Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh geez

I forgot to take my vitamins this morning. I don't know if it's mental but whenever that happens I feel so tired. I do eat a crapload of fruit and whatever which gives me probably enough vitamins daily, but I'm just used to my multi.

So yesterday I sort of had a date with hubby. I still did my TT strength stuff, but not the intervals. We'll do them today. It's cool to split them up. I moved on to a new TT workout and the A workout is all upper body, B is lower. So if I'm feeling like it, maybe I can do the B workout tonight. I'm slightly limited because I don't have a chin-up bar and certain other equipment. Maybe I should have done a body weight one now. Anyway. So hubby and I watched Pretty Woman on tv. He's sort of been down lately and I really don't know what to do. Whenever I give him ideas of what cheers me up, or stress relieving things or whatever he just sort of gets mad. I do get it, he works really hard on his feet for like 11 hours a day so just wants to lay on the couch with a beer and chips when he gets home. And doesn't want to hear that he should go for a walk and eat vegetables. But really I do think it would help. Nobody can be really happy laying on a couch for 3 hours and then going to bed. (that means you too!)

But we had a nice date anyway. I was starting to feel like I haven't seen him in a month and we share a bed. It's weird to say you're lonely when there's another person living with you and comes home every night, but I am sorta lonely.

Anyway, yesterday I had a small bowl of my Mediteranean yogurt which is like 250 calories per 3/4 cup. ARGH! I bought it as my treat on Sunday after my race (oh like 4 donuts weren't enough? Isn't it weird that the yogurt is just as bad as a donut? It's probably healthier fat)

I made a pita pizza for supper yesterday, just a regular sized pita. Sauce, ham, peppers, cheese. It was a bit too big, but I ate the whole thing anyway. So for lunch I'm going to have half a pita pizza. Eating some plain yogurt with frozen berries in it (needs some sweetener!) as a snack. Also have cherries, strawberries, carrots, and turkey slices. No plans for supper yet. I bought the new Clean Eating magazine, might find something in there. But I did forget to thaw anything out. We'll see.

Hm, sort of a downer post. Gonna go do some work and turn back into awesome hopefully. Better do something awesome tonight to recharge my mojo. Nothing's better for that than some solid HIIT!!! (and making graphs of it afterwards!)


CaRoLyN said...

Awww! I watched a bit of Pretty Woman last night too. I love that movie but seriously...how unrealistic is that?! A wealthy millionaire picking up a hooker that looks like Julia Roberts. Ahh the movies. Nice though that you and hubby got some time alone. I'm planning my next Scott & Carolyn day since last Sunday was a bust.

Congrats on the 10k! You are my inspiration!!!!

Jen said...

I hate hate hate when I miss my vitamins!!!

I think you are right, your husband would feel much better if he got off his butt...I used to sit in front of the tv ALL the time and now I just record stuff I want to watch and then watch it while I am folding laundry or making supper or something (or sometimes Danny and I will veg and watch it together) but yeah...those things DO make you feel better!

And I know what you mean about living together and feeling lonely...there are times where I feel like Danny and I are just roomates...barely get to share a sentence before we are off doing our own thing!

Angie All The Way said...

Geez I'm feeling kind of tired right now myself. But I did take my multi - it's probably all the crazy friggin work I've been doing lately. I keep thinking about how awesome I'm going to feel AFTER the gym tonight once I've done my HIIT and upper body.

Everyone's got their down times and hubby's entitled. We're all like rollercoasters to some extent with our moods I'm sure. He'll get tired of that kind of state and if he's anything like you (which I"m sure you've rubbed off all over him - how can he not!), he will bounce back and feel ready to be healthier. I always get that way when I'm not feeling as "secure" with my plan and my mojo as I'd like. i.e. I don't have it together food and exercise-wise, but want to. Then the bounce comes and it's all good. We all always feel better when we've got it together and kicking ass, but for some reason we get stuck sometimes.

eurydice said...

i saw that it was on tv last night but couldn't bring myself to watch it haha.

how do you graph your HIIT?

Sagan Morrow said...

I love having date nights. They are so necessary!