Thursday, March 20, 2008

so I (mostly) did it

So I had a great successful day yesterday. Until I waiting to leave for step class and ate about 10 pringles. WTF? Let's just say that they were a little pre-workout carbs to up the energy and that they worked. Anyway so that was not part of the plan. But the rest of the day totally was.

And it wasn't easy. Still hungry (or obsessed with eating) after lunch that I ate my yogurt at like 1:30. Then after the meeting with the lawyer (I go pick up a cheque for $43,000 today!) I ate my apple and went to Costco. I guess if I'm totally honest I ate samples of salad, mashed potatoes, a slice of smokie and the tiniest corner of sandwich ever. I know it adds up. However those bites of food were enough to make me NOT buy a hotdog at Costco which I sort of wanted to get. And hubby didn't feel like going out for a drink (while we were downtown anyway, where I would have proceeded to order food) so I ended up going home and cooking the meatballs and veggies just like I had planned.

So I know some of you are watching out for BLTs (bites, licks and tastes), and looking at my thing you'll know I had plenty of those so it was a complete failure in that regard. However, my eating has been so wacked that I'm still considering yesterday a success, because they were just BLTs that were off plan, not complete meals. And in the end they sort of helped me stick to my plan.

Step class was good. Last one until April something. And I was totally the all-star. Instructor has a sore knee so she was doing the "easier" moves and sort of invited me to the front to do the crazy moves. Since I was already in the front in the center of the class I didn't actually move anywhere (I said "this is close enough right?") and she said something like "aw, that's not how it was supposed to work. I thought I could groom you into being an instructor and you could fill in for me when I'm sick and stuff" but it was all kind of light and joking so I'm trying to not let my ego swell. Then when we did the weight part and I was doing chest presses she brought over her barbell and gave it to me to use (everyone has dumbells except her). So I used it, but really I think it was only 20 lbs, and I was using 2 10 lb dumbells so same diff. It was different having your arms have to work together though, interesting to see how off balance you are. Anyway then when we were doing bicepts she asked if I wanted to use her bar again, but she would use my 8 lbs, but when she saw they were 10s she called me crazy and made me use them and she used her bar. It is sorta something to be stronger than the instructor huh? However she is a much smaller person with a much lower body fat.

Anyway, last day before weekend! and tomorrow's my birthday! yay! I'm turning 26. Which makes me feel old. (shut up if you're older, I don't think you're old, and you must have gone through this yourself before anyway). I just feel like now I'm completely an adult and in the "grown-up" part of life. Now I feel out of place in a bar (did already but whatevs), can't blow my money on trips, have to think about kids and retirement and mortgages and am almost 30. And when you're 30 you have to wear different clothes than you could when you were 20 (so say magazines that show what to wear in your 20s and 30s and 40s) and I still never really got into the 20 clothes yet (bikini's are for 20s right?). And I have wrinkles. Yes really.

But at the same time I'm right on target in other areas. Have a house, a husband, thinking babies next year. It's alright.

So yesterday I went to Costco and they had more Tuff Athletic workout clothes (which I buy everything from, my fake lulu stuff) so I spent like $75 and bought 3 shirts and 2 pairs of capris. Super cute. Light pink, brown, green, tan and black. So they all can mix up fairly well. I already had orange, bright pink, blue, black, white and grey. Seriously I have everything they've ever sold at Costco! Ha! I love it!

Tonight I'm going to hubby's last hockey game and probably out after since it's their last one and tomorrow's a holiday. (plus if people find out it's my birthday it might turn into that). Just gonna rock the diet cokes. They feel like a treat anyway and you can drown yourself in them for no calories! (a million chemicals, but no calories...)

Then doing some baking and cooking tomorrow to bring home to parents and in-laws for saturday and sunday. Not to mention I want to do some cleaning (and on my birthday! horrors!).

Hope you all have a nice Easter!


Kate said...

I turned 26 in Nov and for some reason it made me feel completely old too! So I understand! And I have no husband and I'm not thinking about kids...have the house though, lol

MizFit said...


so many thoughts but work calls.

first? who knew about the costco. Ill have to look.

next? youre a baby :)

cant believe how much old I am than you.

just call me mama.

Jen said...

I feel the same way you do about my mid-twenties...I just feel older...I felt like that at 21 but now I just feel...RESPONSIBLE!!! Scary!!!

That is awesome with your step class!!! You are a COMPLETE rockstar! (I would die if I lifted higher weight than the instructor...die in a good way!)

Happy early birthday if you don't post then!! Have an awesome weekend!

tash said...

You're old, but at least you are not a cougar ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday girlie. I hope you have a great day. Mine is on Wednesday and i TURN 27. YIKES.

Alla (green girl) said...

happy birthday Randi! :) you have a birthday on long weekend - cool!
I feel old too, I can't believe I'll be 27 in September!
Way to go on lifting those weights... you should give yourself a pat on the back - you earned those pretzels!

tash said...

BTW - happy birthday!!!!!!!!

tash said...

26 and 27 aren't bad guys. I'm facing the big 2-8 and I am still a student who has never had a real job. Now that is pathetic!!!

Amuldoon said...


Oooh I love the new Tuff stuff that is out! Did you find the capris fit big though? I always wear a L in them, and these latest ones are falling off of me! Hey, I never thought... maybe its ME thats getting smaller?

I love the fit of those bright orange, blue, pink etc ones. Soo great! I bought 2 of them!

I cannot bear the thought of spending $100 on a pair of Lulu capris when I can buy fantastic ones at Costco for 17.99.

I'm a costco whore.

RunnerGirl said...

I had to stop reading at the point where you said you ate ten pringles. HOW do you only eat ten? Once I start on those stupid things, I can't stop!

Happy Birthday!

eurydice said...

i didn't know you were only 25! haha happy birthday! (i'm 26 too!)

Jenn said...

I love going to Costco. I can't take Matt with me though or we end up buying way too much! I've never seen their workout clothes, next time I'm there I'll have to check.

It's pretty cool that your step class instructor wants you to learn to be her backup. That proves (again!) how awesome you are doing!

Happy Birthday!!!!!! I know what you mean about feeling like an adult. It's hard to really feel like a grownup some times, but really, we are. Houses, hubbies, and babies definitly = grown up. But its not a bad thing. Look at how great you've done with your life. Growing up is exciting. :)

Happy Easter!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday!! I'm 26, getting married next weekend...been working for 5 years and only occassionally do I feel like an adult... I prefer to still think I'm not old enough to make my own decisions...even though I do!

Tammy said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day/night. Ok, and I am older than you by a few years and I will tell you that when I got into my 30s I wore 20s clothes because I was chunky throughout my 20s. Never could do the bikini because of stretch marks, though :( It was when I got to upper 30s that I decided to dress more my age. But now my 16 year old daughter wants me to dress like her and I can't make her understand that it just doesn't work that way. But she is thin and fit now so she can enjoy the cute clothes at the appropriate age. Anyway, great job with the workouts! You just keep it up and you will be super hot in no time flat!

Creatingadiva said...

who knew about costco! We have more Sam's clubs here in Dallas than Costco's! Oh and I'm tagging you on a challenge...check out the blog if you wanna participate :)

Cara said...

You have been Tagged!.