you know there's only 2 months and 29 days or so!)

I will do the first workout of the beginner tonight. I'll do a week of it and then maybe do intermediate, hard to say where I should be at. Basically it's pretty simple, about 6 exercises, 3 times. then intervals for 20 minutes. things like pushups, step ups, planks. good old exercising.

I sort of forgot that last summer I credited all my sucess with turbulence training body weight workout which I got ahold of for free. And the last time I saw good results was about when I stopped doing that... hmmm....

Right. But what I did do yesterday was swim. yay me. I did about 1100 meters, 25 ish minutes. I always forget to look at the clock when I get in the pool. I was practicing swimming with my turns at the end, did alright. that certainly tires you our more than without them. My tri is in a pool but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable enough with those to do them full time. I'll keep practicing and see how it goes. It occassionally caused my goggles to fill with water but they're sorta cheap goggles.

Then the night was sort of lost. Don't know what I did, a couple little things here and there, and all of a sudden it's past my bed time! I hate that! I did a little prep for lunch and supper today though. That's why I'm enjoying a salad with mandarin oranges and chicken breast, and ate veggies and dip earlier.

There's no specific nutrition plan with TT but a guide I haven't read yet. I'm gonna now-ish. I think it's basically what I'm doing, eat more fruits and veggies, cut out processed foods. Eat protein with every meal. pre and post workout snacks. I'll let you know if there's anything extra.

Anybody in a hockey pool? I am. with work. but if you want me to join your pool let me know! hehe. I actually don't know anything about hockey, but I know a deal when I see one and look at picking players like finding sales. I won the first round last year but then ended up in the middle of the pack. (fyi I'm picking Pittsburg and San Jose mostly, a couple Montreal for my Canadian quota. Based entirely on a random comment I heard on the radio)

so that's pretty much it. until tomorrow, adieu!


Random said...

Good job on all the swimming.

marie said...

Only a couple of Habs?
Come on!!

eurydice said...

you should get the speedo precision for women goggles. - they are the best!

sherijung said...

Go Sharks!

That is the sum total of my hockey knowledge. I did see them play a pre-season game last year.

Lex said...

I read about TT before, and I was very curious on the successes of it. Definitely keep at it and tell us what you think :)

MizFit said...

yay protein with every meal :)


Sara said...

ditto eury for goggles. Good for you for that swim workout!! I'm excited to hear about TT and how it works for you!

Jenn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today.
you are right, I still have the man and the proposal. The ring is just a nice effect that happens to come with it. :) I need to remember that and not be so materialistic.

Jenn said...

Nope, not too harsh at all. I like having a friend who gives it to me straight - sometimes you need someone to kick you in the butt when you are being stupid about something. :)