Monday, April 28, 2008

Let me tell you about my weekend!

Wow do I have stuff to say today! Jumping in to it:

Friday and Saturday were sorta blah. Bed early both nights. Did a bit around the house saturday. Went to a candle party. Ate like crap. Just a lot of carbs. Don't know why exactly. I think I was playing the start monday game. bad me.

Sunday I was going to run a 5k fun run with a friend, but she called and said her back was out basically and she was fighting a cold she wasn't gonna do it. I said fine. Not sure if I would still or not. Decided not, as it sort of interrupted my day anyway. So I went for a nice slow long run as I'm supposed to do on weekends. Me and Daisy had a great time, windy on the way out, but nice on the way back. Did mapmyrun and it showed 8.8 km! Wow! go me! That's the furthest I need to do for training for a 10k I'd say. (I was hearing a story on the weekend of a bigger lady who was complaining about running at a clinic saying how there's no way she could run a half marathon without million dollar shoes and all these gels and stuff, because when she TRIED IT in her first training thing, she got all these blisters. Well duh, you aren't supposed to RUN THE WHOLE DISTANCE IN TRAINING! that's absurd. Especially when you just start!

Anyway, I did a huge awesome run and I felt great! Tired at the end, a few smaller blisters, nothing I can't handle. However it completely wiped me out for the rest of the day. Seriously, I was exhausted! and my muscles sort of hurt, but just in a tired way. I had a sunburn too which probably contributed to feeling like crap, and then got a headache. But I seriously sucked for the rest of the day.

Well except for this cool part. I found a dog! Daisy was going nuts at something outside the fence so I went to see, and I thought it was a wolf! It was a HUGE husky dog. HUGE! It was probably dumb of me but I went to catch it. (dumb especially because it looked like a wolf...) But I just whistled and it came and I hooked a leash on it and put in the backyard. I then went running up and down the street looking for somebody looking for their dog. Nope, nobody around. Dog was very nice, mellow. Knew some tricks like sit and shake a paw (which weighed probably 25 pounds). Wasn't even falling for Daisy's bait and fighting. So I took both dogs for a walk down the street again thinking somebody would recognize him. Nope. Walked for like 45 minutes all around the neighbourhood. Then sat on our front lawn with him for awhile. Still nobody. So I put him in the back with Daisy and waited. Walked him again in an hour and somebody said it looked like the Larson dog so I called the Larson's in the phone book (after I called the vet and animal control which were closed on sunday). Nobody home. Waited again. Eventually got ahold of the guy who came and picked up his dog. Such a nice good puppy. HUGE, did I say that? Very pretty. The exact kinda dog hubby wanted, but we just don't have the space for him. Apparently the guy has a shop and some land near our house and just lets the dog go, he usually just hangs out on the property but not this time. And since I put him on a leash he couldn't go back home. (not that he was trying to go anywhere when I let him lead me on our walks). I didn't think it was a good idea to just let this huge dog go. He could have been hit by a car, or scared some little kids (again, looks like a wolf). Who knows. Anyway, that was my big adventure after my giant run sunday.

Then we ordered chinese food and watched Walk Hard. Hubby played with his new minibike and I did laundry. Then BED. I was pooped! Didn't do my TT workout like I was supposed to. But today is day 1.

Day 1 of what? the awesome kick ass summer challenge of course! So today I counted out my fruits and veggies when making my lunch. Unfortunately I think my strawberries might be bad so I'll berries for dessert after supper to make 3. Since breakfast and lunch are starchy carbs (just granola and then a sandwich) supper will be protein and veggies. I'm so feeling good about this. I'll have to measure my waist tonight to have a good starting point reference to drop an inch. Plus tonight will be TT and a short run. Weather's finally nice again. I made puffed wheat cake yesterday but I won't have any today. I thawed some frozen blueberries and raspberries so I'll have those for dessert and that should conquer day 1 completely on plan. I feel skinnier just thinking about it!


Kate said...

Sounds like you have an awesome awesome outlook on the challenge! You can do it!

Vanessa said...

I'm loving the summer challenge! :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

haha, so I read your whole post and the only thing that stuck was that you said something about puffed wheat cake in the last paragraph?

what's puffed wheat cake?!!!

Jen said...

Wow, busy day girl!!! I would love to have a furry visitor!! we have found strays every once in a while, but my husbands worries because I always want to keep them!!!

That woman with the running was stupid...I mean COME ON!!!

I for one, know what puffed wheat cake is (I always called it puffed wheat squares but that's because I cut it into squares!) VERY yummy!

Cara said...

Wow 8.8 km! Impressive!! I hate when the runs wear you out. Sounds like you were pretty dehydrated from it. But I am sure you knew that. haha.

Oh man I would never let my dogs loose. People do it my complex all the time and there are a TON of cars driving around. My dogs are not smart enough to dodge the cars. haha.

You sure did a TON of walking though. Geesh.

Jenn said...

I had a case of the 'start monday' game as well.
Thank goodness it only lasted a weekend!

Good job on the 8.8K run!! That's pretty awesome!
And it kind of irritates me when people make comments like that about working out. Those people are lazy and don't know what they are doing. *eye roll* :)

How cool that you found someone's dog. And you sure are brave for calling over a huge dog that looks like a wolf!! Pretty cool that you were able to find the dog's owner.

Good plan with the fruits and veggies - just stay away from the puffed wheat cake! :)