Thursday, April 10, 2008

I kick butt at being awesome!

I just thought you should know, I'm the best at being awesome. It's a gift.

Why today am I awesome? I dunno. I just am. Lots of reasons.

I know we're only 1 day and 4 games into the playoffs but I'm leading our office hockey pool by a long shot due to amazing goalie picks for the second year in a row (Fleury, shut out = 7 pts!).

I'm also awesome at working out as I did my day one of turbulence training beginner last night. It was pretty good. Felt nice to be doing a solid plan again. But I think after this week I'll move up to intermediate. I already doubled the length of time for the side planks since it was basically nothing. But the swiss ball hamstring roll things (can't remember what they're called) KILLED my hamstrings. I think it should be working the butt more so next time I'll do some glute activation work before. For the intervals, I tried jump rope as it was cold and yucky out. But it's hard for me to find different intensities in the jump rope, I went fast for the work part, but it didn't feel much harder. Oh well, I got 15 minutes of jump rope in at least. Today is a gym day and I'll be rocking the bike.

I need to map out a plan since I've got 3 different programs i'm trying to do that need need 3 days a week each, and a day off. We'll keep the swim and bike days on tuesday and thursday. Fridays will be days off. So Monday, Wed, Saturday and Sunday are left for running (10k training). Let's try this:

Monday - TT, Run, (then puppy school)
Tuesday - Swim,
Wednesday - TT, Run
Thursday - Bike, (then puppy school)
Friday - Off
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - TT

Possibly switching saturday and sunday based on weather and plans. I know it makes me do TT 2 days in a row, however the Sunday one will be early in the day and the monday late. Not the best but that's how it works for me I think.

Woohoo! I feel so much better having it written out. Now I will be PREPARED.

Speaking of prepared, add another "race" to the agenda. Ok this is a fun run and I don't know if they really qualify as a race but to me it does. And it will be the first one I actually do, (though not the first one signed up for. Am I being too ambitious? why did I sign up for so many, what if I don't like them. Oh shut up, I'll be fine). It's on April 27th, just over 2 weeks away. And it's just a 5k fun run. I can run 5k in my sleep so no worries there. But my friend (with the baby) just emailed and asked if I wanted to do this. cool. After I asked her to run a 10k with me in June. So maybe we'll also do another 5k later in the summer and then maybe the CIBC Run for a Cure in Sept or Oct. I love having somebody want to do stuff like this with me! yay! I wouldn't mind doing them alone, it's just the before and after parts of the race, getting nervous for the start, then when it's over having somebody to high five. you know. Hubby was already sort of annoyed that I expect him to come watch my tri. what a jerk huh? ;)

I feel so good about the running and the races and stuff, now if the weather would just cooperate so I could train. Honestly. Plus I'm looking forward to being busy. I could be busy now I suppose, my house always needs cleaning, laundry, dishes etc. But last night I was bored. I made some little protein bar things (2/3 cup ground flax seed, 4 scoops chocolate protein powder, 1/3 cup water, 4 tbsp of peanut butter, mix, form balls, wrap in plastic, refrigerate.) did my TT workout. even got home later because of a stop at Dollarama. Wasted the whole night watching Idol gives back. (I *heart* Brad Pitt). If the weather was better I'd have gone for a run.

I should do some scrapbooking, but can you believe my problem is lack of PICTURES? I keep buying supplies though. dumb. I'll have to develop some of the bull riding ones.

Anyway, back to work. And listening to Never Not Funny (now I'm even paying for it, sheesh, I've gotta cancel my paypal account, I'm buying all kinds of strange things now) Anyway, tomorrow's friday! And wish us luck in puppy school!


Vanessa said...

It totally counts if you do the Run for the Cure on the same weekend in Saskatoon! Haha :)

Good luck in puppy school!

tash said...

Good luck in puppy school!

Your work out schedule sounds amazing!

Jen said...

WOW it sounds like you were completely awesome!!!

I do the same thing with scrapbooking...I have TONS and tons of stuff but rarely have pictures!!! I even bought this cute stuff to make a picnic page...hubby and I haven't gone on a picnic in YEARS!!! so I guess I will have to this year!!!

Have fun at puppy school!!! Our last one was last night :(

whats the skinny said...

dang girl! you really ARE awesome! not to mention, ambitious!

MizFit said...

I echo the ambitious sentiment----and you totally can do it with your plan to, well, PLAN :)