Friday, April 4, 2008

so glad I got out yesterday.

So glad I went for a run yesterday. Today it is blizzarding, no joke. boo.

So I rushed home after the dentist (straight A's folks, all good) and we decided hubby didn't need to go to the hospital. He is rather dramatic at times, but honestly, how are you supposed to know when you need stitches? I just thought about the purpose of stitches, to hold the "flesh" together so it heals properly/quickly right? Well this was a deep-ish cut, but it was holding itself together just fine, until he pulls it open to show me how deep it is. He's always, "checking" and poking and stuff so maybe we should have got stitches anyway. But we loaded it up with antiseptic and stuff and if he takes it easy at work he'll be fine. Thanks for your concern.

So instead of rushing to the emergency I rushed out the door with my dog and went for a run. didn't look at a clock or anything so I don't know how long it was but 30 minutes-ish. good enough for me. It was a tough run for some reason. daisy was pulling more than I like, and I think we started a bit faster than usual. Intervals were attempted but were sloppy I think. Oh well, I was huffing and puffing when it was over which is the point right?

Made steaks, with canned beans and coleslaw so a very healthy supper. Even though I could have had my starchy carbs since it was right after my run, I didn't throw any rice or noodles or whatever in. Just didn't need it. Though I guess the beans are quite starchy aren't they. Followed with a banana with about 1/3 of the peanut butter I usually put on.

Then I made some homemade granola. Which is DELICIOUS! Not really the greatest health wise, but better than boxed stuff I'm sure. I actually used my muesli in it because I thought it was too floury as is. So I mixed it (basically oats, flax, wheat bran, whole wheat flour, raisins, dried fruits, nuts) with some more oats and raisins and some Fibre1 cereal. Then added about 1/4 cup of canola oil, and like 1/2-ish cup of melted honey, probably more. mixed it all up then baked on a cookie sheet for 1/2 an hour. crumbled and voila! except I went to puppy school while it was cooking and hubby took it out for the voila.

Daisy was really really good in puppy school, we were doing heel and focus (basically looks at you when walking). And since we had treats she was a pro at this. We sometimes do this at home. She also turned off a lot better when it was discussion time and we're just supposed to make them relax and not walk around. Apparently my totally queen of the henhouse, outgoing dog, is a bit of a sissy around other dogs. She'll pull and pull to go sniff somebody, but then cower when she gets near them. Very odd. Makes me sorta sad. I can't imagine what i'm gonna be like as a mother.

Anyway, got home and went to bed. Sorta dull evening. This morning I got up early to hard boil some eggs for my salad today (as leftovers are gone). Ate my granola (starches for breakfast). snack was a small container of yogurt (100 calories-ish?). lunch will be salad with strawberries, broccoli, red onion, ham and eggs with mandarin orange dressing (1 tbsp). and a pear or apple. Afternoon snack will be the other fruit and a cheese string. I don't know about supper yet. I don't feel like cooking. But it's gonna be tricky to find some kind of fast food/takeout that doesn't involve starch. Maybe I'll do a quick set of weights before we eat and then get subs.

We're putting together our new barbeque tonight and then tomorrow I wanna shop all day. I need a new spring/fall coat and I wanna start looking at bathing suits. Also just clothes that aren't sweaters for every day. See what the sales bring. I think we're getting together for a low key thing with another couple couples saturday night. I'll probably make some kind of dip or appetizer cause I like to be like that. Then sunday will be NOTHING! yay! (by nothing I mean, clean my whole house, try and scrapbook and sew, do 4 loads of laundry, bake and watch movies. yay!)

Gonna try and do some kind of workout at home both days, hopefully this snow is gone so I can run or bike or it will be a lot of weights.


Jenn said...

Wow, it really sucks that it is snowing there. Doesn't Mother Nature know that its springtime?

I'm glad your hubby is ok. Cuts suck.

30ish minutes of running is good. Sounds like you got your heart rate going. I bet Daisy liked it too.

How are you eating your granola? Just dry, or with milk like its cereal? I'm not a huge fan of granola, only certain ways. I don't like mushy granola bars. I might like it if I made it.

Have fun this weekend!! I need to go shopping too - but I'm going to wait until I drop a few more pounds. :)

MizFit said...

take out? chinese? steamed veggies a little brown rice and chicken? drive through? two grilled chicken sandwiches, toss buns, throw on your purchased side salad!

just my tryingtomotivateya .02!


Cara said...

Wow the weather sounds awful. Sorry :-(

I hope you stay warm and can get your workouts in :-)

Your puppy sounds cute. Show us a picture sometime! haha

eurydice said...

I just got a new coat at H & M and it was cheap and it's really cute. And yay for running (my fave). I love granola, but it's such a trigger food for me that I usually avoid it at all costs.

tash said...

Glad your husband is okay.
Have fun shopping tomorrow!

Jen said...

awesome job with the run!!

We have been having off and on weather here as!!

Our dog is the same way at puppy school...however, the other night the trainer told us to let them off leash and he just went to town...they all had a great time!!!

I've never thought of making my own granola!

Sara said...

blizzarding? wow that sucks!!

I love love love granola!! What is your recipe?

Glad to hear your hubby is good!