Friday, March 14, 2008

I rock

Not to be confused with iRack which was a funny little thing from MadTV I saw on youtube.


So yesterday I hit the old gymnasium up and hoped on the treadmill - FOR 47 MINUTES! I thought, I'm sick of being scared of running for a long time so I just tried it. It was cool. I ran 8.25 km. So that's pretty good I think. slightly better than 1 km in 6 minutes which is a 30 minute 5k (watch Randi do math!). I tried to keep it steady on no incline and 10.5 km/hr, but I would get bored or a good song would come on I'd try and run with. So I moved it around a bit. The last 3 minutes were super hard core too, 2-3 incline and 11-12 km/hr. My body was starting to get tired at the end. Not so much my lungs and heart which is good (I remember huffing and puffing when I first started running, I could probably breath through my nose for most of this run). But what made me stop was the crazy blisters I was getting on my feet. I was overpronating on purpose (in anti-overpronate shoes which is not easy) to keep the weight of my inner foot where the crazy blisters were, both feet. Kinda super gross if you wanted to see. They started hurting at 30 minutes, right when I usually stop. I'm gonna have to figure something out for that. I already was wearing my most technologically advanced socks and my expensive running shoes. Ideas?

So I was super duper happy and felt really really good when that was done. (except my feet). I'm positive I could do a 10K with out a problem. Yay! Maybe after my tri I'll sign up for one of those! Anyway, after that, stopped at the grocery store, not the slightest bit hungry, bought some produce I was out of and went home where I had a stir-fry waiting that I ate on quinoa. yum. healthy. Then Lost was on and I was so pissed at Jin the whole thing for not showing up until after his baby was born, but then IT WASN'T EVEN SUN HE WAS GOING TO SEE! SUN THINKS JIN'S DEAD? Crazy. and Michael's back? Awesome. There, now I spoiled the whole episode for you.

I also baked up these apple snack things. High protein, low cal, fairly yummy, though unusual. Ingredients:
2 apples, cut into small chunks
1 cup egg white
2 cups cottage cheese
sweetener of choice
(next time I'll add some kind of oatmeal or cereal or something)

Mix up, pour in muffin cups, bake 40 minutes at 325. It's pretty yummy, but the texture is all eggs so that's kinda weird when you were expecting more muffin. But yummy. And 1 cup is like 65 calories or something, but like 10 g of protein! wowsa! So after Lost I ate 3 of those. 4 of them were my breakfast this morning, just microwaved.

After Lost, I had to pack a dressy outfit for after work today, since I'm going out for supper with my SILs for our semi-annual birthday supper. So I was trying on all sorts of clothes, including my American Apparel, multi-style dress (as a shirt is what I decided to go with for tonight, since it's not THAT fancy of a deal, and it's not warm enough for the strapless dress). Anyway, I was trying on all of my slightly dressier clothes (work is jeans and t-shirt for me every day, super cas). And everything looked AWESOME! I remember buying some skirts (that I still haven't worn) for $5 and having to wear them above my belly button, now I could probably just about slide them on and off without unzipping. But they look super cute just above my hips now. I had a shirt where the buttons would gape at my boobs, not any more! My sister gave me a pair of her pants that were too short on her that were always too tight on me. No longer! They fit fine (though my legs look kind of big in them), another pair of khaki's for the rotation. Then I tried on my skinny jeans: these jeans I bought when I was close to my previous skinniest, and they were sorta tight on me, but I wanted to drop a few more pounds and then I thought they'd look great. But that never happened. UNTIL TODAY! I'm wearing those jeans right now! They look smokin!

I realized that I super love the top and bottom of my body. My calves are really nice, and so is my knee, above that my legs are big, I know it's a lot of muscle, but the fat on top of them isn't helping. Plus I really love my cheekbones now without the pudge, my neck, shoulders, back, chest, down to my waist. Not a big fan of my belly yet. But it seems the fat is coming off from the top and the bottom, I'm just dealing with the legs and belly. Frankly that's all I cared about in the beginning, but now that I've seen my new arms and shoulders and calves I really like them.

So even though the scale showed me 137.0 this morning, more than monday's (but way less than last friday still) it doesn't matter. I apparently am making changes in my body that are not on the scale (or really the tape measure either...) and I'm liking that. I would still like the number to end up 130 one day, but I really won't care if this is the weight I stay at (when my belly's gone). So I think maybe I'll do a bit of a fashion show on Saturday and take pictures for you all, and you can be completely lost because you didn't see what these outfits used to look like but still say nice things because that's who you are.

So like I said, even though I didn't rock the scale, I still rock, and I look pretty darn cute with clothes on. But i'm not ready for the bikini yet but I will be.


Vanessa said...

Great job at the gym!

I love trying on my "skinny" clothes and seeing that they look good now that I've dropped most of my re-gained weight. Nothing better than discovering a whole new wardrobe in your closet.

You do rock!

MizFit said...

dang. you DO ROCK Hunter Soul!

You do more things in a day than...people who dont do many things in a day do.


Cara said...

You DO rock! Fitting into "skinny" clothes is absolutely the best feeling. MUCH better than what the scales tell you.

ashley said...

You do rock! That sounds like a perfect day!

katieo said...

YAY Randi! There's nothing like putting something on and it fits better than it did before!! Can't wait for the pics!

eurydice said...

wow awesome run! congrats to you... that's amazing!

tash said...

I love that iRack skit.