Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ok I can't help it

I bought Turbulence Training. I couldn't help it. I know I set my priorities on the racing. but come on. Guaranteed results.

I've barely downloaded the thing (it's an e-book so you get it right away, plus access to message boards and stuff, somewhere else for me to hide out while at work) but basically it's 45 minutes of strength training (squats, pushups etc) and intervals, 3 times a week. I'll keep you informed and of course take before and after pictures. ;)

I also just checked out the message boards and they're discussion about doing this with marathons and triathlons and stuff and it's all good. In fact, helps the results for the most part. so yay!


Jenn said...

Definitely let us know how it goes! I'm really curious about the workouts. If you start to see fast results, then I'm buying it too!

MizFit said...

very cool.

and definitely a results getter.


Candace said...

Cool stuff. I'm having troubles with ST 3x a week so I'm opting for more beginner-type schedules. And hell girl, don't you see you're already an after.

katieo said...

Oooo, let us know how it goes (too bad they didn't just send it to you for free to "review" LOL...I wish...)

Sara said...

sounds like body for life? similar?

My tri is in a lake. I used to sumersault off the wall but since I had my concussion in Oct a big mental block as been put up and I just can do it anymore - weird huh? So now I just pull and push off. Where's yours - lake or pool?

Cara said...

So how is it? :-)