Tuesday, June 17, 2008

something funny's going on

I just had lunch. I'm fairly full, I'm gonna munch on some cherries now for "dessert". But guess what lunch was? Carrots and celery and hummus. And I feel more satisfied than if I'd had a big sandwich. Well maybe that's because of the snack I had earlier. What was it? 1/4 cup of coleslaw with some chicken breast chunks mixed in. Full from breakfast? 3 pieces of crisp bread with some feta and tomato slices (don't worry, there's no samonela on my tomatoes, they're a safe variety).

Calories for the day so far: 600 (and I think that's pushing it, but I didn't measure my feta). For a girl who usually eats 1800 calories a day (and sometimes loses but messes it up on weekends). This is not much so far! I've got a couple turkey breast slices (80 cal) and more fruit (lots of options, 100-ish cals each). Then supper is chicken breast (greek marinade, on the bbq) with a green salad and something for dessert. (I've got my girlfriends coming over for supper so one is bringing the salad, one the dessert. i'm also going to serve coleslaw and potato salad, but I don't like them much so won't have any). So before supper it's about 800 calories for the day, So I can totally eat like 700 calories and not be deprived at all, and still have a great deficit for the day! woohoo! That never happens!

What kind of person is full after carrots and celergy and 2.5 tbsp of hummus? Seriously. That's not even a meal. It's an appetizer.

So yesterday I went to Walmart and then for groceries after work. So I didn't get home until 7. I bought one of those roasted chicken meals for supper so at least it was ready when we got home. It was a small roasted chicken with 2 deli salads and a french loaf for $10. I was mostly excited for the leftover chicken. Stir-fries, chicken salad. So many ideas. But I did eat some of everything which wasn't great. And some stupid carrot cake that got sent home with us from the weekend. I'm gonna throw it out tonight. Dumb idea to bring that home (the idea was it's for hubby, but really, he's trying to drop pounds too so come on.)

Anyway eating all that (first it was great, but mostly because it was a full dinner and I didn't have to cook ya know?). Hubby was cutting the grass and I hate to be doing "me" things when he's working so I pulled some weeds in the garden and cages my tomatoes. then it looked like a storm so Daisy and I went for our HIIT before weights. For some reason it killed me. I didn't look at my graphs, but I'm sure I wasn't even going fast but I was dying. I will ration it back to my nutrition on Sunday. I seem to remember that eating crap on the weekends used to make my kickboxing classes monday really hard, but if I ate well, I rocked it. More proof that it's bad to eat bad.

Anyway at least I busted it out. Did not do any weights since by then in was 9:00 and I had to clean the house for the girls today. Plus I finally got my hubby in the sack. Priorities people. (you don't even want to know how long it had been, we did not "celebrate" our anniversary, nor SIL moving out until last night).

So tonight I probably will be doing nothing. Sorta bad since I should be doing my weights. Maybe I'll have time for 1 set before they show up, some isn't as good as all but it's better than none.

We're having a puppy play date. T is bringing her new dog pete to play with Daisy. And A is bringing her baby since she's got one of those instead of a dog. haha.

Anyway, hard to spit cherry pits out and type, plus got some reading to do!


Sagan Morrow said...

I love how filling a salad can be. Although it is kind of strange!

Enjoy the puppy playdate!

eurydice said...

i love the feeling of being full after eating so little. of course - you will probably be hungry soon - but that just means your metabolism is working hard!

Jen said...

That's insane to be full after that!!! It's gotta be the hummus...some days I will eat carrots for an afternoon snack and I am RAVENOUS afterwards...like hungrier than I was before I ate ANYTHING and then if I have some dip or something with it it "holds" better.

Your night tonight sounds fun!!! I love puppy play dates!!! I FINALLY met our neighbor yesterday (they moved in November...OOPS!) and they got a brand new puppy that my dog will LOVE to play with!!! I can't wait!!!

SeaBreeze said...

What did you think of Kick Boxing? I was looking at a program a few weeks back and couldn't decide if it was worth the commitment.

MizFit said...

puppy playdate.

and what my bullmastiff needs.


and no. I could not believe you were full either. after that?!


thenewsarahsundae said...

WOW! That is great to be full after eating so little (but it was so good for you)!

tash said...

All your calories today are so healthy - must be why they are so filling.

Angie All The Way said...

I love picking up a rotiserie chicken every now and then because they make awesome sammies mmmmm. I discovered how awesome it is if you shred it up in a food processor and add all sorts of chicken salad type things too. It's great to put on a sammie or on top of salad greens in place of dressing. I hope your supper with the girls was fun :)

Candace MacPherson said...

Hmmm...I have kids...who like to sleep in my bed...must be nice to 'celebrate' anything:(
Rock on.