Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh and guess what else

I'm so excited about even though it only proves how lame I am. I'm gonna try drinking REAL tea, teabag tea. It's Mandarin Green Tea or something, but all I know is it's a tea bag and not a powder to be poured into a water bottle like I usually drink my green tea. So we'll see if I like it. (thing is I dont' like hot drinks, not even hot chocolate so it's more like warm tea, and I added stevia. and it's in a water bottle not a tea cup or mug. but it's still a dramatic difference for me.)


Marissa said...

I really like drinking hot tea but mainly because my office is so cold, the hot tea keeps me warm. After I quit drinking diet soda, I needed something besides water (128 oz a day is a lot).

I hope you have a good experience with your teabag tea!

tash said...

Good for you to drink real tea! Or almost real tea (the leaves being the real, real tea) I don't know how you ever drank powders. Yuck!

Cara said...

So how was it? ;-)