Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my monday

So monday was good. Didn't go to the gym because there was literally no parking space. Lame excuse but I think there was some talk or something going on on campus so all the meters were full and I was looking far away too folks. Plus the sun was shining and I wasn't feeling the bike and gym (need some tunes on the mp3 player, recommendations?) so I went home and took Daisy for a nice long run. But it turned out to be not a long run when I did mapmyrun but I don't really trust it because they didn't even have all the streets in my town on the map and stuff. I did some intervals and some puddle jumping and really got my heart rate up so that's the point and it was good.

Thenwe had puppy school. Daisy (the 2nd smallest dog there, she's a terrier-cross) decided to pick a fight with the biggest scariest dog there (that the instructors are all fussing over a little bit, as in making sure that the owner always has the leash and corrects at the first sign of sniffing or anything because I guess this dog had a rough start and is known to be aggressive and stuff.). Anyway so Daisy thought she was tough shit and proceeded to bark and call on several other dogs so I didn't have the best class, trying to keep her out of trouble. Plus the corrections we give (just a sharp tug on the leash) don't phase her at all. Some of the bigger scarier dogs have pinch collars.

I'd like to note that nobody is abusing their dogs. It's sort of like spanking your kid. You only do it as hard as you need to to get your point across. If you have a sensitive little dog, just a sharp word works, but if you've got Daisy, you give her whips and tugs and kick her legs out from under her and pinch her and she doesn't even stop what she's doing. I need to find somethign that works.

So we're supposed to give little corrections when they're not being good. pulling on the leash or barking for example. Well it isn't working at all for Daisy, she is not affected at all by me nearly lifting her off the floor by her leash. She doesn't care. So since she's small and not really dangerous, just bad, I'm now supposed to pinch her scruff or chin or lip or ear or whatever, just like her mom would have done. So we didn't do very well at the "come" exercise we were supposed to be doing since we were trying to figure all this other stuff out.

Oh, and she decided to pee in the middle of class, again.

Hubby got a ride with me to visit a friend so I had to pick him up afterwards, and of course he had just started a beer so I had to wait. We didn't get home until 11 and I was cranky because it was passed my bedtime (10:01 I get bitchy). It was tough to drag myself out of bed this morning (at 7:00, I know, probably twice as much sleep as the rest of you, but I need it!)

Today there is going to be cake for a birthday boy at work. It will likely replace my afternoon snack. Since I can't really get out of having a piece served to me, I came up with a new strategy. Just pick at it. (I'm not a big cake person really, cookies and donuts yes, but just cake no.) So I'll pick at it and eat a few bites. Then when everyone else is done (we take a break around the board room table and eat it) I'll just throw mine away. Problem solved. I'll get some cake, but not 700 calories worth.

Swimming today since the weather changed. running again tomorrow, biking thursday. Friday nothing since I never do anything friday I might as well accept it. Saturday hopefully get the real bike out on the road. I'll try and do a weight workout tonight and on the weekend.

As I mentioned in my previous post. I gotta set up some priorities. Am I trying to lose weight? Or trying to be an athlete? I know they're sort of similar, but different in how you get there. I am sucking ass on my strength work and that used to be all I cared about. I love being strong. Hmm...

I think I'm going to focus on the running and triathleting until mid-june when my tri and the fun run are over. Then June I'll switch gears and get into Turbulence Training or something again. The eating is gonna have to tighten up for now though. I still want to be losing weight with the "athlete" thing.


tash said...

Puddle jumping! That's so cute!

Jenn said...

I'd much rather be outside than inside. I'm almost not brave enough to try jogging outside though. I live in the country and I don't want to go on my road - even though its flat and straight. I just don't like the idea of other people looking at me. Most of those people are old relatives of Matt's, so its not like they even care, but still...stupid reason, I know..

Anyway, sorry about the trouble with Daisy at class. I don't know anything about getting a dog to stop acting out. It really sucks that she won't listen to you. Does she listen to you when you aren't in class? Maybe she has some kind of complex when she is around other dogs?

Great approach on the cake!! I'm going to have to start doing that when people force food on me.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Jen said...

Thats a good call on coming up with priorities...it makes perfect sense because sometimes people are just aimlessly doing things not thinking about the end result!

I am also impressed with your cake plan and will steal it the next time I am in that situation...

Ah, my dog acts out at puppy class too...it's frustrating because you get these "looks" from the people with these teeny lap dogs whose dogs only need to be flicked and they are submissive...I have 80+ lbs of jumping, hyper, lab/shepard/husky mix all over me...he usually needs to be drop kicked and held to the ground...even the instructor does it if he jumps on her!!! I am hoping he will calm down soon!!!

Sara said...

Yay for outside!!

Nancy Clarke just released her newest addition of Sports Nutrition. She supposedly tackles the whole losing weight while training and keep up your energy. I just ordered it and am expecting it today so I'll let you know what she says!

Jennifer said...

"Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)" by Craig David, and my personal favourite, "It's Tricky" by Run-DMC. That song gets me totally pumped!