Friday, April 25, 2008

F*$@ing KICK ASS!!!!

I don't like swearing but I'm gonna anyway! FARK YEAH! (I tried.) I have just joined CAROLYN'S KICK ASS FOR SUMMER CHALLENGE! (that's not what she called it but me). If you want to join totally do because it's awesome and all the cool people are doing it (I'm not even kidding, there are some seriously cool people in this).

So what is this challenge. Good question, you tell me. You make your own goal, slightly challenging, for what you want outta the next 8 week (until summer) and then celebrate by wearing a bikini for the next 8 weeks (well that's what i'll be doing). My goal:

structurize the food - I know I get lots of fruit in, but how much veggies? How much dairy? I want to have my own daily guidelines to hit. EVEN ON WEEKENDS!

stick to my workout schedule - I made one, I've got races coming up, yet I skip workouts. I want to stick to it exactly. If I miss a workout, I make it up. Yes this might mean 2 in one day, deal.

lose 1 inch from belly - this hopefully will take care of itself by looking after the first two. But it means I'll have to watch the cheats on the eats a little more closely. And who knows, maybe restrict calories! (horrors! I've never really done this, yeah I lost 20 lbs but I just switched to healthy foods, I'm still eating as much as ever)

So do you like it? I do. I'm excited for it. i'm gonna print out a calendar for at home and have to check stuff off daily. So cute.

What are my nutrition guidelines gonna be? Hmmm...
3 fruits
3 veggies
protein at every eating (snack or meal)
2 dairy
less than or equal to (symbols mess with blogger!) 2 starchy carbs/day (aka toast and sandwich but then no rice or noodles etc)

less than or equal to 3 cheats/bad foods per week (eating cookies, chips, overeating in a restaurant, not following above etc counts as 1)

I think that's alright. I was having quite a bit of trouble coming up with things having never really followed guidelines. What do you think? I don't need to worry about water or multivitamins or restricting processed foods because that's all second nature to me.

And just a reminder here's my workout schedule:

Monday - TT, Run
Tuesday - Swim
Wednesday - TT, Run
Thursday - Bike
Friday - Off
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - TT

I'm actually not too fussy about the days, if I switch them that's ok, but every week needs:
3 TT
1 Swim
1 Bike
1 Long Run
2 Short Runs/Bikes

Completely doable! YAY!!!

So yesterday I did a TT workout and I'm feeling it today. I only had half an hour to do it in and I managed. I was a little sweaty when leaving for puppy grad but that's ok. Definately sore today. There's 2 different workouts that you alternate, A and B. Workout A hurts me so much more than workout B. That's why I like it more. (masochist)

SIL cookes some fish up for supper yesterday, so I didn't have my bacon sandwiches I'd planned. But we had fish and potatoes and beans and salad. Just as healthy, probably a bit more food but still healthy. I took it easy on the potatoes don't worry.

So I know what you're all dying to hear about: Puppy grad! Well we got there slightly late, but no big deal since we had to wait anyway. And for some reason Daisy was not being good, I think she could tell something was different, there were balloons and ribbons up and stuff. And more dogs than she's used to. In class with just her classmates she's great, but new dogs, not so much. So she wasn't really settling down and being good. Oh plus, for her treats I had a baggie of chicken breast cut up and I put some leftover ham chunks in there too. Well I think something went bad in there because the bag stunk like rotten milk. Oops. I knew the ham was still good (not old) so we used that for her rewards but she wasn't quite as excited about it as usual. So when it was our turn we went in this ring thing and this guy called out the commands for us to do. Since Daisy wasn't settled down she didn't do as good as she normally does at home. In fact I thought she did horribly. She hardly paid attention to me and our healing was attrocious (I almost tripped on her! and you saw how good we were before). Anyway, after the healing, the rest of the exercises went well. Anyway of course she passed (everybody was going to no matter what), but I was still disappointed that that's the one we got on video. Oh well. But guess what? She got the highest mark in the class! Actually it's more like I did, since what we were judged on was how clear our commands were and if the leash was loose and stuff. (well some were for her, it was teamwork). We got a 97%! (the lowest mark was a 94 just so you know.) And 2 of the points off were from our healing which I know we can do better. so yay!

