Wednesday, June 18, 2008

magically hummus

So today I just finished eating lunch right? I had a small pasta salad with a bunch of chicken tossed in (loving this leftover chicken everywhere). Then I had my veggies and hummus. Again, I'm STUFFED! I should have skipped the pasta salad (which of course did nothing to satifisy me). BIZ to the R. Must be this hummus (it's bought kind as opposed to homemade like I usually have.) Go president's choice!

So yesterdays food ended up being only alright. I did plan on semi-indulging at supper and I semi-did. We had my barbequed chicken breasts (more chicken! with a greek marinade), tossed salad with spicy peanut thai homemade dressing a la my friend A. I also had a bit of coleslaw. Then T made a pudding pie (oreo cookie crumb crust with chocolate pudding as filling, easy, but still really good ya know?) and I had 2 (!) pieces. Oh, and a glass of lemonade. feel pretty good about the day.

Visiting was fun. I spilled the beans about our other friend being pregnant, I don't know if I was supposed to. I just asked if they talked to her lately and they were all like "no, why??!?" and I couldn't contain it. Our puppies had an adorable play date. Pete looks a lot like Daisy (both terrier in them) but about 1/4 the size. He's only 4 months old but sure knew how to play with Daisy. They were tearing back and forth through the house and outside. Pete peed on the carpet twice and 3 times on the linoleum. Glad Daisy's out of that phase.

Plus we did some visiting with Arden, the only baby in all my group of friends. She's 6 months and ADORABLE! She smiles and just wants to giggle at you. I practiced up on my baby talk and baby faces and cry avoidance techniques and was a big success. I can't wait until we all have babies. These girls know my plan to start trying this fall.

Anyway, I did get some squats and planks and pushups in while waiting for them to show up. Just a few, hardly broke a sweat. but effort right? Today is going to be a HARD workout since who knows how I'll feel for the next couple of days.

that's right, tomorrow I'm getting 3 wisdom teeth pulled. I'm getting put under too. I had 1 pulled before and I passed out and was useless for an hour. So I thought might as well plan for being useless. I'm nervous about not being able to eat or DRINK for 12 hours prior to surgery. Who can go 12 hours with out a drink? I might cheat a bit. Do you think that means I can't have my vitamins in the morning either?

I stocked the house with yogurt and pudding and jello and of course protein powders and I'm kind of excited to have a liquid diet. I've also got a few tv series DVDs borrowed from my brother, and I'm renting movies. (plus I will probably have thesis edits to work on if I want...) Hubby took the day off so he can drive me and take care of me for the first day. The nurse said I would be legally impaired for 24 hours after the surgery, don't know if that's from the anesthetic and being put under, or if they're planning on sending me home with a bunch of codeine. fun!

So yes folks this means as I won't be at work, I probably wont' be blogging and checking in on you all until next monday. I basically have the same movie/pudding plan for the whole weekend, depending how I feel. Maybe more physical stuff, but maybe not. Anything I do will be a bonus if you plan for nothing right? Anyways, have a good weekend!


Bi0nicw0man said...

ewwwwwwww....good luck with the teeth!!!

eurydice said...

having teeth out isn't so bad... trust me!

tash said...

Good luck with the teeth! The no eating/drinking is just so you don't throw up when you wake up - that is way worse than not eating and drinking for 12 hours! Yuck! When Tim got his out a girl was throwing up constanting and she looked so miserable!

Anonymous said...

The no drinking/eating for 12 hours is for YOUR SAFETY!

If you drink/eat, they can cancel the surgery on you so why take that chance? Just suck it up and do it.

Jen said...

"Biz to the R" - LOVE IT!!!!

Definitely follow the no food/drink...I am friend with a dental assistant and have heard AWFUL stories about throw up!!!

Doesn't sound fun, and it will suck for the first few days (speaking of suck, don't drink anything through a straw!!!!! Can cause dry socket, which - I have heard - is one of the most painful things you can go through!!!) but you will barely even remember the pain when it's over...I don't(though I didn't go under for mine!)

MizFit said...

good luck!
here's hoping there is little pain and lots of tv or movie watching and RELAXING!


CaRoLyN said...

Ooooohhhh Good luck with the teeth! OUCH! Look on the bright'll probably lose a few pounds right?!?

Sagan Morrow said...

Good luck with getting your wisdom teeth out! Make sure you get plenty of rest and don't exercise until you're COMPLETELY recovered:)

Sara said...

good luck with the teeth! It wasn't too bad for me - lots of pudding and movies!

Angie All The Way said...

Yike, that's not going to be fun at all, but you're tough and I know you'll handle it well. Yeah don't try to cheat on the no foods or liquids thing - you have to be cautious when going under. No vitamin for a day will be okay.

I hope it all goes okay and hubby takes good care of you :)

Amber said...

good luck with your teeth!

Angie All The Way said...

I hope you're feelin' alright there sweets with your teeth :-(

Colette said...

Randi I hope everything went well hun with your extractions. I was thinking about you!!