Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend pictures

Oh and not just weekend pictures, but weekend bikini pictures! EEek!

I sure look stout.
particularly my legs, they look normal if you do a scroll down but they just end too soon. Like, is that her knee already? Yes folks, it is.
I'm a little teapot. Short and stout.

Anyway, we're a work in progress right? Just thought I'd put those up.
Had a GREAT run today with my dog. Turns out it was only 4 miles, thought it would be longer, but that's alright. It's more than my triathlon and I felt like I could have kept going for my 10K. It was a nice comfortable pace outdoors in the sun with my dog. Who stopped pulling eventually, I think that's what made it enjoyable. Anyway, average pace was 10.7 km/hr so that's just slightly faster than what my minimum pace on the treadmill for recovery intervals is (10.5). So for an attempt at a long slow run I sort of failed, but I feel really good about it. Not very long and not very slow, but it still felt slow so I could have gone much further. Oh, except for this:

Not the greatest picture of it but at least it shows there's something there. That's my blisters on the arch of my foot. Can you say ouch? The white dead skin closer to the ball of my foot doesn't hurt that much, it's the red raw part (that's shiny in this picture so doesn't look that red) below it that really really hurts. It's a blister on thin skin. On the part of your foot that is really sensitive to being tickled. Have your eyes started watering yet thinking of my pain? Good. It hurts. Anytime I run longer than 27 minutes or so this starts hurting. I forgot to put on my blister stick thing and my special running socks. Hopefully they will help next time.
Anyway, just a brief weekend update for y'all. I'm gonna try and dig my bike out now and get it tuned up and maybe go for a ride. That's right, a second workout. Chow!


Jennifer said...

Wow! You are hot! I'm officially jealous :)

Jen said...

OUCH! Your foot looks brutal!!

YOU are SUCH a friggin hottie!!! Seriously, you look so amazing! (I can't even IMAGINE you being even more smoking...but with all the work you are doing, DAMN!)

tash said...

You looked awesome! Soooo muscular! What definition! What tone! WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!!

Vanessa said...

Me = jealous.

Your foot looks painful!

ashley said...

You look HOT!

MizFit said...

uh STOUT?!

I think not.

a few S-words do come to mind:

seriously (fit)

but stout? me thinketh not :)


Amuldoon said...

Hot to trot!!

Sagan Morrow said...

You're gorgeous! But ouch your poor feet look like they're in pain.

katieo said...

Randi. Seriously. You've got some serious body dysmorphia going on, LOL. You look fab. And whenever the camera is not straight on the subject, it's always going to shorten what's below it. Does that make sense? Anyway, you look fanfreakingtastic.

Cara said...

Wow what a freaking hottie! Nice abs! I love your upper body too!

Anonymous said...

now i have that song in my head. thanks a lot! hehe. you look good girl.

marie said...

so jealous.

I could never wear a suit like that!

Lex said...

Wow, you're looking SO good!! Hard work definitely pays off!!

eurydice said...

wow randi - you sure look buff! seriously!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I am new to your blog!
OH MY GOODNESS on the blisters. I have just the thing. Vaseline!

Everytime you go out running lather UP the feet, slip on your socks and shoes and go.

I am a runner and I SWEAR by it. I promise it works. Only every now and then do I get blisters and that is my own fault for not lathering it up like I should!

Greak bikini pictures too!