Friday, June 27, 2008

Da da da da da

That sounds really good if you sing it. Try it, even at work, it's cool. ;)

So I had a great night last night. Home, supper, exercising. I did eat too much supper but realized it and cut it off as quick as I could. Then I was hanging with hubby watching some flight of the conchords. Before the night disappeared altogether, I changed and got my workout on. I did a quick set of TT, squats and lunges mostly. Then went out for a 17 minute HIIT workout. I did the kind I prefer, with the jogging in between. It was BIZarre though, during my fast parts, even the very first ones, I was pooped! My pace was the same as what I ran continuously the day before. Only I was sprinting! But I was very tired from the strength stuff before. Plus it might play with my mind a lot doing HIIT. Anyway, it was only 17 minutes, 2 and 1's. Good workout. Then it was getting stormy outside so I cleaned the house a bit (I hate when I come home from a busy weekend to a messy house.) So I vaccuumed and swept and stuff. Then I put laundry away for like an hour. I definately have too much clothes. But it's so much fun to buy when you look half way good in stuff! Then after that I started to pack for my ridiculously good looking weekend. So I tried some stuff on deciding what to wear. I'm going to try and shrink some of my clothes when I get home tonight in the drier. In any case it should get rid of some wrinkles. (just a couple pair of pants and an awesome shirt that I should have gotten a medium but bought a large instead, only one they had! But now I look and it might be a dress. Either way I'll probably wear it over pants. If it was something fancier I'd consider wearing it as a dress, but it would be horrible for somebody to point out that it's actually a shirt.

Anyway, I discovered that I kinda like my legs enough that I can wear shorts! not knee length shorts (which I was SOOO happy when they became stylish the summer when I was bigger). But I only have 1 pair of shorts that I remotely like. So today I'm gonna try and ditch work early and go short shopping. Just some jean shorts maybe. I found about 13 different outfits I want to wear, but I really only need, hmm, 3? I just have a lot of nice summer shirts that aren't really work wear so I never get to wear them! I had to remind myself that there will be more summer weekends. Plus I'm not allowed to buy any more tube tops or halters or anything!

Anyway, I did a WI today. 137.8. Back to my old stuck mark. So I basically regained my loss that I was starting to get on the train of (bad talking, oops). Well it's better than the big gain that I had seen. PLUS, TOM starts today so there might be an associated loss early next week (I usually get those, cross your fingers!)

Anyway, if I want to get out of work early better get on it. Finally my crazy business is over, just waiting to hear what the boss thought of it, then I've got to go to the University and set up some computers for this joint thing we're doing to run over the weekend. so since I'll already be out of the weekend, assuming they work, I can get out of there pronto! sweet!

Have a good weekend everybody! I'll be back with pictures for you all!


tash said...

I can't wait to see the pics! I'd love to be able to wear shorts other than city shorts!

MizFit said...


(see? I took creative license and switched your like to love :))


Crystal said...

Have a great weekend! Hope the short shopping was successful.

Sagan Morrow said...

Enjoy the shorts! And Happy Canada Day weekend:)