Thursday, April 3, 2008

so about those hip flexors

So yesterday's plans got a little changed up (more below). But I ended up doing a small strength training thing last night instead of the run. Not really any program, just playing around with my new barbell. I loaded it up to 50 lbs and checked out all the things I could do. Which involved squats. So I did my glute activation exercise (basically shoulder bridges, but using the butt not the legs, had to focus but definately a difference) before, did some stretches and then squatted it out. Also did some deadlifts and chest presses, shoulder presses. Managed to pump out a few bicept curls but I think that weight was pushing it a little bit (that's 25 lbs per arm, I could only do 6 with probably poor form). Then I stretched it out and called it a day. oh, did some planks too, forgot.

Anyway, my sciatica (self diagnosed again) was bothering me afterwards, and I noticed this last time I did the hip flexor stretches too. Sort of interesting, I wonder if it has to get worse before it gets better, or if it's unrelated. Anyway, I also slept kind of funny, on my side on my hip and I noticed my hip was sore this morning when I woke up. And now, just sitting here at my desk, I'm having weird pain in my hip flexor of that same leg. Sort of like a sore muscle pain. Not too bad, but definately irritating. I hope this means that I stretched it out nice and good and not bad and bad. Just something to note.

Anyway, my dad came through town last night and we went out for supper to the bar instead of having steaks (weren't enough for everyone). I had a salad which was basically a tossed, but with turkey, cheese and bacon on it. Probably too much cheese to be completely healthy, but other than that, pretty good. But the visiting occured when my jog would have happened. Then I wasn't feeling like it in the dark at 8:30 (late for me folks) so I did my weights instead.

Tonight I was going to swim, but I forgot that I had a dentist appointment at 3:30 so I probably wouldn't be going to the gym afterwards, so the plan is today to jog with Daisy. and just skip the swimming this week (tues and thurs are only options). But hubby cut himself at work and said that maybe we'd have to go to the hospital after work to get him stitches (I told him it's retarded to wait until after work we should go now, but sometimes he's dumb). So we'll see about that I guess.

I'm finally getting the TOM munchies. It's been a pretty good week and I was wondering if something was wrong (ha). But today I cannot feel satisfied at all. Luckily I only bring limited food to work and I know what's going on. Breakfast was a peanut butter banana and some yogurt. Snack was a big bag of grapes and 11 almonds. Lunch will be leftover turkey chili and an orange. I've got some coleslaw (with vineger dressing) and a cheese string for the afternoon. Steaks are supper today. They'll be extra marinated. mmm. (hopefully I don't burn them which is about the only way I know how to cook steak, I get it from my mother).

So I sort of realized something. Why the hell haven't I lost more than 1 lb since September? That's dumb, obviously I'm doing maintenance, not losing. I just watched this little video (which you should too, very smart, good basics, seen here). And while it's very good, it made me sort of upset, because there are 6 keys to nutrition (and nutrition is the #1 key to fat loss) and I'm doing just about all of the nutrition things right.
1. 5-6 meals a day
2. eat more fruits and veggies
3. cut out processed foods and added sugar
4. eat protein with every meal
5. no more calorie drinks
6. starch timing.

The only one I don't do is the starch timing. I sometimes don't eat protein with every meal but I'm trying, for example, threw the almonds on with the grapes for snack for a little protein (not much I guess though). So I'll up that. But I decided I'm gonna try this starch timing thing. It won't be too different from what I do now.

Basically only eat your carby starchy food for breakfast or after a workout. I usually eat leftovers for lunch, and today when it's chili, it's fine. But if it's leftover spaghetti then it's a no. and no to sandwiches. Suppers are usually gonna be ok, because I've stopped HAVING to make a potato or rice or whatever with my meals, so just the meat and veggies for nonworkout days. But otherwise, I eat supper after workouts so I can have starches then.

I'm hoping things will also change a bit now that I've changed my strength workouts. While that class was alright, we did a million reps with low weights, which is not how I build muscle (it's how you tone or something else that I hate and doesn't help you lose fat, maybe if you already look good but want more toned muscles or something). I know that last summer when I started doing heavier weights and lower reps after this class that I really started losing weight. Also I'm going to do more sprint intervals in all my training. I know it's good for fatloss but I think it also is good for your overall conditioning and should help with the tri training.

I'm glad I just outlined that little plan. Makes me feel better. Instead of "well I'm gonna do basically the same thing but hope for something different to happen". It's not even like i'm crazy bad on weekends or took weeks off from the gym. I don't have any excuses and can't see why there wasn't a loss in any given week, except for the fact that it's just not enough.

so here's more.


CaRoLyN said...

Hmm good ideas. I've basically been in the same place as you, not losing much weight. I guess it's time to really look at what I'm eating. 1 bag of All Bran bites everyday probably isn't good. also I bring a tuna sandwich basically everyday for lunch. The portein is good but the bread is a no no. I usually have starchy stuff for supper but it's always right after a workout so I think I'm ok there. What do you eat for lunches??? I guess chicken and veggies is a good idea but what kind of varieties? It seems like a lot of work and meal prep eh? But I guess if we want to get risd of these last few pounds, we got to do what we got to do.

Tammy said...

Hi Randi. I need to do some reading about starch timing. Unfortunately, I love carbs so that will probably be a tough one for me. I bought that book you talked about a while back--The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It is a great read! I am just now getting to the diet part. I should go read some more right now, as a matter of fact. I also need to work on the hip flexors. I always feel sore and tight in the back of my legs; right under my butt. Stretching those hip flexors might help me there. Have a great weekend!

Cara said...

I know what you mean about eating great and still not losing weight. BOO to that. But at least it makes my heart healthier, that is what I keep saying at least. haha.

Jenn said...

I've never heard anything about starch timing. I always thought a calorie was a calorie, but it makes sense that it matters what those calories are made of and when you eat them. Let us know how it turns out for you, it might be something I have to look into.

I hope that your hubby is ok!!! I've never had to get stitches, it sounds kind of scary. I agree with you, he shouldn't be waiting until after work to get checked out.