Friday, April 11, 2008

warm tea = gross

Wait until it gets cold though, and it's not bad. Not as good as my lipton packets though. Plus I dunno if I didn't let it steep enough because it was pretty mild flavoured. I'll try again this afternoon with cool water.

So yesterday I was kick ass incarnated - again. I went to the gym and hopped on a bike. I did HARD intervals for 20 minutes and a cool down then went straight to the treadmill and did a brisk (pace averged 11 km/hr) 15 minute run. pretty cool. Stretched it out nicely as well. oh and all without the aid of my mp3 player which I forgot. so double points.

In the gym there was a boot camp or some kind of personal group training going on. It was cool. They had 4 treadmills booked off, and a bunch of mats and weights and were divided in 2. 1st group was on the treadmills which were already running and determined speeds and inclines (so you walk on the side and then start while it's already going) for about a minute, the other group was doing squats or squat jumps with push presses or other cool stuff like that for a minute, then they'd switch. It was so cool, cause they were running fast. Then at the end, everyone had to run 400 m as fast as they could, (so like 1.5 minutes-ish). And 4 people would go and the others would cheer them on. When the last group finished I wanted to cheer for them too, sprinting for over a minute is hardcore!

but then I saw another personal trainer who kinda sucked. She was making her client do about a million sit ups and variations, timing her on each thing, but was looking around in between, even called over another client and was talking to her, once in awhile looking back and saying "ok other side now, good work, keep it up". But seriously, if that's what you get with a personal trainer, I'd be so pissed. you could time yourself and pick up a program from any magazine. Especially what she was doing, all those abs, I personally think is a waste of time. Planks, sure they're the best, but crunch variations for 10 minutes, no thanks. You won't get a 6-pack with fat on your belly.

Anyway, those were my gym adventures yesterday. I'm super tired today, even though I felt alright yesterday and got to bed at a decent time, I think those intervals killed me. Yes!

tonight I've got some friends coming over for Chinese food (from a restaurant one of our university friends opened, he's a full time engineer but his passion is cooking. How cool is that?) So I get to play with a baby! yay! Plus we're going to be talking running and planning training and what races we'll do and stuff. Suweet!

Also this weekend is supposed to be amazing! yay! I already can't remember what I planned, but I'm going to bike on saturday to hubby's work (since he has to work saturday) and have lunch with him or something (probably 45 minutes one way). That means get my bike out finally yay! 15 degrees will be worth it.

Then sunday I'll go for my long run, because it's supposed to be 21 degrees! yay! I won't even have to wear long sleeves! I think I'm supposed to do TT on the weekend as well. Aside from that, plans will be to do all the phoning, mailing and stuff I never do during the week. (just cancel subscriptions, return dress with a hole, do some professional registration stuff). Plus get some pictures developed so I can scrapbook a bit, also want to put a couple picture frames up. House is pretty clean already so just the fine details to do, scrub floor, dust. wash windows. I'll also check outside for some chores to do as it will be so nice. I think the backyard could use a poop patrol.

anybody have advice on how to get a dog to stop digging in the lawn? We didn't have this problem last year as the grass is new. And she does it when we're not home so we can't catch her in the act. I forgot to ask at puppy school.

speaking of puppy school, it went well. I do need to get a pinch collar for her. She doesn't understand that me tugging on her collar is supposed to be uncomfortable or hurt and get her attention. I should have known that since she pretty much hangs herself when we go for a walk. She'd only slow down and stop pulling when she's wheezing so bad she can't breath. But last night we learned lay down and stay, which she already knows at home. But with other dogs around it's a bit trickier. Plus once she gets her treat she thinks it's over but she's supposed to stay until I give the release command. So just a couple things to work on.

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to this work week being done. Basically everything I did all week turned out to be a waste and I have to redo it since I had some things wrong with the model. So now I've got another few days of boring click click work. Plus we're already over budget on the project and I don't have anything else to work on while the model's running that I can bill to. sheesh. But today's friday right? yay


Jen said...

Bah, there are some seriously horrible trainers out there...I hate the one at my gym, she is such a flake!!

That bootcamp sounds awesome though!!!

I am envious of your weekend!!! I think we are getting 15 here but by NO means 21!!! Oh well, at least the snow is melting and that gives me SOMETHING to look forward to!!

eurydice said...

wow you have a friend that opened a restaurant? that's soooo cool!