Thursday, June 5, 2008

HIIT anyone?

Checkout the pretty graph my garmin gives me (ps - anybody know how to just get the graph out of the program? I had to print screen and do a bunch of mess and it looks crappy). The red is heart rate in beats per minute, the blue is speed in km/hr. Dude I'm fast! I reach a max of 21.1 km/hr! then the slow is my walking. I was doing 1 minute fast, 2 minutes walking in case it's not obvious. I pushed it really hard this time and was dying at the end of each fast. But I was basically recovered after 1.5 minutes, not the full 2. So it didn't actually feel all that bad at the end. I did a cool down run which actually brought my hr back up again. silly. But I think if I do 30:90s or some other combo it'll hurt more. But they tell me it's effective, and it was short!

Interesting HR thing. I was definately very tired on my fast parts, but my HR was nearly as high during my cool down run which felt very easy. I think on the fast parts, my HR was accelerating and building up, but then the interval was done so could come back down. I was all our sprinting so unless I do something harder than running (maybe more full body?) my HR won't get higher in such a short time. But you can see a bit of a heart rate drift happening by the end huh? Everything's just a bit higher each time. So interesting.

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