Hubby and I were quite the proud little parents after that. And hubby's so outgoing and never comes to class he decides to show off all of Daisy's other tricks while we're there. (play dead, roll over, shake etc. Not in the curriculum). Even one of the "judges" thought she was good. Oh yeah and I ate 2 giant cookies. It was weird, Daisy didn't want to do her "other" tricks there but she does them so good at home. I thought she was embarassed about the other dogs.

Wait a minute, did she just say she ate 2 delicious giant cookies?

Yes I did. Oops. No forget oops. I wanted cookies and so I ate them. As part of my new plan that's allowed. I get 3 cheats a week right? So that means I have to be a little better this weekend. Piece of cake. I'll be busy anyway.

I already like my new food plan. Hopefully it helps take the guilt out of food. (sort of like how flex points are supposed to work I think right?) I'm so not going to deprive myself of things like birthday cake, or cookies at a grad party, or munchies during a movie. But I can only do that 3 times/week. yay.

This weekend i've got the 5k fun run on sunday. yay. just a mellow thing (costs $15 though, sheesh). Weather should at least be positive for it, but not much more. I've also got a candle party to go to Saturday (might be another cheat time, we'll see). But other than that, i'm planning on doing some scrapbooking, sewing and house cleaning this weekend. Did I tell you all about SIL's wedding scrapbook? Well those 3 sisters and I make a scrapbook for the girl getting married with pictures of her and her hubby from when they were babies up until recent. I wasn't sure if it was something sisters did and I was invited last time because I was in the wedding party (last wedding was mine so I didn't make it obviously). But it turns out I am definately a part of it. in fact might be solo doing it. The one SIL (is taking over the baby shower too by the way) says she's too busy in the next couple months, so she'll get me pictures. And other SIL just had a baby so I know is too busy. So I'll be doing it mostly. Which is ok with me, I don't work well with others mostly. But it does mean I've gotta get working on it!

Plus I'm gonna do some decorating and make favours and stuff for the baby shower. I totally am gonna make a diaper cake (thanks Jen) and I want to do some other stuff so I'm gonna get started (I've only got 3 weekends). Also I want to sew a cute little dress up by then so everyone can see how awesome I am (for the baby, though I could sew myself a dress for it too and we could match...).

Ok, I also heard from that girl who's doing tri's this summer too about this store that sells tri stuff. So I'm gonna head there after work. (or maybe at noon...I could take a long lunch, top bosses aren't here today...) I guess they've got bathing suits. Might be expensive but I can at least get a pair of wicking socks. and maybe another metal water bottle. (funny how I posted about that awhile ago, and now it's all over the place how plastic bottles aren't even being sold and stuff, I'm so ahead of the game.)

Ok but that's all for now. Might have more later, feeling very chatty today.


Marissa said...

I like your workout plan! I think you're super smart (but you already know that) for allowing yourself so many "cheats" a week!

tash said...

You're the best! 97% rocks!

Vanessa said...

I definitely joined the summer challenge. It ends just after my SIL's wedding, so I *might* try to reach my goals a tiny bit early...haha!

Sara said...

Looks like a great plan!! Congrats on the puppy grad!!

Cara said...

Wow thats a lot of stuff going on! You are rocking! Good luck at the 5k! Kick some butt!!

Jen said...

YAY! I am glad that you are going to do the diaper cake!!

That is awesome for you and Daisy!! You are such a perfectionist I knew you would do well!!!

I am joining Carolyns challenge too!!! I always do SO much better at things if I am challenging myself!!! I love your goals!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Your plan looks so awesome! I love your enthusiasm.