Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm a biking machine! woohoo! did my 10k on the old bicyclette after work yesterday. DID IT LESS THAN 24 MINUTES! uh-huh!

I couldn't get an exact time or pace because it's dumb. the pace is in RPM which isn't anything about speed. And when you choose a distance as the option it doesn't tell you the time, so when I hit 10k I switched it over to time option and it showed 27something for a while so I thought that was the time, but that's actually the new time it's setting for your finish or goal or whatever. Because after awhile that flashed off the screen and it showed 24 something and counting. It was lame. dumb bike. But I am awesome.

I gotta admit that it kicked my ass a little. I was sweating profusely and huffing and moving my whole body on that little bike. felt hardcore. I did a couple kms at super pushing it, high resistance and as fast as I could. TOUGH! then a more mellow one, still quick though. It was much faster than I'd ever ridden on a real bike (except one time when I biked to school and realized I forgot the assignment at home so I sprint biked home and back and still caught the end of class to hand it in). It might be hard to push it like that in the race, we'll see though.

I do appreciate all your suggestions for trying to double up and do transitions and stuff in my training. I will do that and try that and everything, but what I meant was my main goals were to focus on each thing once/week. If I plan to bike/run too often, I'll only bike 10 minutes and then run. It's too boring for me. I have to decide that i'm focusing on the bike today and then do the whole thing. just me. I'm sure May will be a lot more doubling up and stuff.

Oh, so that would be 1 workout down for April. I changed my goal to 20 workouts since I discovered that puppy school doesn't take the whole night so I can still workout. 19 more to go!

Got groceries yesterday too. Ate an apple before going after working out. Kept me going until 8:00 when I got home. No supper so I made myself an omlete that was gross for some reason. Too much veggies I think, not enough cheese. Not a big fan of brocolli and cauliflower in my omlete turns out. Also ate 2 bananas since I haven't had any in a month and just bought some. yum. Then it was basically to bed.

today I'm gonna jog with my dog after work since it's supposed to be up to 5 degrees. It's gonna be weird, I don't remember the last time I went straight home after work. Then probably help the hubby in the basement. Or maybe we'll do a workout together since he was quite excited about me getting a barbell set too.

Steaks for supper. mmm.


tash said...

You are awesome!

ashley said...

Congratulations on your biking time!

And you are too funny with the bananas. Do you ever bake them of freeze them before you eat? Mmm..

Jen said...

Kinda sounds like YOU kicked the BIKEs ass...that's pretty amazing!!

And yeah, sometimes the time or distance measurements are weird...I don't like that...

I am envious of your steak for supper...we ran out of propane a couple of weeks ago and haven't BBQ'd any of the nice days...

Marissa said...

I love bananas...I could never go a month without eating one.

Cara said...

Good job on the bike! I get bored on the bike at the gym, but on a real bike on a good trail i love it. You are doing fantastic. Ready for measurements? I am going to try to do mine this weekend.

Lex.D said...

wow nice work with the bike!!!! That's awesome!!!

I'm jealous of your steaks for dinner. Steaks aren't in my meal plan until like week 2 or 3 LOL. (yes, i'm giving a structured pre-set meal plan a go lol)

Jenn said...

Wow, good job on the bike. I always used to get bored on the bike, it was almost like it wasn't enough of a challenge, but I really don't think I was trying hard. For some reason I always think biking is a sissy workout, but obviously, I am wrong!

I really don't think I'd like broccoli or cauliflower in an omlette, but I'm not real big on eggs - blech.

Steaks do sound like a good dinner. I made moose steaks not too long ago that were pretty yummy. :)