Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Damn!

No wonder I feel good lately folks! 135.6! That is one happy number! But I guess that's what working out EVERY SINGLE DAY will get ya! yay HIIT! Oh and ignoring that little grumble in the tummy and just going to bed.

Yeah my supper last night left me wanting more, but I distracted myself with some green tea and scrapbooking and yard work. I also have a couple magazines that I feel very hypocritical to eat while reading (Oxygen and Women's Health).

This morning I'm having a protein shake with almost 2 cups of berries. SO good. It's basically pureed fruit. Trying to spread it out over breakfast and snack. Then lunch is a pita with basically a greek salad and leftover steak in it. Cantaloup, strawberries, carrots, yogurt, turkey slices, and an apple. May not need it all. Supper is just me again so I don't know what I'm gonna have. Probably something like cereal or toast. I love breakfast foods. Tomorrow for supper I WILL have some kind of starchy carb, maybe like spaghetti, just because of my race. I didn't train enough to know exactly what foods work with me so I can't just "do what I did in training" because I didn't really do anything.

Also gonna skip the TT today. I'm so torn about this, but I just don't think it's smart to do 2 days before a race. I dunno. Or maybe I'll do the weights but not the HIIT. Or who knows!

Last night I did go for a run before supper. It was just about 20 minutes, medium paced. Focused on the tunes, and boy do I need to update them! Probably do that tonight.

Weather is supposed to be cool and rainy all weekend. Which kinda sucks because since there's the big tournament and stuff in town I was going to parade about it tube tops etc and look hot. Oh well, lots of time for that. Actually hubby was talking to some of the neighbours (ones we've never really met yet) and they were like "so is that your wife who goes jogging all the time?" and he's like "yeah she likes to jog" and they were like "is it cool if we say that she's hot?" and hubby was like "yeah". He told me this story this morning and I said, "yeah, they're right!"

Hubby also has been working out at work some more again. He only has 30 minutes so he just does like 10 minutes on a bike, some bench presses and something on the bowflex and stretches a bit and goes back to work. I've tried to tell him about intervals and fully body exercises but he basically said he doesn 't want to look like an idiot so has to do tough guy stuff. Oh well, better than nothing. He's also back under 180 again which is good. (he's only 5'4 though). He said he attributes it to cutting back on the beer, "and not eating!" because he's too busy at work in the summer, and then often misses supper for ball and just eats a snack after. I could not handle it. I think he's getting better at what he's eating though. Less chocolate bars and more applesauce things or fruit things. Yes packaged all the way, but baby steps folks.

Anyway, gotta try and get some work wrapped up for the weekend. Hope you all have a good one!


Angie All The Way said...

Boooyah, you hottie mcjogger! 135 is about to be the upper limit on the scale fluctuations!

If you decide to the HIIT and the TT, I would just be sure to load up with a good after workout protein snack or whatever so that you're recovery will be the best it can be for your race on Sunday. Don't forget that 45 min rule of getting it in within 45 mins after your workout.

RYC: No Cheat day for one more week - next Sat! You have a cheat day the day before you start and then no cheat until after the priming phase. I'm heading to my hometown that day, so of course Acropole Pizza will be on the menu :-)

Angie All The Way said...

P.S. Booo me for not being a good exerciser this week :-(

Candace said...

Way to go on the scale victory - That's awesome. I love me a bit of every food group in my morning shakes. I use a cup of dairy (actually soy drink), a serving of fruit, some protein powder and some wheat germ or half a serving of cooked oatmeal. Hubby also adds some almond butter. They're so good and stick with you for a good chunk of the morning.

MizFit said...

man youve been riding the GOOD SPIRITS GOOD NEWS HAPPY LIFE superhighway lately.

I love it.
*you* have a great weekend,


Jen said...

WOOOHOO!!!! Congrats for getting to 135!!! That is AWESOME!!!

I love that your neighbors said that!!!! I totally want that one day...for someone to tell my husband they think I am hot...I don't know why...that might sound weird!

Your weekend sounds like fun!!! I hope it isn't TOO rainy on you, then you could be the hottie in the tube tops as well!!!

Sagan Morrow said...

That's awesome! Great work! And so good to hear that about your husband too- must be your healthy habits rubbing off on him:)

Running Knitter said...

135 is awesome! Yay!!!