Monday, April 7, 2008


So I had a great weekend. Not at all what I wanted to get done but still great. I did spend all day saturday shopping. Spent $80 at Suzy Shier but I got 3 tank tops, a t-shirt, a beach bag, jean capris and a coat. oh plus a free shopping card that gives me 10% off for a year and lots of coupons. Pretty good! I left early on saturday morning and bought all that stuff first stop, I was feeling really good and things were looking and fitting good too. The rest of the day wasn't so great. That's all I bought besides lunch (wrap) and stuff at the dollar store. Oh and Walmart necessities.

Then it was a supper of nuts at home. I forgot the afternoon snack and was shaking starving (blood sugar thing) so I just shoved trail mix in my mouth until I felt better. It was probably like 1 cup (I was grabbing small handfuls since I knew it was so high cal, but it just wasn't fixing it!) Then when they finally kicked in, I wasn't hungry any more so I didn't eat supper. We went out with friends to a lounge and I had a wrap at about 9:30. The rest of the night was diet coke.

Sunday I was planning on doing so much work but I forgot we had tickets to see Bull Riding and Motocross jumping (yes same show!). I was pretty fun. I was such a ninny at the beginning. Reminded myself of some mother, "oh heavens!" "oh my goodness" "I can't watch this" lots of gasping. The motocross guys were crazy, I couldn't believe they didn't die. Bull riding was also awesome. But only like 1/3 of the guys made their 8 seconds. Very disappointing. Weird cause it's not something I thought I'd like much, more hubby's sort of thing, but I definately want to go back next year.

Did manage to make homemade pizza for supper and cut up some fruit and veggies for the week. I also cooked about 6 chicken breasts up and sliced them for salads and froze them. So I'm totally set.

Today's lunch was out to Kelsey's with work. I had the chicken sonoma valley salad. Good and I checked it out online and the nutritional info is pretty good, 600-ish calories. And just water.

I am getting super excited and ambitious with my running though. Triathlon is almost an after thought. when we were out with friends saturday Erin and I were talking about how she wants to lose weight and how I found "training" easier than working out so I'm trying to get her to sign up for a 5k fun run with me. Spent part of the morning looking up races. Then I got the idea to email my friend who's got a baby who was talking about wanting to train for a 10k this summer (she's done a half marathon before but doesn't have time to commit with the baby). So I asked her if she was still interested and we could do it together and found a whole bunch more race options. Only problem is, I think both the 5 and 10k that they both want to do are at the same race (bridge city boogie!) so I'd have to chose one over the other, not both. And I doubt I could get Erin to do the 10k since she's pretty nervous about 5. (even though there's a free training guide that starts today with just 3 runs/week for the 10k).

I was looking at times from last year and I would totally do fine in both races as I am now, right in the middle of the pack, before training. So that's encouraging. Just have to figure out something for the darn blisters. Hopefully my feet toughen up from training though.

oh the other thing, my tri is june 1st, the boogie is on june 8th. so my training for both races is gonna be affected I think. oh well. all the more reason to get focused now!

Speaking of, heading to the gym after work! Focus on the bike with hopefully a 10 minute cool down run (depending on machine availability). Then puppy school tonight. If I get home with enough time I'll try and take Daisy for a run as well. Tomorrow is finally supposed to be in the double digits so outdoor run with the dog are a must tomorrow.


Amanda said...

way to go with recruiting friends! i have been miserably unable to get anyone to agree to running with me least very often, runnings seems to scare them. I think it's just because they know they will become addicted.

Love motocross and bull riding, how awesome!

Jenn said...

Yay for all of the cute clothes!! You got great deals. I'm jealous - I really want to go shopping. Maybe next month.

I'm like you with the motorcross - I can't watch other people hurt themselves! It makes me too nervous, lol.

I hope one of your friends signs up to race with you. Things are always better with friends.

Cara said...

Holy moly you bought a ton with only $80. Where is that store here? Geesh. haha.

eurydice said...

you have a lot of great running and fitness goals. i am still afraid to run a race... maybe not afraid... but it's just so out of my regular life...