Friday, March 14, 2008

Why don't you guys post more this afternoon?

I'm bored at work trying to kill the last 1 hour. Come on! write something!


Well I'll write then.

We're going to Moxie's tonight. Moxie's does not publish their nutritional info. Marketplace (like canadian 60 minutes?) did a thing about how supposedly "healthy" food in restaurants like that is actually super super bad, as in 1000s of calories in a salad and stuff. At least mcDonalds tells you the nutritional stuff so you can make informed choices. I was going to look up the menu and try and decide what I was going to order. But I guess I'm going to try and go with intuition. Probably the thai chicken salad or something, but I know at Boston Pizza that's one of the worst options! But still, vegetables, chicken, seems like it's alright. Probably a fatty dressing. It is an "occassion" so I'm not too worried about it I guess. I probably will have a fancy drink too, and I'm no longer a drinker. AND dessert. Hmm... (FYI boston pizza pad thai has over 2000 calories)

It's my 3 SILs and me. The one is tiny SIL who lives with me. She's like size 4 everything, short, small hands, (blond...) you know the type right? But the other day I noticed that she was sort of...soft. Even though her legs are way smaller than mine (WAY) I think mine are nicer, hers are fatty, but small.

One SIL is pregnant (and therefore fat - haha!). But she's the one who has been in every diet program thing, started with weight watchers, joined a gym, then bought a treadmill and bowflex thing, and then most recently LA Weight Loss. Each time was successful! but she gains it all back. Just before she got pregnant, she was down to 5 lbs above her goal with LA. But then in her first trimester, she sort of let loose. Now she's due in like 2 weeks so she's gigantic, but she's supposed to be.

The other SIL has recently joined Curves (3 months?) but when I saw her a few weeks ago, she was looking really good. (she's the martha one if anyone remembers). She has always been round (short and round) hiding in sweaters or whatever. But when I saw her she was looking less round. She looked big still, but a big difference. But probably at the stage where when people say she looks good she's like "well how fat was I before?"

And since these are my SILs, and part of the in-law family, I feel competetive. I wanna look the best out of them all. So the fact that she lost a lot of weight is making me feel insecure, like why didn't I lose a bunch of weight?

This meal we always take pictures at, and they're always every 6 months. So it's sort of a progress photo twice a year. I can see how my hair and style changes, and my general size. I know I looked pretty good last time still, I was at the same weight approximately. I think I've probably toned up a lot since then. I'm glad i'm feeling pretty darn good lately about my size at least.

At least I have more money then all of them.

Sad but I feel better. Motivation I guess right? Like let's look even better in September.

So this weekend I'm gonna try and be super productive. So far my to do list:
send back black dress with a hole in it
find RRSP paper that mom needs, or else request a second copy sent
take pictures for you folks
print pictures at because of sale
vacuum whole house
do ALL laundry
make floor plan of basement
go to Home Styles trade show?
maybe go on date with hubby for my birthday (which is on Good Friday so I'd feel too bad going out then and that weekend is so busy)
Put frames up in living room and on new bookcase
Look into puppy school for Daisy

Fairly busy huh? we'll see what I get done. Plus if it's nice I'll try and go for a run with the dog.

Yay! beers at work time! (I don't like beer but I like sitting and BSing!)

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Cara said...

Do you post the pictures of you and your SIL's on your blog? Either way you should do it this at least ;-)

You are looking awesome though, no need to even have to feel competitive with them!