Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well it wasn't as planned, but it still followed the plan

My day 1 in the kick ass summer challenge was good. I'm giving myself full points, though really I probably shouldn't. But I am.

My lunch and supper as planned were totally gonna be awesome. Workout also. Turns out none of these went as scheduled. For lunch, a dude in the office brought enough Sri Lankan food for the whole place to try. (it was a chicken curry and a rice stir fry). So I didn't eat my tomato bacon sandwich I packed. However, it was an even trade in terms of my food guide (starch, protein, veggies). Wash.

Supper was gonna be hotdogs (sans bun for moi) and mixed veggies. But SIL made chicken fajitas instead. So I ate one (veggies, meat, I did have a tortilla, so that's probably a starchy carb huh? But aren't they cool on the Atkins thing? At least compared to bread?) Then for dessert I ate my berries as planned and it was great.

Did my TT workout, but not the run. I forgot that I was invited to a Mary Kay footspa night (whoopie) so I had to leave right after eating. I did get a quick walk in after I got home with Daisy (dark out, not a big fan of night runs, plus it was 9:30 and that's pyjama time. not get sweaty time).

Today is going good so far. Breakfast was a protein smoothie (chocolate protein powder, 2 frozen mini bananas (what I had!), a scoop of natural peanut butter, water and ice. Really suprisingly good. I'm not usually a fan of runny smoothies but this was good!) Snack had a cheese string and a pear. Lunch here was a tomato turkeybacon sandwich and grapes. (already 3 fruit in!) afternoon snack will be carrots and yogurt. Maybe an apple too, we'll see. Then after work I'm going to help my friend pick out glasses so no gym. However it's bike or swim day and it's super nice out, so I think I'll have a bike ride at home tonight. Maybe a run also since I've got nothing else going on really and I missed yesterday's. Supper will be those hotdogs and a salad. Since I'm only on 1 starchy carb so far I can have a bun with my hotdog tonight. Thinking ahead folks. Again if I'm feeling like I need it, berries for dessert. That will give me 5 fruit and 3 veggies for the day, 2 starches, probably 4 dairy (assuming I have milk with supper). And NO CHEATS! yay!

I measured the belly button this morning and it was an unpleasant 30.5. I'd love to see 29 there from this challenge. I think I'm on the path don't you?


Sagan Morrow said...

Are you ever on the path! You know that you're really doing great when you're capable of changing your plan last minute like that when something unexpected comes up (for me anyways, thats always the real test!). And I am now hungry for curry:)

Vanessa said...

Sounds like yesterday was a good day! I definitely think you're on the path :)

Kate said...

your doing great girl! I think that sounds like an awesome day! And I totally know you can see that 29 on the waist!

Jennifer said...

Woohoo! You're doing awesome! :)

I have a 30.5" waist too and I'd love a 29" too!

MizFit said...

you are SO IN A GROOVE.

hope the rest of your day was as good.

M., who ADORES glasses shopping.

sherijung said...

I hate to be a killjoy, but you know you need a kick in the butt sometimes. And I am just the person to do it! I know that you can take the tough talk too.

Really, hot dogs? And turkey bacon? I know you're trying to structure your diet, but if you want to be in weight loss mode...I just don't see how high saturated fat foods can work. Even turkey hot dogs are pretty high in fat, and just not a very healthy food. You know that Atkins has been debunked as a healthy way to diet, right?

It's good to be more focused on your food mix, but overall calories are the most important factor. Chicken breast is your friend! And black beans are awesome, especially if you cook them up yourself instead of using canned.

CaRoLyN said...

YES you are on the right track, I love it that you are so focused, right down to planning out your meals a day in advance but you also allow for unexpected occasions, (like foot spas and SIL making dinner) You are totally going to rock this challenge and that wasit will be itt bitty in no time (even more so than it already is!)

Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!!!

I think you can totally lose that inch from your belly button. You are rocking the challenge!!!

I kind of agree with Sherjung though - turkey bacon and hot dogs doesn't sound all that healthy, even if they are made from turkey. But the rest of your menu sounds good!

Fatinah said...

wow - sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog!

Did I miss the part of your blog where you said you were eating them every meal every day?

My two cents are if we are trying to have a lifestyle - then sometimes you're gonna have a hot dog! What is important for all of us is that we are able to adapt and stay on program to the best of our ability. Sure sounds like you're doing that.

A low fat hot dog with bun & salad actually sounds like it balanced out your day quite well.

sherijung said...

Don't get me wrong-a turkey hot dog & salad is not a bad meal once in a while--when you're on maintenance, not so much when you're trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds. Randi has been struggling with being on a maintenance diet when she means to be on a weight loss diet.

ashley said...

I think you're doing great! I can hear the optimism beaming from you!