Friday, March 7, 2008

dude what is with it

What is with this Obsession I'm having with food lately? I feel like I want to park myself in front of a trough and just gorge. I just finished my morning snack. I'm busy with work. I'm thinking of nothing but lunch and how there's only 85 minutes until lunch time. WHAT THE HELL? TOM NEVER hits me like this. Maybe I'm using TOM as an excuse or something for complete lack of will power and motivation.

oh yeah, WI was up 2 lbs. Boo. 138.2.


B2B SEO Copywriting said...

I hate when that happens, but seriously its probably just hormones. I get that every once in awhile. I can eat a full dinner and dessert and want MORE. and then MORE. not that I give in, but i hate that feeling. Perhaps could also be low in iron, or low in blood sugar? That happens to me.

MizFit said...

HANG IN THERE as it so does happen to us all.

I often get the say WTF (sorry :) but that is really what I think...) way but ride the wave, try and eat as healthily as I can and let it all go.
tomorrow is another day.

Happy weekend.


Lex.D said...

Oh that happens to me sometimes algo. Grrr
Nothing is ever enough!

I'm sure things will get back on track for you