Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well I was sort of laughing to myself after I posted my awesome day and finished it with going home to eat hotdogs. I realize these aren't healthy. Trust me. However as far as hotdogs go, I got the healthiest ones possible. 100 calories each, 4 g of fat, (can't remember the saturated part, but no transfat). I ate 2 hotdogs. I adore hotdogs, barbequed on the first warm night of the year. Not changing that for a second. In fact, with my asparagus and just ketchup and bun for a topping, it was one of my lower calorie meals. I know Sheri's right, calories count (though I think she contradicted herself a little bit, saying it's overall calories that count, not what foods you eat, but then saying that I shouldn't eat so much saturated fat and that Atkins doesn't work [another edit, Atkins DOES work, you will lose serious weight, but it's just not a good long term solution since you gain it back] yet I should eat beans and chicken breast. Well beans are actually high calories, and chicken breast is higher than my hotdogs too so I think the foods matter not just calories.) Yes so calories count, I understand this. And like I said, my hotdog meal was low cal. And it isn't something done regularly, trust me.

As for the turkey bacon. I actually don't like bacon. So I never eat it. Exception is tomato bacon sandwiches. And I had a whole batch of bacon left over from the weekend. Dry as a bone, doesn't even bend, it shatters. And I ate 4 slices on my sandwich for a total of 120 calories, 9 grams of fat. Anyway, my calories and nutritional info for the day (from is right where I like it to be. Seriously, the only fat I had was from the hotdogs and bacon and the peanut butter in my morning smoothie. I personally am aiming to eat 30% fat, 30% protien and 40% carbs.

Anyway, I appreciate the ass kicking attempt, however I am dodging it this time, because I really don't think I'm doing so bad anyway. ;)

I could probably have an ass kick for my so called workout last night. I biked at home right. With my dog. Not really realizing that she'd have to RUN the whole time next to me on my bike and probably would tucker out after about 15 minutes. I did a lot of gliding. Plus my focus was on keeping her out of my tires (she got one tire kiss early on and was great after that) not on sweating. I think next time I'll have to take her for a warm up then drop her off at home and go for my workout. It was kind of pitiful. But at least I did get on my bike as opposed to a stationary finally. Realized it needs a tune up (I can't shift into anything lower than 3, well I don't really know how the numbers work, I can do the high med and low still so I don't know what gears I don't have.)

The glasses shopping after work sort of screwed me up. That was prime workout time! Weather was nice. Not into anything else yet. The rest of my night was crap. Spent some time on the phone trying to help my uncle. (make sure you are VERY clear when telling family what you do. I AM a civil engineer, but I cannot help you size the beam for your house. Not that kind of civil engineer. Give me some mine waste to deal with.) Oh, I also watched Lost finally from last week. SO good. But I'm all confused again and lost. I need to get all the seasons to remember more about Sayeed. But it still so good. is it not on this week or something?

Today's eats: toast with natural peanut butter and double fruit jam, banana, cheese, spinach salad, 2 hard boiled eggs, poppyseed dressing, grapes, apple, cheese. SIL and fiance are cooking steak with all the fixings tonight (cheese toast, baked potatoes, hopefully they think of a veggie). No toast for me, but a small baked potato, limited (fat free) sour cream. Or maybe I'll go the salsa route with that. Workout will be a TT and a run. Might rain tonight but I'll run anyways. Do some sprint intervals to get it over with quick. Again, some berries for dessert, maybe post run with a glass of milk.

Today's gonna be another day with no cheats because I remembered what I'm doing this weekend. First friday we're going to a ball fundraising supper for hubby's slow pitch. I should be able to not pig out there no problem. But who knows what they'll serve, and I know I'll have dessert. (cheat 1). Then on saturday we're going back home for a wildlife supper (for the wildlife federation (aka hunting club?) ) where there's all sorts of dishes made from the different animals people have hunted the past year. Plus of course, salads and dessert. I like to try a little bit of everything at this thing. However dessert is just ice cream and I can live without that. (cheat 2). So that leaves me 1 more cheat for during the day saturday or sunday, since I'll be at home it might mean less than ideal fruit and veggie consumption. This will be my first big test so hopefully I'll eat apples and carrots between meals with some almonds for the protein. I can totally do this. And I'm feeling pretty confident because I've got this great plan in advance! (as opposed to the "eat healthy" I usually go in with.)

oh there are girl guide cookies here at work. not having 1. if somebody brings them in my office I'll take it and then when they leave chuck it. piece of cake.


Vanessa said...

Everything in moderation, right? A hot dog or two every so often isn't going to hurt you. Clearly you know what you're doing, unless all of this progress you've made has just been a big coincidence ;).

Sagan Morrow said...

Little indulgences can be the best thing to keep us on track! The food you describe sounds sooo good.

Anonymous said...

ohhh i had a girl guide cookie avoidance day too. i succeeded. if your office is anything like mine they will be gone is no time because of all the pigs.

MizFit said...

it is everything in moderation (and Im a hotdog you might NOT listen to me :))and ALL ABOUT planning ahead as you said for the weekend.

(what are girl guides?!)


Marissa said... dogs. I haven't had one since the last baseball game I went to. I should pick up some at the store this week.

I think you're doing really well on your challenge! The hardest part sometimes about eating healthy and working out is all the kinks that get thrown in to our plans.

Kate said...

I love hot dogs! I don't think I could live without them, and they are even better on the BBQ.

eurydice said...

i LOVE bbq'd hot dogs. yummy yummy.

Jen said...

I agree with Vanessa, everything in moderation...I thought I was the only one who loved hot dogs...and I also agree, ass kicking is good, but you DO know what you are doing, so no ass kicking here!

I wish I could ride my bike with my dog...I am going to try it sometime with his halti on...

good plan for the weekend!

whats the skinny said...

i like how you plan in advance that you are not going to cheat and you already know what situations you will be in so that you are prepared! i need to do this! thanks!

Lex said...

Oh my, I loveeeeeeeeee the first BBQ hot dog day of the year. SO GOOD!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm hot dogs. I bought ones last week (I think they were Shnieders) that were only 35 calories per hot dog and 0.5 grams of fat. It even said on the package...not recommended for BBQ. I tried them and they were seriously not as good and I think I would rather spend the extra point and have a good one but they would do in a pinch.

Ps I LOVE your confidence. Ice cream and girl guide cookies don't even phase you! Love it!