Monday, April 14, 2008

you want comments?

post a picture of yourself in a bikini! haha!

You are all TOO kind. Though I looked again this morning before starting this post, I don't look THAT stumpy, just my legs. I'm ok with my body. But I do have short legs so you don't need to flatter me that it's the camera angle (you're so sweet katieo.) I've accepted my leg shortness and having to hem all my pants. There was one point in my life (or a couple) that I liked my legs, they had leaned out, so I'm just waiting for that point again. Correction, I'm just working toward that point. Waiting, what like it's gonna do it by itself?

So I am completely pooped lately! just exhausted! I'm getting tons of sleep so I'm probably just working out more and it's hitting me harder. Actually I'm pretty sure that's it. I had my longish run on Saturday morning and for the rest of the day I had no energy. I was talking to my friend who's ran a half marathon and she was talking about how sore I might be after my races, it never even occured to me that I'd be sore. I get sore from heavy weights and that's about it. But after saturday's run I get that it will be a different sore, I wouldn't even say sore, I'd just say tired. Tired limbs, tired mind. Hungover feeling, but not in any kind of bad way. Well sore feet I suppose.

Sunday's bike ride turned into sunday's run. SIL borrowed my bike and I wanted to bring my dog (and she is soo not ready for running with a bike). So I had a nice short/slow run for about 25 minutes. In the HEAT! 23 degrees yesterday! woohoo! Unfortunately the warmth comes with big wind in Sask. Funny how you forget these things until they're upon you.

I don't think I talked about friday with my friend's over for Chinese. Well we had several dishes but I'm not a big chinese person, I like it, but about as much as I like meatballs or something. So I had a plate full, a bit of everything. (not chicken balls, I don't even like these at all, and no soup, other people like it so much I thought I'd let them have more) and then I was done. I even packed up the leftovers and sent them home with the other people (even though we paid, I guess that's kind of silly but I knew it wouldn't get eaten at my house, plus it makes me look so generous.)

A bit of visiting, these are my university friends so hubby sometimes feels leftout. but it's not like we talk about calculus or engineering or anything, just an inferiority thing he's got I think. Anyway we talked about houses a lot. In SK where I am house prices have more than doubled since we bought 2 years ago. One of the girls also bought in the middle of the boom, but the other couple, with the baby, did not buy and now they won't be able to afford it for a long time. It was hard to talk about how lucky we are and how ridiculous prices have gotten and whatever when it's sooooo good for us, but soooo bad for them.

So we played and talked baby a little bit. Baby's name is Arden. She's adorable. But not really a good baby. How can you be a bad baby at only 4 months old? by being crabby ALL THE TIME! You know how people ask "is she a good baby" to the mom? Well what's the mom gonna say except yes. But the answer for this one, should be no. She wasn't crying when they fed her and for about 1/2 an hour when they first got here. But she's just crabby. and a funny crier too, sort of like a grown up cry, like at a funeral or something, big tears and open eyes that look like you just were so mean or something. Apparently this is her regular, it's not like she was being bad just for us either. I told hubby that I wanted to see how my new neice or nephew was (due in about a week!) and if they were crabby all the time too, we could wait to have kids.

So today is supposed to be another really nice day, though it looked like it was gonna rain earlier. But the plan for tonight is to do a TT workout (just did one last night!) and then go for a quick run, intervals. Then it's puppy school time. Supper is already planned, salmon with stuffed potatoes (which I made and froze awhile ago) and steamed veggies. Eating was good on the weekend, except for the dozen cookies I ate! Hubby wanted me to make cookies for him to take to work so I did. But he took all but one pan which was still cooling, he didn't like them very much (new recipe, they were only ok) and nobody else was home, and now we have no cookies left. Oops. I should have thrown them out when I realized they were only ok. not eat them all! Well at least they're gone now.

gonna list the food today:
granola with milk
cheese string
salad with spinach, lettuce, chicken, oranges and egg with thai dressing
homemade protein bar
veggies and dip
salmon, potato, tons of veggies.
yogurt for dessert

Seems like a lot of food hey? Probably won't eat the apple now that I look at it. It's ALL good healthy food, and that's what my weeks always are like, but it's just a lot isn't it? I'll try it in fitday...2123 A lot in the old granola it appears, almost 800 with it and the milk. I'm not sure if that's accurate as it was homemade and I made it as healthy as I could. It's too late to uneat it anyway. Also the protein bar is guessed at calories too. Well frankly there are a lot of guesses in there for nutrition. Something nice is I've got 106 grams of protein, that's nice and high how I like it. A stinking lot of fat, all in that granola, that's why I think it's not accurate, in my whole 9 cups of granola there was only about 1/3 cup of oil and 1/2 cup of honey. A few nuts I guess and they have fat, but 38 grams of fat? don't think so.

Anyway, maybe I'll try and track in fitday all this week. Just to see how things are going. I'll also try and get a better number for that granola.

edit - new granola numbers: 475 calories, not 760. Fat now 22, not 38. Brings total calories to 1838, a much better number. But is this really cheating? Am I being inaccurate and just twisting numbers so they make me feel better?


Jen said...

I think your new granola numbers sound more accurate for homemade granola!!! Doesn't sound like you put a lot of crap in it!!!

I, unfortunately, love chinese food...I hate when I get together with my family though because I would rather order a premade combo plate and then I eat half...but they order a MILLION dishes and I feel the need to eat a little of everything (I could totally control it, so I shouldn't blame them!)

ANyway, that was nice of you to send it home with them as well!! How very generous of you!

Marissa said...

One of my sisters just had a baby that's very cranky as well! I call it karma though b/c her first two kids were angels as babies so it's about time she got a cranky one! You literally have to hold her a certain way or she starts screaming...after 5 minutes of that, I'm like "yep, never having kids!"

You have definitely been putting in some killer workout only makes sense that your body's exhausted!!

katieo said...

re: camera angle. Not flattery chickie. Just the truth. I've taken a LOT of before and after pictures. I know what I'm talking about!

(you'd need to hear the conversation between my and my husband when this is going on to believe me...)

ashley said...

I'm glad you took another look at your pictures. For me, looking at pctures after I've shown them to someone else gives me a whole new perspective. You look fantastic!

And those granola numbers sound a bit high!