Friday, April 18, 2008


So I could have somewhat of a regular post today on top of my sad posts below. sure. why not.

I talked about the plastic bat and ball tourney this weekend right? Well they lost last night so the game is gonna start at 1:00 IN THE FREAKIN' MORNING! boo. And apparently people are gonna be coming over for supper as I'm supposed to buy hotdog and hamburgers for the barbeque (before the blizzard...). so there will be no opportunity for a nap, nor likely for a workout. Even though today is a scheduled off day, I have a feeling I won't be getting a long run in this weekend. And I also missed a TT thing earlier this week. So I was gonna do that tonight. We'll see. Still might happen. Plus the dog could probably use a good long walk/run before being cooped up again with the weather. We'll see. i'm not going to count any of this fake ball as exercise since it's such a tiny (indoor) diamond. I'll be steering clear of the booze, but can't guarantee much else. (I've been DYING to go on a huge crazy feed. It's not even about the what. Last week it was cookies, this week it's poutine. It's about the quantity. I just wanna eat a gallon of something. Something carby. Maybe I'll do that this weekend and get it out of my system. I'm all for cheat meals. And who knows, it just might shake things up enough to start a loss rolling!)

Oh yeah, WI was another standard 138-139. It's stuck. And my scale's not broken. I look good first thing in the morning and standing up. How often is that when you wear a bikini? i need a chair sitting and supper time bikini body before I'm ready.

I literally was crying about Katieo. It's not even TOM. I am really happy for her that she got what she wanted. But when I think about what she's meant to me and watch that damn video I get choked up. I'm in my rational afterward thoughts now and realize I'm crazy. (not to be nuts for her, but it's not like she died for crying out loud, and she said she'd still check in on us!)

I already ate my afternoon snack and I'm hungry. I've got an orange that I'll cut into now. But I'm grocery shopping after work so I might grab some nuts or trail mix too. Sounds like it's just hotdogs for supper. (I LOVE HOTDOGS!) Maybe make some kind of salad too.

Anyway, need to eat.


ashley said...

Oh, I love your posts!

A game starts at 1 AM?! Wow!

And I was literally wiping up the tears after watching Katieo's video. Seriously, how great and inspirational is she?

I laugh abou the "supper time" bikini! I'm just trying to get the "back shot standing" bikini!

Jenn said...

Ew. baseball at 1:00 AM?? yuck.

I hope the blizzard wasn't too terrible.

I never read up on Katieo until I saw your other post. I watched her video and I got teary too. I hope I have time to read some of the back entries posted on her blog so I can get to know her story too.