Monday, June 23, 2008

Did you miss me?

I missed you all. Thanks for the painfree wishes. Unfortunately they did not come true and even now my holes hurt. boo. But I had to come back to work anyway, big project, no time. anyway, a recap for your enjoyment:

So I got super nervous before going in on thursday. I basically was not thinking of the actual surgery and the pain, just focusing on what I'll do at home and what I can eat. But I was really nervous in the chair. (I did not eat anything, but I couldn't help myself and had a half glass of water when I woke up). I think the doc was trying to distract me, talking to me about triathlons (I wore a race shirt) and whatever, but the nurse was putting in my IV and he had the gas mask thing on my already so I don't know if my answers made sense. His questions totally did, but I just couldn't think of what to say. Then it was a sudden loss of memory. I don't know if I passed out mid sentence or what. Next thing I remember is hubby helping me into this other chair. He tells me I was very out of it and very scared. I was crying. Aww. I asked him 3 times how much it cost. He had to rent a wheelchair to take me to the car. I really don't remember much. He put me in the car and went to take the chair back and I told him I wanted a treat, so he said he'd buy me a Booster Juice. Sounds good. But I told him that I wanted muffins too.

Why would I ask for muffins? I definately could not eat muffins. But they sounded good stoned up I guess. He drops me off at home and puts me on the couch. He goes to the car to get something and meanwhile I'm barfing in my mouth, literally hand over my mouth to hold it in. He comes back in and gets me a pail. It wasn't from eating or drinking we figure, but from all the blood I swallowed. But it does wake me up a bit and I can now enjoy my Booster Juice and the tv. Hurray. Hubby goes to get my prescription filled since I'm fine on the couch now. And who knows what else he does (well actually he stopped in at his dentists and had them grind down a filling that was too high). But meanwhile the drugs wear off and it hurts. I start crying, and that makes it hurt more since my mouth is pulling and stuff. So for about half an hour I slap my hand over my mouth so I can't move it and just wail.

Then he gets home with my drugs and find out he didn't even get me the good one (percocet), but just the antibiotics (for infection) and 600 mg Ibprofin. That's the same as 3 regular strength Advil. WTF! Come on, I could have taken 2 extra strengths and been better! Then he goes and is a pill nazi about it. the dentist said every 4 hours, the bottle says every 6. Hubby does not follow the thinking that a doctor had used the "unless advised by a physicial" clause and instead assumes he made a mistake and only lets me have them every 6. Which sucks. So I compromise at 5 hours. And for the last hour, am in super pain. boo. And I know they're not that strong or anything, but I never take anything, even for a headache. So while they aren't very effective on the face pain I've got. They do affect my brain and I basically pass out for an hour after taking them, then am all loopy for another 2 hours, then they finally kick in for my mouth for an hour, then they wear off for an hour. Then I take another and start again.

That was my whole weekend. I got lots of tv and movie watching in. Yesterday I did some scrapbooking and shopping. Oh yeah, and I ate. and ate and ate and ate. Not sure if it made my mouth feel better or just distracted me from it. but there was too much food and no exercise and the scale showed me up 5 lbs this morning. Honestly! Who knew that pudding and yogurt were so heavy? Oh and maybe the fact that I managed to shove 4 of those muffins down my throat even though I could hardly taste them or chew or whatever. I really can't even remember what I ate except that I was doing it constantly. Pudding cups and jello and bananas. And now I've got rolls. Hopefully some exercise tonight does not hurt the face because I need it. It's just tough to eat veggies when you can't open your mouth more than 1 cm. I made a curry last night that should last me at least the week. Plus I can eat fruit I discovered so that's my whole lunch today. And yogurt. Need that good bacteria replenished when you're on antibiotics.

Oh and have I mentioned that this is the worst possible time to gain weight? Do you know what this weekend is? Hogfest. What's that? The big homecoming type thing where I see all these people from back home that make me feel like a loser and so I always want to come home all awesome and shove it in their face (all this is done telepathically, face to face everyone is friendly). I'm sure I'll be able to pull off the clothes on look, but there is also hot tub occassion and I was set to try out the new bikini. And it ain't looking pretty. (I'm doing what I can with fake tanners, but seriously, I probably gained an inch in the belly! dumb dumb dumb!)

Anyway, I've got things back on track hopefully. and hopefully the exercise helps. My teeth still do hurt, or lack of teeth I guess. But I'll try and fix that with water and advil not food any more.


Anonymous said...

you sound way tougher than i was. hehe. i was a whimp. your weight will come off quick, it went on quick and will come off quick. :)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I had mine taken out in January. I had 4 pulled.

I would take the Advil every 3-4 hours regardless of pain. Trust me...when it gets painful it HURTS like HELL, and it often takes the meds a while to kick in. Speaking from experience.

I had mine out on a Thursday and I took off Friday, the weekend and Monday from work. I couldn't eat hardly anything and that sucked, because I was hungry, but the food getting stuck in the holes was a pain.

I would just stick to the advil, it really helped me. of course I gained weight too..All the water I was retaining.

Jen said...

aw, first of all I DID miss you!!!

Second, it made me sad to hear that you hurt...when tough people get sad it makes me sad...

I completely agree with Shannon, if it went on fast, it will go fast!!!

Angie All The Way said...

You poor thing. I was thinking about you periodically over the weekend wondering how you were holding up!

I had to laugh at the asking how much it costs and wanting muffins part when you were out of it! lol