Monday, April 21, 2008

babies and bad weather and no sleep = off track

So I decided that babies are cute and I want one. We are exactly at the point that we always talked about when we'd have a baby. (married about 5 years, finished my thesis, have a house, good income etc). It was always far away though. Like when people asked we could always say, "oh in a couple years" or "maybe a year from now we'd start thinking about it". Well all that is right now! Eeek! So hubby and I were talking that after the basement is finished, hopefully this summer, and we get the yard all landscaped up, my defense is done (hopefully right away...). Oh, and my SIL has to move out. I refuse to by trying to have a baby (aka sex all the time right) with a roommate. But it's gonna look pretty funny. SIL was living with her sister and then (like the very weekend) she moved out and they got pregnant (9 months ago...). She'll move out from with us and wham we'll be pregnant too, funny.

We also had that ball tourney (indoor with plastic bat and ball) this weekend that went all night long. I didn't even have to play it turns out so that's nice. It's one thing for me to play ball and be athletic (I'm a good runner etc) but to play ball where you can't even run fast because there's a wall right behind 1st base and it's more about drinking pre-game than stretching, it's just not for me. But we found out about Sam on friday so to keep myself awake for the game at 1:00 I made muffins and casseroles for the happy family.

We had a pile of people staying over for the tourney because the weather was complete crap (we got a little blizzard friday night, then the rest of the weekend was sort of freezing rain). I hate when people stay over in the living room because I like to get up right away when I wake up but I don't like disturbing other people. Boo.

So with people staying over and going back and forth to the city to visit the baby (yeah we visted twice already, and again tonight!) eating wasn't awesome. Very carby, starchy. Not really fruity carbs like usual. But muffins and pancakes carby. I also had a whopper jr and poutine (it was sort of planned remember) and barbequed hotdogs and baked cheese dip. AND I didn't get any workouts in. Not fri, sat or sun. So last week was sort of a bust strengthwise. Definately gotta kick it up this week.

I tried bikini shopping sunday. I found a two-piece skimpy thing I really liked, but it was $70 so I thought I'd wait a bit. It looks like a triangle string bikini, but it's actually moulded cups with lots of support and they're cup sizes not just one size fits all. I really liked it. But again, I really gotta kick it up a notch with the workouts and food. I found a couple sporty ones for the tri but they looked like crap (a lot of under arm bulge type things, ew), not nice enough for the $60 they were. I think I want a sporty tankini and a sexy little bikini this summer. So the hunt continues. and so does the exercise and diet right? ;)

Today is the last puppy lesson, then thursday is graduation. Hubby said he'd come today, and we'll go visit Sam before class (since his parents will be there we'll visit them too). I'll bring casseroles and I'm gonna try and make some kind of cake or appetizer thing for SIL since she'll be having lots of visitors at home, but really can't entertain (c-section after 20 hours of labour, she can't climb stairs or lift anything heavier than the baby (less than 8 lbs!)) But I also need to do a TT today so gonna be super busy between getting home at 5 and 6:30, when we'll have to go to get an hour of visiting before puppy school). Eek!

Hey lovely ladies, any good ideas for a casserole type thing that doesn't need ground beef? Lasagna and chili are out. Something that freezes?


Anonymous said...

awww a baby for you. too cute.

Bi0nicw0man said...

hearing that clock tick, eh. I hear ya. :)

Go to the Kraft website and search for casseroles and stuff. Pretty much anything mixed with noodles and some kind of soup will work. :)

Kate said...

Email me with what kinda casserole thingy your in a mood for, I'm sure I have a recipe!

Jen said...

Oh wow, do I hear you on the baby thing...I always said the EXACT same things (though not the thesis thing, neither my husband or I went for a Masters - well technically I haven't finished a degree anyway!) and here we are at 5 years this summer as well...EEK!!!

Your weekend sounds like it went well!!! Have fun visiting with the baby!!

(I was going to suggest the kraft website as well!)

SeaBreeze said...

I was in Winners last week and they had some super cute Billabong and Roxy suits from 2006 for $40 for the set. It's definetly worth checking it out if you have one close by. Bare in mind that Roxy bottoms are amongst the smallest coverage in the world.

Angie All The Way said...

I hear ya about the baby thing. It's never as scarry when it still seems like it's "in the future." It scares me. I know it will be time for FH and I after we get married in the Fall, so likely next year ahhhhhhhhhhh!