Wednesday, April 23, 2008

so kind

You are all very sweet with your compliments. I guess I am really grateful I photograph and video well and look small and young in them. In reality though, I'm wearing size medium/large shirts and 29 pants (or size 8 generally) not the 2 it looked like (I love you!). As for the young thing, I know that's totally my hair, long hair has always made me look younger. In high school every time I cut my hair a little shorter people were always telling me how good I looked and older (which is what you want in high school). If you were here in person and saw the wrinkles I've already got you'd think I was 35.

I'm actually getting kinda sick of my hair. I am gonna go at least part of the summer with the long hair because it goes with my dream summer - that is the frolicking on the beach in a bikini with long hair. About August I think I will be over it and cut it off and grow up. We'll see.

So yesterday was biking in the gym. It was great. A really hard interval workout. REALLY hard. I could only do 5 intervals of crazy hard (heart rate estimate was greater than 93% of max) of 1 minute with 2 minutes recovery. Add the warm up and cool down it was only about 20 ish minutes on the bike, but I was completely dead. I managed to grab a treadmill for about 7 minutes (since I didn't sign up for it) that I did a quick pace (11.5 km/hr) just to get used to the transition and past the dead leg feeling from after a bike. Then home.

Well first zellers. I was still hunting bathing suits down. Walmart only has sort of fashion ones with buckles and stuff. The sporty ones are 1 piece. Zellers actually had some nice, decent sporty type tankini suits, but the store I was at had no sizes. Only 12s and up or XL and up. I might check a different Zellers that's close to work so I can actually try some on and see how they are.

When I got home it was already 7 and hubby didn't make supper. Because he never makes supper. If he was hungry he would have ate some crackers or chips and still not made supper. Not really caring that I'd be hungry. Boo. Anyway, I did have an idea what I wanted to make. We had leftover ham in the fridge so I chopped that up, chopped up a few potatoes, added a can of cream of celery soup (could have been other flavour too). Threw in some onion, green pepper, sour cream and cottage cheese. Mixed in some shredded cheddar. Cooked for an hour. Yes I wasn't gonna eat supper until about 8:30. It was really good. I sort of think it's horrible for you. A lot of creamy things. But they were all low fat if not fat free. I also ate a whole pile of steamed carrots. mmm.

But what did I do for an hour while it was cooking? Well mostly watched American Idol. but then I remembered I was gonna work out so I did my TT workout! yay! I actually don't feel sore at all today so that's kind of disappointing. I guess I need to up the weights on a lot of things. But I'm still really really happy with my exercise as a whole yesterday.

I also talked to my SIL about throwing the shower for her sister who just had her baby. I said I wanted to do it, since I'm in the same town it makes more sense than having it at home, plus she threw me a wedding shower years ago so I feel like I owe her. Anyway, we decided to have it on the sunday of the long weekend in May. I think that means we'll get a smaller turn-out, a lot of people will be heading to cabins or lakes or just trips somewhere (first long weekend of the season people!). Which is good, because I doubt my house will fit that many. And if it's not nice out it will get crowded in the kitchen and living room. But I'm sort of nervous about throwing this shower! It's gonna be a lot of people in my house who've never seen it and I'll sort of want to make it look nice and feel like I need to redecorate and paint and stuff before then. Which I won't. It'll be hard to just have it super cleaned by then. So nervous about the house, but excited about the food and decorations! I'm gonna totally go nuts with it. It'll be like Martha Stewart threw this baby shower! SIL was saying on the phone that we'll decide if we want to just buy trays at Costco and split the cost, or whatever once we've got numbers. I'm leaning away from that. I understand she doesn't have a lot of time to cook and cut up stuff but I do. Plus I'm always all about doing it yourself because it's cheaper. But we'll see. I also want to do a bunch of scrapbooking sort of decorating stuff for it. So excited. Do need to think of some good shower games and stuff. The only one we've got for sure is a bottle drinking contest. There's also the one where you guess the chocolate bar mushed in the diaper and guess the flavour of baby food. But I'm not crazy about those. We'll see. Anybody have any suggestions for awesome games that YOU like at a shower let me know. So many people don't like shower games so it's kinda tough.

Alrighty, back to dropping pounds. Food for today:
Kashi go lean crunch with strawberry and milk
leftover potato and ham thingy

(doubt I'll eat it all but we'll see)

Supper was gonna be a chicken caesar salad. Feel like I need to eat some more salads lately. Plus it's something you can just pig out on and eat for like 15 minutes straight and it's ok. I'm also gonna try and brush my teeth right after eating so I get rid of the feel like I need to have something else.

I'm also gonna try and run with Daisy, but it's so flipping cold here I might not. High of only 0 today. A walk at least. I could also do a quick bike ride on my real bike since it's out and I haven't hopped on yet.

Tonights plans also include cleaning the kitchen and getting started with shower ideas. I've got a bunch of scrapbook magazines I'm gonna look through and stuff. Actually I've got a whole bunch of magazines that I bought lately that I haven't read so it might just be a reading night. But definately clean kitchen first.


tash said...

The baby shower sound like so much fun to plan! You are so sweet! And I love the pics! You look great! And the baby is cute too :)

Jen said...

I have only been to 3 or 4 baby showers ever and only ONE had games...they weren't bad...I have never had "taste the baby food" or the chocolate bar I don't know how people like those!!
And I agree with do-it-yourself...I prefer to make things myself whenever I makes a big difference cost wise...and well, people might appreciate it more!!!
I made a diaper cake for my friends shower in December...they don't take as long as they look and they can be quite pretty ( that one is kind of plain, but you can jazz them up a bit...and I used ribbons there they used bands (cause it was for a girl)...

Um, yeah, all my other comments just flew out of my head while thinking of that!!! I loved the video of you and Daisy! She did so well, she was too cute!!! And I am CERTAIN that you don't look 35, you definitely look youthful to me!!!

CaRoLyN said...

I've thrown a one baby shower int he past amnd a few bridal showers. I love the chocolate bar diaper game. That one rocks! Especially when all the old bitty's look all disgusted. Haha
I'm the exact same way as you, if I'm having a bunch of people over, I want my house to be PERFECT. Since we moved it, we've painted everything top to bottom and we've even painted the bathroom twice (I tried living with the first color for 6 months but decided I didn't like it) I'm sure your house is great and I KNOW you'll come up with a ton of crafty stuff for the shower!

PS I must have missed the explanation for TT workout??

Kate said...

I know all about the "looking young" I am 26, and get asked on a regular basis where I go to school lol. I'm sure the hoody sweatshirt and windpants don't help matters any, but still!

MizFit said...

love your writing.

face wrinkles?! I think I beg to differ...

M., who would be ZERO babyshower help as she refused to have one for her or attend any others she could weasel her way outta.

Jenn said...

I think you will like having short hair. I love short hair - it just doesn't work well with boating and swimming and stuff, so not practical for me. But good idea to wait until later in the summer to do it, once its not quite as hot any more.

As for the baby shower, I've only ever been to a few. I don't remember the games. I know that one of them was one of those word games where the letters are scrambled and you have to unscramble them to make a list of baby things. It was too hard for me because I don't have a baby so I didn't know what half the stuff was or that it even existed. As long as you have food and cake, I'm sure people will be happy. And don't worry about painting and redecorating. Just vaccum and dust and the normal cleaning and it will look wonderful.

Sagan Morrow said...

That stew thing that you made sounds pretty good. And it would be decently healthy, too- maybe you could try making it with a can of pumpkin instead of the soup next time?

eurydice said...

i love making those baked dishes. surprisingly they can be very healthy if you use the fat free/low stuff which you said you are. yum yum.