Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well if you've never seen my face...

You've probably never seen me walk before either. Daisy and I are super awesome at the heal exercise which is demonstrated in the video below, taken by my husband who came to class for the first time. (if you don't have sound don't worry, all you miss is a whiney dog, not mine, the lady giving us instructions, and then at the end saying how wonderful we are).

We're so good. Can you tell on that first turn that I didn't know which way left was? Seriously, I have a hard time doing left and right quickly. It was the thing I was most nervous about on my driver's test, that I would turn the wrong way.

Anyway, last night was the last puppy school class. Thursday is the "test" and graduation (the test is the same test as obedience shows or whatever, but it's only a practice fun one for us, no failing). We can bring people and hubby's gonna bring the video camera and tape us (this was just our picture camera). We're such proud parents.

Speaking of parents, we visited SIL and Sammy before class. they got to go home already. So I brought the chicken dish I had made last week and froze, and I found frozen meatballs so I made baked spaghetti and meatballs (super quick and easy, though thanks everyone for your suggestions!) They seemed sort of suprised to get anything so I think that's cool. Grandma (aka my MIL) was also there last night and she said it was even better than her, she didn't bring anything, and seemed impressed too. Yay!

Unfortunately I did crap all for working out yesterday. Seriously what's going on with me? Well today I'm going to the gym after work, doing biking and a small run. Then when I get home I have nothing on the go so I'll do my TT workout too. I mean it takes less than 1/2 an hour to do the weight part. And if I do intervals at the gym before I'll be set.

Supper yesterday was 1 meatball (wouldn't fit) and a protein bar. Then once I got home I had a bowl of smartpop and then a bowl of miniwheats. I don't really think I ate that much yesterday and I wasn't hungry at all. Breakfast was granola which keeps me full, no morning snack, hummus and pita for lunch, some canteloup. Strawberries and cheese for afternoon snack which I sort of had to remind myself to eat (I usually get shakey and eat while cooking if I don't have afternoon snack). Then the supper. oh, and a baggy of carrots.

Today is peanut butter and sugar free jam toast, apple, grapes, strawberries, carrots, hummus and pita, cheese string, tiny yogurt. Assuming I eat everything I brought. Supper I was gonna make some kind of hashbrown, ham, cheese bake thing with the leftover ham we've got (which I totally could have made for SIL but I thought of it too late).

Anyway, that's probably it for me. Gotta do some work, plus I'm ordering pictures from Walmart. I got tons more baby pictures and gave half of mine to SIL last night. (another thing she was so impressed with, I am totally awesome).


Anonymous said...

you are so cute and tiny. i love daisy too. hehe

Angie All The Way said...

I am so jealous! Lucy was the worst one in our class. She has improved a million % since then, but the dickhead instructor didn't even care about her anymore toward the last few weeks. Lucy listens, but when she gets all overwhelmed outside, I can't get her to heel! It's so cute though because it's like she's trying really hard to restrain herself when I'm telling her to stay, but she whimpers because she wants to go so bad.

She was a rescue dog and we got her after that key socialization period, so that's how it goes sometimes.

Sagan Morrow said...

After reading what you're eating, now I'm hungry- it all sounds so yummy!

Also, nice work with your puppy (years ago when my dog took obedience class, she failed it. It was rather embarassing and pretty funny, especially with my mum being a vet!).

Jenn said...

What a cute video!! You seriously look so freaking tiny. Like size 2 tiny. I'm jealous - and really excited for you. :)
I'm glad that Daisy seems to be doing such a good job. I think she's adorable. She's also bigger than I would have thought that she was.

How nice that your new neice is home!!!!

Good plan on getting in some good work outs tonight. Don't slack now, you have races to compete in!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww What a great pup you have! Hubby and I are still trying to decide on what kind of dog we want, at this rate, we'll never get one! She did fantastic! (I'm sure she had a great teacher though)

You are always cooking aren't you?? Where do you find the time? I need to start getting my butt in the kitchen more often. I just got the new ESBM cookbook so my goal is to try one recipe out of there every week. If you have any good ones to pass on, let me know!

ashley said...

I love the video! You are so tiny! =)

What a cute puppy, too!

If you keep giving us these visuals, you are going to keep getting LOTS of compliments!

MizFit said...

I did obedience training with my bullmastiff.

we were the awkward ones in the back of the class drooling.

not me.


sherijung said...

Daisy is so good! I can only imagine how crazy Maggie would act with all the other dogs and people there. She gets crazy excited over meeting new people, even more than meeting new dogs!